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IS, -u- 






Are we there yet? 

2002 Conestogan 

ww'^-fiwwfflik \ 

Our Chambejs-of 

l!W M"i 



Home of Elizabethtown College and The Masonic Homes and 
Commonwealth of PA Training Academy 

( Efiza6etfitown CoCCege 

OneJ^Cpha (Drive 

(Etizabethtown, (PJA 1 7022 



■•™' ' 




Table of Contents 

Opening 3 

Destination Unknown 

Special Events 4 

One Way to Have Fun 

Proud Parents 32 

STOP! Proud Parents Ahead 

Seniors 48 

Life in the Fast Lane 

Residence Life 92 

Rest Areas 

Faculty. 115 

Passing Zone 

Clubs 134 

Merging with the Community 

Sports 164 

Road Trips 

Business Ads 202 

Construction Zone 204 

Closing 206 

2 :i: Tabic (if Contents 

Destination Unknown 

From the day we start college, the question of how long until graduation seems to 
surface at least a few times a semester. For seniors, counting down the days until this 
grand finale is only natural, yet they can't help but wonder how four years could have 
elapsed so quickly. At the same time, many underclassmen want to fast-forward their 
days in school, as seniors long to turn back the hands of time. During our college careers, 
we take many paths, each of which signifies a leg of our journey. Some people change 
schools and majors, while others choose to follow one direct route for four years; these 
diverse courses create an individualized college experience for each student. Some roads 
taken are full of obstacles and challenges; others prove to be detour-free. These odysseys 
all help to prepare us for what the future may hold. The 2002 Conestogan, with the title 
Are We There Yet?, aims to document the entire school year, thus capturing these changes 
and trips down the road of life. 

Let the journey begin . . . 

— Kristy Hauer 


^he beauty of 

'■ *• 


**T ST ' ^1 




^>A ^* 

|pj| "^ 


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Sf .. * 


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1! ^^W^Btii 





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Destination Unknown * 3 


SpeciaC (Events: 
One Wav to have fun 











■*- * 


































Obcr RAs anxiously await the arrival of the 
Class of 2005 on freshmen Move-In Day. 

Megan Hilperts, Jenn Dotson. Kristin Booth, and 
Stephanie Skonieeki promote the Helping Hands 


4 * Special Events 

Students work diligently at beautifying the 
Elizabethtown Fun Fort during the '01 Into the Streets. 

"There's nothing to do" is often heard on campus. Contrary to popular belief, this just isn't so. Throughout 
the year different campus organizations provide us with fun and exciting events to attend and activities to do. 
What is probably the most anticipated campus event is TGIS weekend. TGIS (Thank Goodness It's 
Spring) is one weekend jam packed with awesome events courtesy of APB. From comedians to hypnotists, to 
battle of the air bands, there's something for everyone. An extraordinary concert event is also planned for the 
weekend. If nothing else, TGIS weekend offers a great opportunity for students to get together with friends and 
enjoy the best of E-Town. According to sophomore Sarah Donahue, "TGIS is a really fun and relaxing way to end 

a year of hard work." 

One of the most recognized campus 
events are the dances. Each year, two dances 
are held in the gym, as well as countless others 
held in Hershey Hall. APB often sponsors these 
events, however a variety of other campus clubs 
and organizations also try to get involved. The 
dances usually feature a student DJ and are 
loads of fun. 

Other campus favorites are the student 
run coffeehouses, or student performance nights. 
Two of this year's featured performers were 
Amy Kanz and Adam Datsko. APB usually 
sponsors student performance nights. For those 
who are unable to attend the performances, they 
are usually broadcast live by WWEC as well as 
rebroadcast by ECTV. 

Another ever- popular campus event is 
Into the Streets. Each fall, nearly 800 students 
and faculty go out into the community in order 
to give a little something back. Although it is 
hard work, the experience is very rewarding and 
a lot of fun. Shirley Deichart of the Learning 
Center organizes the event. Different teams are 
formed to go "into the streets" to accomplish 
various goals. For some, this means working 
with children at local elementary schools, for 

uuicis u meaiib neipiii; 

people rake up leaves. But no matter what way 
the students decide to help, the overall effect of 
their actions is that of great appreciation by 
those who they are serving. Junior Crystal 
Dalangin said, "Into the Streets is just a really 
great thing. Not only do you get to help people, 
but you also get to hang out with friends and 
have fun in the process." 

After all is said and done, one thing is 
clear. No matter what you're into or what your 
idea of fun is, there is always fun to be had. 
You just have to know where to find it. 

—Amy Dessoye 

The Midway was alive with brilliant fall colors and 
excited students and parents on Homecoming weekend. 

Special Events * 5 

:*-;..- ■■■-i .*- „ 

^tart of a new school year 

Jofin 'Biffich fiefps the freshmen move in wfiife 
proudfy wearing his "'We Jfauffor 'You " T-shirt. 
Lisa <Bross smiles from the top of her hunh^as she 
tries to settfe into her new room, itfand-in-hand, 
pairs of freshmen (cave the 'M ye r Loop on the 
start of their 'Freshmen Wafk^ 'Freshmen 'Erica 
Schuftz tafhs to a member of Student Senate 
during faff orientation in thej4nnenBurg Center. 
J4 freshmen unpacks one of her many hags. (Brian 
Marquette watches as a freshmen proposes to an 
uppercfassmen. Cjfancing around, the freshmen 
chat and wonder what siffy acts they may have 
to perform on their walkthrough 'E-to-wn. 

6 * Special Events 

For the incoming freshmen of Elizabethtown College, August 23 rd was a hectic and 
citing day. Luckily, the freshmen got lots of help moving in from their families and 
fellow students. John Magnant described the move in as being, "Fun- The upperclassman 
helping us move our things was very nice." "Moving is isn't a one day process," said Matt 
Oswald, "It is a gradual process that takes many weeks." Fortunately, freshmen got to 
know lots of people from day one through a brunch, Convocation, residence hall meetings, 
and workshops with their freshmen seminars This, no doubt helped with homesickness. 

( )n the second day of Freshmen Qimrffiglm, the fledglings again met with their 
freshmen seminar. Then, they watched a play called ■^^estling Season directed by 
Michael Sevareid and facilitated by John Teske. To ensure the freshmen keep a humble 
attitude and to introduce them to others. peeMWAmaAni/ed a progressive hike around 
campus and through the streets of Elizabethtown. Campaign 2002 closed out the day and 
students were able to vote their peers into student senate. 

i he third day of orientation onarV^ih placement tests and workshop-, w ith peer 
groups. Later on in the day, to keep the newcomers busy, the college organized bingo and 
the first dance of the year. ^^^A 

The fourth day consisted of more workshops with peer groups. Freshmen finally had 
the chance to meet the student body at an all-campus picnic and barbeque where the 
weather was perfect for the occasion. Orientation came to a close with a Freshmen Induc- 
tion Ceremony in the Dell. The freshmen were now pinned as offical members of the cam- 
pus community. 

-Noelle Via 

Special Events * 7 


JLonoring students oQfamfnew 

(Before the start of the convocation ceremony, 
Melissa (Ritter and Christine Seifer exit the 
doors of'Esbenshade as the college scholars 
head to the gym to be honored for their aca- 
demic excellence. The faculty gather in Thomp- 
son Qymfor the annual convocation ceremony. 
(Peer Mentor Sarah (Donahue hands out candles 
for the induction ceremony. J% member of the 
class of 2005 accepts a candle from a (Peer 
Mentor. %pvin (Bonner plays the piano in the 
gazebo. (Faculty and students wait to enter the 
gym. The class of 2005 sits in the <De(lon the 
evening of their induction into the college. 

N Special Events 

After a hectic Thursday morning of moving in and unpacking, the freshmen congre- 
gated in Thompson Gymansium for the first official gathering of the Class of 2005. Not only 
was this a welcome ceremony for the new class, but it was also a place where the college 
scholars were honored for their academic achievements. During the ceremony, various people 
presented speeches, such as Kent Barnds, Dean Koogle. Jeff Bailey, and Acting President Ron 
McAllister. Barnds opened the ceremony welcoming the 529 freshmen, the largest student 
body in the history of the college, and listed their accomplishments, ranging from the number 
of valedictorians to the unique experiences some have had. Jeff Bailey, Student Senate presi- 
dent, spoke to both the freshmen and the college scholars. He congratulated the scholars for 
their leadership and suggested that the freshmen use them as role models in their college years. 
During this presentation, tlrree professors were tenured. The Convocation Address, "I Dwell 
n Possibility" was given by the Acting President Ron McAllister. He spoke of the many op- 
portunities the freshmen will have in their four years at Elizabeth town, including studying 
overseas, changing their majors, and finding a career they may not have been considering. The 
Convocation ended with a benediction, and a reception followed afterwards. 

Several days later, the Class of 2005 gathered in the Dell for the Induction Ceremony. 
At this ceremony, the students were given pins by student leaders, college adminstration, and 
college faculty members, marking their official membership of the Elizabethtown College 
community. After the pinning, students lit candles and recited a litany, where they pledged to 
uphold the values of the college. Upon extinguishing their candles, the students returned to 
their dorms to prepare themselves for their first day of college classes. 

— Melissa Noll and Amber Emanuel 


Special Events * 9 

ekome Jllumm andTamifks 

Acting (President (Ron McAllister and His wife, 
Judith, enjoy their corvette ride through the 
streets of 'E-town. Student Occupational Therapy 
Association members smife and wave to the 
'Homecoming onlookers. The L.I.Q.'H.T. house, an 
S<T>LC whose cause is fighting hunger, Cight the 
way for the f Coats behind them. Chris <Brochjnan 
seCfs t-shirts on the midway. Taking that one 
giant leap for mankind is the Alumni Association 
as they "float " in space. 'Workers at the Ice 
Cream Shoppe, dressed in their old fashioned 
clothing, are ready to serve up ice cream with 
smiles on their faces. 

10 i: Special Events 

A beautiful fall weekend, friends, family, and school spirit combined to make this 
year's homecoming celebration an event which won't soon be forgotten. The College wel- 
comed family and alumni with a bonfire, parade, comedian, lip sync contest, some sporting 
events, and food. "It was great to see some of the alumni, and find out what they had been 
up to since graduation," sophomore Jackie Fell said. Alter a bonfire on Thursday and float 
building on Friday, the parade was held on Saturday morning. The theme of this year's 
parade and homecoming festivities was "2001 Homecoming Odyssey." Floats were 
mimicing the movie "Road Trip," "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," and The Mayflower 
to name a few. Saturday afternoon offered a variety of activities to choose from. T-shirt 
sales and a date auction was held in the Midway, while Phalanx and Melica performed in the 
\nnonberg Center at the Ice Cream Shoppe. Students with and without their families circled 
the midway sipping on slurpee's, browsing through the stands, and even stopping to make 
their own Homecoming t-shirts. On the athletic fields, Elizabethtown took victories in Field 
Hockey, Women's Soccer, and Men's Soccer. At halftime of the Men's game, Seniors Kevin 
; Jonner and Amy Kanz were crowned 2001 Homecoming King and Queen. Later in the 
evening, entertainment consisted of a comedic performance by Victoria Jackson and Marc 
Ryan, and a Homecoming Dance in Thompson Gymnasium. While most families enjoyed 
these planned events, some took this time to catch up with their loved ones. "My family and 
I had a blast watching the games and enjoying the beautiful weather," stated sophomore Joy 
Eriksen. James Hagen agreed, "It was great to be able to share such a great weekend with 
my family and friends. Homecoming weekend is truly Elizabethtown College at its best." 

—Erin Hitchcock 

Special Events 


— "■J»r 

; jm € 5 f$ 

Juducate for Service 

ShirCey (Deichert and students perpare for a 
productive "Into the Streets. " <Pha(an\gives 
students a warm send-off as they gather before a 

6/f of encouragement to the students and wishes 
them wed <Paudne (Berg andKjisten <Pazulsky 
are attsmrfes as they begin cfeaning up a focaC 
playground. Students pose for a quickjphoto 
white taking a much needed break^at the fun 
Tort. <Brea < McCau(ey helps out by gathering 
food for "Into the Streets. " Sarah Ctive and 
Sarah Spiese decide to put the books dawn and 
pick-up some (eaves on a beautiful fau day. 

i ■■■ 

Special Events 

Months of planning all led to one cold day of service on Saturday October 27, 2001 . 
er 600 Elizabethtown students headed into the streets after the official send off by Acting 
President Ronald McAllister. Students were already enthused about the upcoming day of 
service after the the kick-off rally held Friday afternoon in Hershey Hall. Some favorite 
service sites included: Mill Road Elementary School, Water Street Rescue Mission, the 
cleaning of Conoy Creek, and an activities fair at tine Elizabethtown Middle School. In total, 
thirty-three projects were completed by over forty student clubs and organizations. 

A focus on one project: Mulching the Fun Fort is only one of the many activities that 
look place during the annual "Into the Streets" project. This year Student Senate once again 
v\ as gh en the task of mulching the Fun Fort, which is located right down the street from the 
college. Eleven members gave up their Saturday morning, which would normally be spent 
sleeping^ to help a greater cause: the Elizabethtown community. "Mulching the Fun Fort is 
such a rewarding experience for Senate. Not only because we get to give something back to 
the community, but it is a fun time as well. As we work we build and strengthen our relation- 
ships and possibly spark new friendships/' states Pauline Berg Vice President of Senate. 

Elections Chair, Jed Williams exclaimed, "I love mulch," as he hauls the wheelbarrows 
of mulch throughout the fort. Members were either hauling the wheelbarrows around or 
raking the mulch; some were also seen doing both. Looking around the Fun Fort, there were 
smiles on everyone's face. It could definitely be seen that everyone was getting into the 
project and just having a great time. Giving back to the community was such a rewarding 

ence. Who would not have had a smile on their face? —Sadie Bair 

v m . aft 

Special Events * 13 

»■»■" ■ 

Kjiving thanks means so 

much this year 

These faculty and staff volunteered their time to 
serve students at Thanksgiving (Dinner. ( Etown 
alumni, Stacey <Panco, serves a cup of coffee after 
the turkey dinner. This table of friends takes a 
moment to count their blessings before they dig in. 
'Mmmmm, a student caf worker carries a turkey to 
a table of hungry students. Sarah (Polite, 'Mike 
'Enslen and company enjoy yet another successful 
and tasty dinner. <Dr. Wennberg serves a piece of 
pie for dessert. Students gathered together for a 
night of fun and feasting. 

14 * Special Events 

Due to the tragedies of September 1 1 th , many of us now count our blessings 
everyday. On November 13 th , the cafeteria held it's annual Thanksgiving Dinner. 
The faculty, staff and students converged in the cafeteria, for what many called the 
best dinner of the year and to give thanks about how lucky we are everyday. 

"1 love this dinner because all the kids smile and all the staff have a good 
timer That was the comment of cafeteria worker, Linda Lokey. Linda, who usu- 
ally is the first person you see when you enter the cafeteria as a checker, worked as 
a server that night and said she had the time of her life. 

The students felt the same way. Sophomore, Stacy Crandell, said she liked 

»e dinner because it was the best food the cafeteria had this year and "it was nice to 
tng out with friends. 
Sitting down to dinner before working the dinner myself, I sat down and 
realized just how nice it was to sit with your friends here at school and my family a 
few days later. It made me realize that many people don't have the opportunity to 
have one Thanksgiving dinner, much less two. So whenever you think you have 
nothing, just look back at this Thanksgiving when you had two great dinners, in- 
stead of one. 

—Mark Clemson 

Special Events * 15 

■ ■ 

JLtigfits, camera, action! 

Judi Cavanaugh, 'MarkjFkming, Xjisty Sutch, 
Jahg Landis, Candice LaCRicci, andNicofe 
Chopyhj-the Cast of "Crimes of the Heart. ' The 
crew gets the set ready for opening night. Jahg 
Landis and MarkjFteming pose in the set 's 
hjtchen. The girts of the show get into 
wardrobe before going onstage. Sophmore 
Marcy Jones and stage manager Christopher 
Irvin can smiCe because their show is a success. 
Kjisten MaChjywshi powders 'MarkjFkming 's 
face prior to the beginning of the ptay. 

16 * Special Events 

"Crimes of the Heart" by Pulitzer Prize winning author Beth Henley was performed this 
all in the Alumni Theater. The story revolves around the troubled lives of the now-grown 
VlcGrath sisters. After their mother's suicide, the girls moved in with their grandparents in 
hlazelhurst, Mississippi. Now they return to their grandparents' kitchen in order to overcome a 
tresh crop of problems, such as the impending death of their grandfather and Babe's murder 
rial. WA 

"It's really funny at times and is definitely relatable, especially the relationships between 
he sisters. It's easy to say 'that's how my family is.' The family pulls together in times of 
iced, which is definitely relatable with the way things are now," actor Nicole Chopyk said. 

The parts of Lenny, Meg, and Babe were played beautifully by junior Judith Cavanaugh, 
senior Candace LaRicci, and sophomore Kristy Such, respectively. Freshman Nicole Chopyk, 
sophomore Jake Landis, and sophomore Mark Hemming filled the supporting roles of Chick, 
Doc, and Barnette. "I think the ending is the best part," said Mark Flemming. "The girls all 
"have a tragic flaw and at the end they are standing up for themselves and conquering their 

After auditioning in late September, the small cast, under the direction of adjunct theater 
professor Terry Mastrobuono, worked nonstop to perfect the production. The actors and ac- 
tresses weren't the only ones pulling late nights around the theater; the crew of set and lighting 
designer Barry Fritz spent countless hours in the shop, laboring to create realistic scenery that 
would help to bring the show to life. All of the rigorous efforts, both behind the scenes and on 
-center stage, paid off as "Crimes of the Heart" opened to sold-out audiences. 

—Melissa Johnson 

Special Events * 17 

Ir "* 

JLsetting loose Sefore finals 

Tossing off their shoes in favor of comfort, the 
good time never stopped. The Winter 'Wonder- 
land dance lasted Cong into the night. 'Dancing 
the night away in the Cast major function heCdin 
JCersheyKad before the construction began. The 
girCs of'Etown hadnoprobCem soCving the 2 to 1 
ratio ofgirCs to guys, admission to the Winter 
WonderCand dance was a canned good for 
charity and $2. Jake Landis and his date bust a 
move on the dance floor. <Etown students got 
their groove on from the start of the evening 
untiCthe Cast song. 

' f\ 

r * ■ 

Mm^m M 

V ■■ f /fl ^r ^m '■ 


1 El 


■ 9 

WLm ■ \ ^ 

J [l 1 ^mt\ ^^m 

mm f JSi 

<^^^^^» Ju 

■ mm \ ' ■ 

■1 ^ m 

18 * Special Events 


The night of Saturday, December 1 , 200 1 offered a chance for students to swap 
their t-shirts and jeans for glitzy dresses and shirts and ties at the annual Winter Formal. 
Women spent hours before primping and preparing, while their dates took the time to 
clean up and dress up in their finest — all this reminiscent of the good oV Prom days of 
the past. Not only was the dance a chance for students to show off how well they clean 
up, but it provided an opportunity for them to enjoy food, dancing, music, and a general 
good time that regular weekend campus events do not normally exhibit. Even students 
that do not typically get involved in College-sponsored events attended. In fact, many 
students look forward to the dance each year to help them relax and unwind before the 
stress of Finals Week sets in. P5 ^^L t^^I 

On the night of the formal, a large segment of the Elizabethtown student body 
braved frigid December weather to attend the annual dance. Donning their festive ap- 
parel, gala-goers united with friends to usher in the holiday season. At a time when the 
end-of-the-semester "crunch" causes stress for many, troubles were forgotten for the 
evening as rhythmic strains filled Hershey Hall, creating an atmosphere of carefree 
enthusiasm. Positive responses to the grand affair were virtually unanimous; junior J.C. 
Green echoes the sentiments of the majority as he asserts, "We all had a great time." The 
dance was one that will truly be remembered as visions of sugarplums dance in our 

— Elicia Karras, Melissa Woodland, and Katie Gerhart 

Special Events * 19 

7™ '■!. 


Jerome taf^s to his mom, a rote taken on 6y SteeCe 
(Judi Cavanaugh). The Ceads in "Ji (Piece ofOAy 
Heart " on the airptane during the show. This 
scene iflustrates "we consumed an immense 
amount ofaCcohoCin Vietnam. " Tahitha and 
(Brian act out a scene concerning relationships in 
Vietnam. The Sugar Candies a([gir(6and 
performs "Qtpflin ' (Down the (River. " The cast 
gathers with director 9Aike Sevareid for an after 
show picture. LeeJQnne and Sissy intensely askja 
spray 6oy about his job. 

20 Special Events 

le spring play of 2002, "A Piece of My Heart," colored the month of April 
with brilliant theatrical entertainment that showcased Sarah Owens, Candice LaRicci, 
Joy Salvatore, Tabitha Burke, Min Shepard, Judith Cavanaugh, and Jiggers and Brian 
Isaac. ^^B 

The play centered around six young girls and their experiences throughout the 
Vietnam War, and in the months after the conflict. Our introduction to the characters 
in the first act was followed by an account of the females' wartime memoirs, while 
act two addressed the problems that the women faced upon their return to the United 
States. Spectators were forced to contemplate the dilemmas that confronted both 
veterans and women during this period of global turmoil. 

The entire cast united to offer a miraculous performance, displaying passionate 
emotion and tremendous pride in their lines. This captivating production was one that 
should not have been missed by anyone, as junior James Poulianos expressed: 'A 
Piece of My Heart' definitely touches the heart... All of the girls gave a fantastic 
performance." After leaving the Alumni Theater, a piece of my heart goes to the 
veterans of the Vietnam War. 

Elicia Karras and Melissa Woodland 

Special Events * 21 

r^^ — 


Students patientCy await their turn to get their 
formal -pictures taken. (Dancers put their hands 
in the air and move to the music. This handsome 
trio posed for a picture to remember all the 
memories of their Junior-Senior night. Jessica 
(Batzer and%ristin 'Enders show off their 
sparkling dresses. Students slowed it down on 
the dance floor to take a breakjrom all the fast 
dancing. <Prior to dinner, students gathered in 
the 6allroom to socialize with their friends. 
Students were enjoying themselves so much that 
the dance floor was full until the last song 

22 * Special Events 

Special Events * 23 


he most anticipated weekend 

of the schooCyear 

'Many students came out to the midway on 
Saturday afternoon to welcome the warm spring 
weather. The midway provided four hours of fun 
for students to forget about cCasses and have some 
fun with their friends before summer breaks There 
was five music from the band Clove and Cots of 
fun activities for students. Many students played 
on the inflatable rockjwad and obstacle course. 
Others activities included pong and making hemp 
necklaces. <Etown students and many visitors 
lucked out that TQlSfeHon such a beautiful day. 


■ -—,.'. .. . 

24 i: Special Events 

Thank Goodness It's Spring, or TGIS, kicked off this year with people overcome 
with fits of laughter in the aisles of Leffler Chapel, as the entrancing powers of hypnotist 
Steve Taubmen provided a thoroughly entertaining opening for the enjoyable weekend 
ahead. ^B 

The sounds of Rusted Root greeted many ears around the campus on Friday night, 
continuing to boost the enthusiasm that peaks with TGIS. Junior Micha Strickhouser 
supplied a review of the show, saying, "I have gained a new respect for Rusted 
Root... musically, I was pleased." 1 ^Tl^^^ 

"TGIS was the best weekend ever! Todd and Trash rule!" raved junior Garth 
DeAngelis who, along with the rest of the guys of Phalanx and the girls of Melica, gave 
a smashing performance Saturday night. It turned into an emotional concert after inter- 
mission, as seniors Deric Wilson, John Bilich, and Joe Anzuena offered a musical fare- 
well in one of their final appearances with the group. 

Even the air of disappointment that lingered in response to the cancellation of the 
always-popular Battle of the Airbands could not diminish the camaraderie that connects 
the entire Elizabethtown College population during TGIS. 

— Elicia Karras 

Special Events * 25 

26 : Special Events 

ats off to the Class of 2002 

(Dame Janet Trotter and commencement speaker 


degrees. Students gather outside offytyerjfall 
for their -post-graduation practice picnic. 
Communications major "Heather (jiflespie smiCes 
as she receives her dipComa from (President Long. 
"Mace <Bearer (Dr. 9Aatteo feads the president 's 
party to the stage. (Faculty members gathered 
outside of Thompson gymnasium to congratu- 
late the graduates before heading to the (Dell 
Windy weather posed challenges for the graduates 
as they made their wai\to the (Dell. 

28 Special Events 

,,;■ -^wi 

"Rain, rain, go away . . .". Such was the pre-commencement chant echoed by thousands 
on the morning of May 18, 2002. Somewhere, someone was listening to this plea. As the Class 
of 2002 assembled for the march from Thompson Gymnasium to the Dell, the sun made its 
grand, much welcomed entrance. Neither the ominous clouds nor the unseasonably chilly 
temperatures could dampen the enthusiasm that embraced the graduates and their supporters. 

The words of Nobel Laureate David Trimble encouraged the newest E-town alumni in 
the relentless pursuit of their every goal and in the commitment to lives of ceaseless service and 
contribution. In continuance of the theme of giving, class president John Bilich presented the 
college with a commemorative mace as an expression of appreciation for the priceless gifts that 
Elizabethtown bestows upon those who join its community. 

Saturday's ceremony was the capstone of an activity-packed Senior Week, the first of its 
kind in E-town history. The Dell offered an arena for a pig roast and talent exhibition, and the 
clinking of glasses floated across the Alumni House yard during a toast with President Long, 
Provost McAllister, and other members of the administration. Hennigan's offered up karaoke, 
spirits, and extra helpings of laughter to mark 2002 minutes until graduation. Clearview Lanes 
invited seniors to slip into those always stylish shoes for free bowling, and Movie E-town 
transported students to a galaxy far, far away for the much-anticipated Star Wars Episode II 

These treasured moments, coupled with countless others compiled along the 
Elizabethtown journey, have rendered permanent imprints upon the hearts of the 2002 gradu 
ates, just as these individuals prepare to engrave lasting impressions upon the world. 

— Kate Simmons 

Special Events * 29 

30 * Special Events 

1 ,v * 

~ % 1 9 \ 



Special Events 3 I 



(Proud (Parents 

Class of 2002 

John Vlrich 

Congratulations on your accomplishments. 
'We are proud of you and we have faith that 
you will do nothing less than your best. 'May 
(jod give you the strength and drive to reach 
your goals. 'With faith in Qodyou will. 

Love, Mom, (Dad, and Mike 


§oocCjo6 (Baby Sister - 

We are proucfofyou! 

(David & (Brian 

Sharon (Rose 

f\. daughter is one of the most precious 
gifts a parent can receive -you've 
afways been my wonderful gift from 
Qod. As I see you graduate today, my 
mind drifts bacf^to the fittfe girf you 
once were. Time has passed so quichfy 
and each year has been a joy. 'We 've 
wafted through fife together and my 
heart wiff continue to be with you - 
praying for you - as you face your 
future and continue the journey Qod 
has p fanned. 

Congratufations, Sharon ffataffa 

We are very proud of your 

accompfishments and wish you much 

success in the future. 

With affourfove, 

(Dad& (Patty 

Xjisten, Nicofe, (Brian & (David 

32 Proud Parents 2002 


I have always been proud of you. 
Always the best for you. 

find always my love, 

£ SwtaAJOunk \t 

_| We a*e ww/ pwud of. you! £ 
° &we, Mom, 2>ad, Qaniet f- 
»* Qfiandma 6, 3*appy, a 


"©are to amzm 

anddve those dreams; 

for it is then that you can 6egin 

to readzeyour true destiny. " 

"(Do notfoffow where 

the path may Cead 

Cjo, instead, where there is no 

path andteave a trad. " 

With much Cove and pride, 
Mom and ^Dad 


You did it and we 're proud of you! 

V^e wish you much success in 

your future endeavors. 

'Make a lot of money and be happy always! 

Love you lots! 
Mom, (Dad and C^ary 

CongratuCations IMetissl 

You are and always will be the shining 

spirit in our lives. 

<<( Be joyful always, pray continually, 

give thanks in all circumstances. " 

"We Love You! 

Mom, (Dadand^m-j 


Qatidice vlala, 

% love you and we whk you tke belt 
of ereiythlny, cdlwayj/ 

Mom, 3)ad, and Gmhm 

Proud Parents 2002 * 33 


7b 9Ai£e fensfen 

*We are so proud of your 

accomplishments at ( E- c Town. 

With your drive and determination you 

wiCChave a very successful future. 


Mom, (Dadand<hob3r. 


(^od blessed you with unique talents and 
a6ifities. 'You have used your gifts welt. 'You have worked 
hard, you have grown as a person and we are incredibly 
proud of you. JQsyou complete this chapter in your 600 f^ 
and lookforward to the next, never forget what has 
brought you this far. (Remember the love ofyourfamify, 
your own sacrifice and hard worf^and remember that Cjod 
has a special plan for your fife. 

Love, Mom, (Dad and Corey 

Congratulations Jennifer andKjmberfyll 

'We are very proud -parents today! 'You have 

accomplished the first part of your road to 

knowledge. 'We hold you up before the Lord to guide 

you in all that you do as you continue to prepare to 

train the youth of America. 'You both wilt be great 

teachers, unashamed of the gospeC. The school children 

of today need the Lord more than ever and you will 

guide them! 

Love, Worn and'-Dad 

Congratulations AcCam! 

"It's got to be the goin not the gettin there 

that 's good. " (Jfarry Chapin) 

JLs your journey continues, remember many 

rewards can be found on the road (ess taken. 


9dom and <f)ad 


(or should we say "Teacher") 

Life has thrown many curve balls at you during 

the hist four years. 'You have confronted and 

conquered adversity, when others would have 

waned. Your determination and inner strength are 

an inspiration to alt who know you. 

Congratulations, we've never Been prouder! 

Love & "Hugs, 


Congratulations, (jerry! 

'We're proud of you and your 

accomplishments. We know you will 

succeed in whatever you do. 

(Best ofLuckj 


'Mom, Dad and Kurt 

Words cannot describe how 

proud of you we are. 

Success in the future. 

JAhl our (ove, 
(Dad, ( Mom, johnny, 'Rocky 
and the rest of your family 

)4 Proud Parents 2002 


(Dream - never stop 

Achieve - your first goal is complete 

Success -you are and will continue to be 

Three words you chose in June 98- keep them in 
your heart and mind. (Be proud of yourself , believe 
in yourself, and have faith in yourself because we, 
your family, have all the above and more. 

Now and Always Our Love, 
!Mom, -Dad and Lindsey 

John J. \Mahoney IV 

(Dear John, 

Congratulations!!! 'We are so very proud of you!!! 
{ Thankjyou for being a wonderful son and brother. 
May all your dreams come true. 


Mom, (Dad, Amanda, Maggie, & Trubs 


You have impressed us daiCy with your 
maturity and discip fine as you worked to 
achieve your goat What a strong, weCC- 
grounded, and compassionate young woman 
you have become. 

We are so very proud of you, (Princess! 

With Cove afways, 

Mom and (Dad 

Jeff (Mr. (president) - 

You make us very proud. You are the 
first (BaiCey to graduate from coffege. 


Mom, <Dad& Mike 


We assisted (jod in a miracCe when we 
brought you into the worCd. Yhanf^you 
for countless moments of joy and pride. 

(Phifippians 4: 1 3 

With aff 
our Cove 





What are you thinking about? (Did you 
ever thin^about reaching your goaC of graduating 
with honors from L^Cizabethtown and becoming 
an occupational therapist? 

You did it! You have made us very proud. 
'May (jod continue to bCessyou in your future of 
heCping others. 

Love aCways, 
Mom, (Dad, & 'Nate 

Proud Parents 2002 * 35 


Congratulations <PauCl 

One down and one to go. 
J-Cang in there and stay the course. 

Mom and <Dad 

'Tsjmberly J^nn JCartney 

%im, %immie, %im of the Lees 

Success is not a measure of wealth or possessions. 

Success is setting a goat for yourself and attaining 

that goat. %im, ive are so proud of everything you 

have accomplished. Continue to succeed in fife and 

remember your happiness is what we will always 

treasure. "Keep that beautiful smile on your face! 

We Love You!! 

'Dad, 'Mom, Jay andjanette 

Sarah (Putnam Ctive 

Tor the future, we wish you the happiness 

and fulfillment you have 

experienced at <Etown. 

(Be careful. Wave fun. Stay well. 

(Be f{ind. (Do your best. 

Lots of Love, 

Dad, 94uma and Drew 

"Witfiam <T. MiCCer 


Congratulations on your many 
accomplishments. Our pride in you is unending. 
We wish you the very best that life has to offer 
and may you be blessed with happiness alxvays. 
You are and always will be, our princess, our 
sunshine, the joy of our life, (jod bless! 

We Love You, 
Mom & ^Dad 

We are very proud of the job 

you have done in school 

"Continue to be wise and develop good judgment 

in all your endeavors, and you will have a long 

and happy life. " (Prov.4:5 


Mom and Jeff 

Congratulations <R&becca\ 

V^e are very proud of you and pray 

for your success in t fie future. 

9Aay ait your dreams come true! 


Worn and (Dad 

3d I'kuicI Parents 2002 


V\?e are very proud 
of aff that you have 
accomplished. Cjood 

Cue fan teaching. 
jAfways remember to 

pass on to your 

students the things 

that you fee fare 

important in fife. 

We know that you 

wift succeed in aff 

that you do! 

We foveyou and wish you the very 6est! 

'Mom, (Dad and "Heather 

(Deric WiCson 

You 'ffafways he our super hero. 

"We We very proud of you. 


Mom and (Dad 

Congratulations Matthew 

You continue to make us proud in aff your 

accompfishments. (Best wishes for a happy, 

heafthy and successful future. 

Love JLfways 

Mom, (Dad, David and Kjistine 

(p.S. Vnkie-Cjood ' Luckjn (graduate Schoof. 

Love, fifexander 


You have weathered quite a few 
storms in the past few years. "We hope this 
has strengthened you as you enter the next 
phase of fife. We fove you very much and 
are proud of your accompfishments. 

Isaiah 40:31 Mom, DadandLrika 

9Ay son, do not forget my law 
(But Cet your heart keep my commands; 
Tor length of days and long fife 
And peace they wd( add to you. 

Let not mercy and truth forsake you; 
(Bind them around your neck^ 
'Write them on the tablet of your heart 
And so find favor and high esteem 
In the sight of Qod and man. 

'Trust in the Lord with atf your heart 
And lean not on your own understanding; 
In atC your ways acknowledge 'Him 
And Tie shall direct your paths. 

Congratulations Chris on an awesome jo6l 

Love always, 
<Dad, Mom and Sarah 

Proud Parents 2002 * 37 




"R^rc jyow wM wpo« a star. 
your dreams come true. 

Love fl. [ways, 

Sandra NicoCe (PugCiese 

"You are the tight of the worCd. 

JA city on a hitt cannot be hidden. 

In the same way, Cet your tight shine 

before men, that they may see your 

good deeds and praise your 

Tat her in heaven. " 

Matthew S: 14,16 

(pop-(Pop afways said that 

you were speciai 

"He was right! 

We Love You! Mom, (Dad and (Brian 

Michael Hyde 

Four years of hard work, studying, 

preparing, music, swimming, fun, 

friends, memories, and life. 

And now a new beginning. 

* * * * 

We are proud of you and of your 

Congratulations on a job well done! 

May God bless you and guide you in 

all that you do! 
We love you, bad, Mom, <t Joanna 


(Dear MichefCe, 

"We are so proud of you as a 
person and of afl your accomplishments! 
You are a de tig htfui young woman and 
a wonderfuf daughter! 
We wish you 
May affof 
your dreams 
come true! 

Love You! 

(Dad, Mom 
and Jutie 

$8 Proud Parents 2002 

! / 

"Joe lie Terese" ~ What a 
blessing you 11 be to a classroom of 
children -just as you are to us! 
We 're so proud of you and all 
you 've accomplished, always know 
how much you are loved! 

Mom, (Dad, 
Jill, Chelsea, 

Robert fAlan Johns 


Congratulations for afftfie t flings 

That you 've accomplished... 
Toraffthe chaffenges you've met, 

The goafs you 've achieved, 

Jlndfor being someone very speciaf 

'You have fitted our hearts with pride. 

Toffow your dreams for they wifffead 

'You in the right direction... 

Love, 'Mom and (Dad 

Tara Lynn <Wo[fe - 

It seems onfy a short time ago you were our 
beautiful fittfe girl with blonde pigtails singing " 'You are 
my sunshine. " find could it really be nineteen years ago 
that you tooh^your first dance lesson? The memories we 
share with you are precious and many. How fortunate we 
are to have you in our lives'. 

'You have always made us proud in not only what 
you have done, but in whom you are. 'Your hind, gentle 
nature and loving spirit are truly an inspiration. 'You 
have embraced life and allowed each experience, whether 
good or bad, to make you stronger. 

As you move into the next part of your life, don 't 
be afraid, for you will always have an angel looking out 
for you. May your future be filled with wonderful 
opportunities, new experiences, and success in each goaf 
you pursue. Jind always remember that wherever you go 
in life, our love goes with you. 

fMom, (Roger, (Brad, Nana and<Pap 

Dance in the Rain 

Sing in the Sunlight 
Talk to the Moon 

Touch the sky 




"Proud" does not begin to describe how we 
feel about you. Elated, ecstatic, thankful and 
blessed are words that start to express our 
feelings towards your achievement and your 
future. You now have the daunting task of 
making the world a better place. With your 
smile, wit and perseverance, and with God's 
guidance, YOU WILL SUCCEED! We promise. 

With a hug, a kiss and a purr - Mom, Dad and 
Kisa congratulate you on your graduation and 
wish you happiness today and always. 

Proud Parents 2002 * 39 



If anyone has [earned what hard 
work^and dedication can bring, 
it is you. We are extreme Cy proud 
of the fine young man you have 
become and of everything you 
have accomp fished in the Cast 
four years. We witfatways be 
there for you as you continue on 
your road to happiness and success. 

Mom, (Dadand^ri^ 

It seems [ike 
on[y yesterday 
when you were 

We are a[[so 

May a[[ of your dreams come true! 


Mom, Dad,Apri[andj%[ice 

Cjrandma is so proud too! 







May the woddbe a better pCace 
because of you! 

Cove, Mom and 'Dad 

Congratulations Taruan! 

'The difference between fife and scHooCis that in school you get 

the lesson then the test, and m life you get the test, then the 

lesson. Without a test there can he no testimony. 

Learn from each experience tuufgrm from it'. 

1 1 We Jolley 
llnaysjifl your heart, mind and soul unit a winning attitude! 

(,'od fifess )ou Our Shining Star Lore If ways! 

Mom and l\olanJ 

40 : Proud Parents 2002 

<Secca. . .first-born. . . child of (Peace, 

may faith and joy ever increase; 

may your Spirit-beauty show 

as in 'His Cjrace you five and grow. 

JZsyou begin fife on your own, 

we rejoice in how you 've grown, 

and pray that aft you do and say 

bring joy to Qod throughout your days. 

'Where 'eryou go, you 're in our hearts, 

just a prayer away, 
and you Tf remain our precious child, 
a treasured daughter in every way. 

'With love and congratulations, 
•■Dad, 'Mom, Char, 'Matt, and'Drexv 

Tor atf that you have 
accomplished, we are so 


"WeCoveyou MORE, 

Mom ancf(Dacf! 

Victoria Lynne Ofcfe 


We wish you good Cue f^ 

health and happiness always. 

May aCl your dreams come true! 


94.0m, (Dad and Melissa 

Ixmothy MichaeCVan Meter 

Tim my, 

You have the smite of an ANGEL I 

Seems (ike onfy yesterday that you (eft for 

Stow CreehjKjndergartenl 

What a wonderful man you have Become! 

ToCCow your heart and your dreams wdl come true! 

We are very proud of you! 

We Cove you! 

'Mom, <Dad& Jessica 

Proud Parents 2002 * 41 


We are so 
very -proud of 
aft that you 
have accom- 
p fished and 
aft that you 
have become. 

Qo confident [y into a future fitted 

with opportunity and promise. 

Love atways, 

!Mom, <Taryn and (Dad 

Melanie %pfs%je 

Congratulations and best wishes for a 

bright and wonderful future! 

Wherever you go and whatever you do, 

remember your f amity toves and 

stands be hind you! 
Mom, (Dad, James and Stephen 


Heaven is a great big hug that 

tasts forever. 



^Mom, (Dad, ^mify and^fey 


'From the day you anxjousCy awaited the 
kindergarten bus, you Have worked so hard to 
reach your educational goafs and to create a better 
world for all'. 

'We are so proud of you and fox'e you "to 
the end of Baltimore. " 

'Mow & Had 

42 * Proud Parents 2002 


Congratulations, Jamie! 

We are very proud of you and hope you 

wiff continue to grow and [earn 

throughout your Cife. 

With our Cove always, 

Mom & (Dad 

J^nn, you are an inspiration to all who 

{(now you. Your talents, humor and 

sensitivity to nature prevail 

in all that you do. 

You are admired & loved 

Mom, (Dad& Family 


(Beautiful then... 

(Beautiful now... 

We are very proud of you! 

(Be happy 

Love, Mom and Chip 
























Cctnface Michelle La^cci 

'You have grown from a cute fittCe girfinto a 

beautiful woman. 'We are so proud of you. 

'May att of your dreams come true. 

JiCfour Cove, 

940m, <Dad and (DanieCCe 

Proud Parents 2002 * 43 


Matt OstreRcH 

(From your hot 
wheels to your '84 


fl.Cwa.ys keep on 
true fan' and take 
the high road!! 
To a great son, 
brother, friend 
and Listener! VJe 
Cove you dearCyl 
Mom, (Dad and FamiCy 

"Success isfaiCure turned inside out" 

From nursery 

schooCthru coCCege 

You 've aCways 

been a chaCCenge; 

Our Cove is never 

(Proud of daughter 

and sitting. 



and for you 

fl future of 

dreams come true! 

Mom, (Dad and 




may you aCways 

\ continue to reach 

for the stars. 

"We are proud of 


You are weCCon your way to 

reaching that goad 


Mom, (Dad, %risten and (Eric 


You have 

aCways made us 

very proud of 

you and we 

know that 

you '[( succeed in 

ad that you do. 

'May aCC of your dreams come true! 
With aCC of our Cox>e aCways, 

Mom, (Dad, %ris and Joshua 

44* Proud Parents 2002 

1 I 

%jisty Hauer and Qary Trefsger 

We are so proud of Sot ft of you! 

May your future be fitted with tots of 

tove, happiness and success. 

(Best Wishes TromMtofVs, 

Steve, (Pat, Steve and Jettison 

Xristy Hauer 

We are so proud of you and att of your 

accomptishments. May att your hopes 

and dreams for the future come true. 

'You wittatways 6e our 6a6y girt! 


Mom and (Dad 

(Reach for it aCCRpSyn! You shoufd6e very 
proud of afl you have succeeded in and continue 
to foCCow your goafs and dreams with what you 
want in your fife. Never sett yoursef short. 

We are so excited for you, -proud of you, 
and you are an important art of our fives. Love 

Love, 'Mom, (Dad and Renee 


"We are so proud of you! <You have 

worked hard. M/e kriow you witt 

succeed in att you do. 


'Mom, (Dad, Lestie and^ricia 


"You <ttpc$J 


Mom, <Dad and Qreg 

Proud Parents 2002 * 45 



MichaeC (jirgis 


Since the day you were bom you have 
brought so much joy to our fives. We are proud of 
your accomplishments and admire your wid to be the 
best. 'May (jod bless you with success, health, 
happiness and may alt your dreams come true. 
Love always, '■Dad, Mom, Anthony and (Dan 

Congratulations Lindseyl 

We were proud of you when you were little. 

We have been proud of you as you have grown. 

Jind we know we will continue to be proud of 

you as you graduate and move on to the next 

phase of your life. 

All our love, 

Mom, (Dad and<Erin 


No matter what the days have 
brought, you have afways Seen our 

flsyou begin your teaching 
career may you share that sunshine 
with afl the young fives you wiff 

We are fitted with pride and Cove 
for you and what you have achieved. 

IMay att your dreams come true. 
(jodfiCess and keep the sunshine. 

With att our fove afways, 
"Mom, (Dad and (Brooke 

Congratulations, Jason Konopinshi 

Celebrating your graduation and 

wishing you the best life has to offer. 

Continue striving for excellence, 

always believe in your talents, and 

your goals will come to fruition. 

"'Your dreams are all out there 

just waiting for you, 

And there's nobody else 

who can make them come true - 

for it 'syou who must dream 

ami you. alio must do - 

And today is the day to begin. " 

Wishing you love, happiness and' 
success in your jut inc. 

With Icrve and pride always, 
Mom. Pad and Trade 

46 : Proud Parents 2002 

!Nicok Marie Hundley 

"'The best way to predict the 
future is to create it. " 

The attribute that sets 
you apart is your 
incredible worh^ethic, 
whether on the ptaying 
fietd, in the classroom 
or in the community. 
Our hearts are fitted 
with immense pride 
over your achievements. (Jo forth with the 
same passion for tife and success witt be found 
in attyou do. 

We Love Tou, 

'Mom, (Dad and Jonathan 

CongratuCations, Jennifer JTeisCer 

I am so very proud of you andaCC 

that you have achieved. You have 

overcome many obstacles in your 

fife yet you always kept going. 

iif To teach is to touch a tife 

forever", and I know you wiCCSe a 

wonderfuC teacher. 

J4.CC my Cove aCways, 

(food tuch^to the Ctass of 20021 
May you find success in attyou do in 

the future andatways cherish the 
many memories captured in this 6oof{l 

(Best "Wishes, 
"The Conestogan Staff 

Proud Parents 2002 * 47 


Life in the Fast Lane 




















































Christina Yulo and Erin Asay volunteer at the O. 
stand making frames in the Midway. 

iffanv Danenhower participated in the annual lal 
Into the Streets bv cleaning a women's shelter. 

48 * Seniors 

: / 


Rachel Chieppa and Dina Jingoli hang out after one of 
their final soccer practices. 

Dear Class of 2002, 

Vince Lombardi once said "We didn't lose the game, we just ran out of time". Many of us are now at 
that point in our lives where we feel like we just ran out of time to put those much needed marks on the "to do" 
list of life. Let me assure you that graduation is not the end. As the old cliche states, it is only the beginning. 
We've just written the last pages to another chapter in our lives, but all of the pomp and circumstance of com- 
mencement merely brings with it page 1 of the next chapter. Let's not be in too much of a hurry to finish the 
book though; for writing quickly does not always ensure the best quality. Some may appear to have come out of 

the gates more quickly, but we all move at the 
same speed: the speed of LIFE. We're getting 
older, and the pace only gets faster from here. 
We may be low on cash, but we've got a full 
tank of gas and a road map that leads wherever 
we want it to. 

Our roads are all about to diverge and 
lead us off into different directions, but in 
theory they'll still all end up in the same place, 
where we each are going to be happiest. 
Always live each moment to the fullest and 
never be afraid to take chances, but at the same 
time, remember that it is not often that life 
throws you a mulligan. That is what makes it 
so difficult. The "perfect" life is about more 
than just having the right ingredients, you've 
also got to have them in the correct proportions 
and mix them all up in the right order. In the 
end though, you may realize that it wasn't the 
ingredients or the way you mixed them, but the 
process of mixing them all that counts. These 
past four years have gone by quickly, and I'm 
pretty glad that I can't just pick up a pencil and 
erase them and start all over again. 
Elizabethtown College was and is a big part of 
our recipe. Now all we have left to decide is 
what other ingredients we want to use. 

Our paths in life are about to be 
crowded with many more vehicles, but I'm 
glad that I've had the chance to pass by you all 
on the road of life. Now I just can't wait until 
our paths once again bring us back here for 
Homecomings and Class Reunions. At least 
for a few brief moments we'll be able to taste 
again some of the ingredients that have made 
us who we are. Thank you all. 


John Bilich 

Senior Class President 

Seniors * 49 


My favorite 

memory of 

(E-town was... 

"Looking down the (Dettat 
Freshman Induction and seeing 
att our individual flames 
burning brightly in the night 

~ Jackie Casey 

"The duetto student ratio. " 

-Mettssa 'Eaton 

"Sitting outside Founders 
smoking cheap cigaretts and 
taCkJng ad night with (Ben, 
JLdam and my people. " 

~!Nathan Cornwett 

"going to Fat-N-Park^with 
friends at 2 a.m. " 

-(Rpbyn Sett 

"(Building J Q 'Francis a snow- 

-Jamie JQ hearn 

"Finding out which Jlaron had 
just asked me out on a date to 
the Cluster concert. " 

-Christina 'Yulo 

"There are too many memories to 
pin point just one memory that 
was my favorite, hut every time 
I met a new person, new things 
happened that now make every 
memory speciaf and unique in 
itself. " 

-Jessafynn (Rjgterink 

'Maegen JAckermann 

James William fl.hea.rn 

Communications - 
(PuSfic Relations 

% Woodrow Adams 

Allison JAinley 

Bridget Mbin 
Sociology I nth topology 

\Aeussa luen 
I ngGsh I ducation 

s <) Seniors 

B i 


1 Mr »- 





_/^3 [\ 




Social Studies 'Education 


Occupational 'Therapy 

Nicole barber 
'B usiness fl dm in ist ra t ion 

j4nthony Jindrisano 

Christopher JAshworth 

Communications - 
'Mass Communications 

^B usiness 'A dm in ist ra t ion 

'Emily JAntonic 
'Efementary Education 

Jeffrey 'Baifey 
•Pofitical Science 

%e((a Sarhjnan 

Seniors * 51 


'Katie (Barton 
Computer Science 

Jarrett (Benson 
<Po[itical Science 

(Brian 'Bender 
(Business Administration 

'Brian 'Berge 
'Bio fogy -jUGedHeaCtfi 

Mentha (Benek^ 

Jessica 'Berry 
'Efemcntaiy 'Education 

Katie Hn\il; 

Bradley Bienl 

John ftilich 

•Elementary 'Education 

Elementary Education 


52 ; Seniors 

Computer Science 

%evin (Bonner 
Compu ter Science 

(Ryan (Bowe 
Computer Science 

Tayfor <Bfiss 

Carrie (Booth 

(Rebecca (Bowers 
Communications - 
Corporate 'Media 

[Matthew (B[ome 

NicoCe (Bouch 

Sarah <Brad[ey 
Occupational 'Therapy 

Seniors * 53 

m:-irr .:,:■. 

(Bryan (Brander 

Maria-Jose (Burgoa 
InternationaC (Business 

i arena ( arriuo 
[Business Administration 
I inance 

Jami (Brandt 
Efementary 'Education 

(Diego Campos 
Computer 'Engineering 

Jactyn ( asey 

'Engfisfi - 

(Professional (I riting 

Crystal ~<-Bru6ar\er 
'Efementary Education 

•Meghan CarJen 
Communications - 
(pu6fic (Relations 

%fvin ( an ley 

\tass ( ommunications 

>4 i: Seniors 

<D. 'Michael Chambers 
(Business Administration 

(Pei Chuah 

Sarah Clive 

(Rachel Chieppa 
International (Business 

Candice Ciafa 

Tyler Comp 
Computer Science 

My 6iggest 
accompCisdment was... 

"Studying for a semester in 
(Barcelona, Spain. I came back^ 
with an open mind and a 
refreshing new outlook^on my 

-Cory Qrissinger 

"Miling the cow on the farm 
down the road Just kidding. I 
am proud that I can Balance 
sports, dubs, friends and family 
and still graduate on time. " 

""Kristin Lezinski 

"(Being inducted into "Kappa 
(DeCta (Pi, the 'Education "Honor 
Society. " 

-Liz Kjmmel 

"(Being captain of the swim 

-Matt Ostrelich 

"(Being a6(e to present at the 
(Pennsylvania Academy of 
Science. " 

-Michelle Johnson 

"(Discovering myself and 
[earning to appreciate life. " 

-Matthew (paCmer 

"(Being listed in the National 
(Dean 's List. " 

-Michelle Trye 

Seniors * 55 


<Paui Contino 

'.Heather CoyCe 
'Efementary Education 

Thomas Crawford 

Computer Science 

'Xyfe Cooper 
'Mass Communications 

Jennifer Craig 

\4iranda Dagu 

Business . ■Ununist ration 


'Nathan CornweCf 

Lauren Crane 
Elementary Education 

Tiffany <Danenhou ei 

Occupational lhcrap\ 

56 Seniors 

%elly (Darrah 
'Mathematics 'Education 

Claire (DeVere 

Christa <Dei6kr 
<3 usiness J4 dm in ist ration 

Adam (Datskp 
Corporate Media 

Matthew (Decembrino 
Social Studies Education 

'Yuri (DeLa^Rosa 
(Political Science 

Angela <De<Paufi 
'Elementary Education 

%evin (Decker 

Jufia (DeLima 
I nternationaf ^Business 

Seniors * 57 

/ wish I 
wouCcffiave ... 

(Built a leaky cabin in (Brinser 
Field rather than five in 
'Founders. " 

-Jamie Ahearn 

"Studied abroad during the 
summer or over a semester. " 

-Heather Qidespie 

"Had about 10 more hours in a 
day or not required sleep. " 

-Mentha <Benek^ 

"(Been a cheerleader. " 

-Nikki (Barber 

"Spent more time with friends 
and (ess time worrying. " 

-Steph Snyder 

"Started as an elementary 
education major my freshman 
year. " 

~%risty Jfauer 

"Qone to more sports events on 
campus. " 

-Nikhj Tetter 

"(Done worse in classes so I could 
spend more time here. " 

-Nathan Cornwell 

Mansi (Desai 
(Business Administration - 'Finance 

(Rebecca Doyle 
(Biology -Allied Health 

Jonathan 'Early 
Social n oi f; 

Lori (Di(Pippa 
'Mathematics 'Education 

Jason -Drayer 


7A.eussa I aton 

Biology \Uu\t Health 

58 * Seniors 

Trisha Edelman 

Communications - 

Mass Communications 


Communications - 

'Mass Communications 

Jlndrea 'Elirfiart 
Occupational 'Therapy 

fcmCyn Tarinola 
'Elementary e£ Early 
Childhood Education 

Jinnalisa Ellis 

Communications - 

'Mass Communications 

Matthew Eeshler 

'Nicole Tetter 
Elementary Education 

Claire Tooks 
Environmental Science 

Matthew Trailey 

Seniors * 59 

'MichefCe Trye 

Suzan Cjanjei 
International (Business 

Sasha Tureman 
Occupa t ionai 'Therapy 

Annette Cjates 
Socio fogy -Anthropology 


If* ^ 

Ivum\\ ;-l 

1 11 I K 1 

1 "•" ' 

1 ]} 1 


Shannon Qaffagher 
^Business Administration 

"Kyfe qebhart 
Music 'Therapy 

Jennifer Cjerhard 

Music I itih ation 

Kathleen (jihhons 
I (ementarx 'Education 

Heather (,tlicspic 
( ommunications 

60 * Seniors 

'R^Adam CjiCson 
Communications - 
(Pu6(ic 'Relations 

'Efena Cjorfenkgva 
International '■Business 

Rgdrigo Cjrijalva 
(Business Administration 


Weather qingrich 
'Business Administration 

'Meena (jray 
Occupational 'Therapy 

Corey (jrissinger 

Communications - 

'Mass Communications 

Michael (Jirgis 
'Business Administration 

'Teresa (jreiner 
International 'Business 

(Rebecca (Jrosh 
Occupational 'Therapy 

Seniors * 61 


'EmiCy 'Kahn 

Jennifer Hanson 

jufia Haines 
Occupational 'Therapy 

(Daniel Harris 

%evin Hammond 

^Business Administration - 

•■Business Information Systems 

^Barrett Hart man 
Computer Science 

hunhcrlx Hartney 
I Cementan I ducation 

Sharon TfataQa 


i\nst\ Hauer 
I Cementari I ducation 

f>2 * Seniors 

" / 

Elizabeth 'Harden 
Occupational Therapy 

(Brad Jfeilman 

'Martha 'Helms 
'Efementary cZ.Early 
Childhood 'Education 

Jacqueline Heidelberger 
Sociology - Anthropology 

Jennifer Heisler 
Efementary Education 

Jennifer Helsel 
^Business Administration 

I remember 

"Ereshmen and sophomores really 
had to parkin the (Brown Lot. " 
-Andy Zirkel 

"(Brinser girls didn 't actually Cive 
there. " 

-TQisten Wells 

gasoline was $.83 agaCCon our 
freshman year." 

Susan Tomchak. 

"My basketball team won the 
intramural championship. " 

-Josalyn (Perehinec 

"I had to drop calculus 'cause the 
calculator cost $250. " 


Uc We had a student center and 
ducks! " 

-Elizabeth (Rpmaine 

"Theme dance parties in (Brinser 
were THE, THINQ to do on the 
weekends. " 

-Tara 'Wolfe 

"My freshman roommate and I 
cried when our parents left. I 
think^I '11 probably cry when they 
come topickjne up, I don't 
wanna leave and face the real 
world just quite yet. " 

~%atie Sikprskj 

Seniors * 63 

Lisa Henrich 

Ximberly Hines 
Sociology -Anthropology 

Lindsey Hess 

Caitlin Hopson 
'Efementary 'Education 

Jennifer Hines 
Sociology -Anthropology 

Nicole 'Hundley 

Mathematics 'Education 

\th had Hyde 
Wusu 'Education 


.social (I oil; 

Dina Jmaoh 
l Cementary I ducation 

M Seniors 

Rp6ert Johns 

(Rachel Jordan 
Sociofogy - Anthropofogy 

Jessie %atzbeck^ 

'Micheffe Johnson 

Amy %anz 

Social 'Studies 'Education 

James %aurudar 
(Business Administration 

(Rebecca Jones 
(Environmental' Science 

Eficia %arras 
(Business Administration 

Casey %ehm 
International (Business 

Seniors * 65 

What was I 
thinking when I... 

"Slept outside in the dead of 
winter when I Cost a Bet on 
the foosbaH table? " 

-"Kyle Cooper 

"(Became a (Biology major? " 
-Melissa 'Eaton 

"(packed a V-haulto move 
into my freshman dorm in 

-Josalyn <Perehinec 

"(Rgscuedthe old bi^e from 
the lake? " 

-Jldam gdson 

"TookJPhysics? " 

-Michelle J. <Frye 

"Chose to live in an apart- 
ment with the messiest guys 
on campus? " 


"Lived in 'Founders for 2 
years? " 

-Kjisty Hauer 

"(Decided not to ta^e the 
steps outside the Apart- 
ments, and ran down the hill 
instead? (I mean, rolled 
down the hill!)" 

-Terry Qreiner 

"got the 21-meal plan? " 

~<Brad "Heilman 

"Tell down a flight of stairs 
and busted up my arm? ' 

~WH$i (Barber 

Christopher 'Kemmerer 
'Environ mental Science 

Elisabeth Kjmmel 
Elementary Education 

Jonathan Kjianl'ian 

Maria lying 
Social U'orfl 

Elizabeth T(jrfjvood 
Sociology \ntfavpofogy 

Michael hitler 
Business hfministration 


66 * Seniors 

Christopher 'KjaiSer 

Communications - 

''orvorate Media 

'DanieCfe %finger 
Communications - 
<Pu6fic 'Relations 

Charfene 'Xfassen 
^Business administration 

Jan Kfinger 

Communications - 

'Mass Communications 

'Donald %kin 
Computer Science 


1 ■*•" o I 


m K « t J 



Sarah %Cunk^ 
Occupational 'Therapy 

Qeorgean Kjwpp 
International (Business 

"Robert %nappman 

Curtis \odish 
'Elementary 'Education 

Seniors * 67 

MeCanie 'Xpfsfqe 
Occupational 'Therapy 

Hilary %reider 
Sociology -Anthropology 

( 'andace Ca < Rjcct 
Music Therapy 

'Maria 'Kpnevicfi 

<Rp6ert Xjeidler 

Computer Science - (Business 

Information Systems 

'Eric Cau 

Business administration 

I conomics 

Jason 'Konopinsi{i 
'English - Literature 

J4ngie %retulskie 

Cheryl Cauet 

68 Seniors 

Michelle Lauer 
<-B usiness fl dm in ist ration 

Jacfyn Light 

Heidi Leutfmer 
Communications - 
'•Tubiic 'Relations 

'MicfieCCe Lindenmuth 
International ^Business 

Xjistin Lezinski 
International ^Business 

Michelle Lisciandrello 
Occupational 'Therapy 

'Matthew Lister 
Computer 'Engineering 

Stephanie Lowey 
'English - (Professional Writing 

Elizabeth Lutz 

Seniors * 69 


Susan Lynch 
Social 'Work^ 

'John 'Mahoney 

■Dominic Marano 
(Business Administration 


'Maria Mac key 
Music Therapy 

Maria Makgry 
•■Business Administration 

Ccannc Market' 
Occupational Therapy 

'Emify Maguire 
Occupational 'Therapy 

Christopher MaCozzi 

Brian Marquette 


70 * Senior 1 

Jessica Marsala 

Crystal 'Matthews 

Liza Martinelli 
(Business administration 

Taruan Matthews 
Computer Science 

Christina Mattise 
Occupational 'Therapy 

(Brianne Mayhue 
Occupational 'Therapy 

I witt 
never forget.. . 

"When Tarn, Liz, (jretchen, 
Carrie, Mk&i, %aters and I had 
to make a 6u((etin board 
concerning alcohol for 
Founders. Jl tragic experience 
led to a very fun experience, as 
we educated everyone on the 
'Absolute Tacts ofj\lcohol " 

-Lauren (Puskar 

"(Freshman walkjmd having to 
sing the (Brady (Bunch theme to 
Teddy Long. " 

-Melanie Xpfskie 

"The dance party with Kjisto, 
(Beth, Tara, %eone and (Bryan 
the Hawiian at 'World Cafe 
during the softball trip. " 

-Christina <Yuto 

"Jlllofmy college road trips - 
Slippery (Rpckj, (Boston, 
Ontario, Que bee, the Qreat 
Lakes, <Wal£en. " 

-Matthew (Palmer 

"Spring (Breaks '01 in the 
(Bahamas. " 


"Treking through (Europe for 3 
weeks with 2 awesome friends 
and one backpack^ " 

-Tara Wolfe 

"Trading in my car for an OT 
degree. " 

-Tara Van <Etten 

Seniors * 71 

Jennifer Meyers 
Occupationaf Therapy 

Carrie Mondorff 
Engfish - Literature 

i itor Moraes 

Mass ( ommunicatwns 

Wiffiam Miffer 

^Business administration - 

^Business Information Systems 

%effy 'Montgomery 
'Efementary 'Education 

Melissa Mullet 
Occupational Therapy 

Lisa Mohr 
Efementary Education 

Mefissa Moore 
(Business Adminstration 


.shannon Murphy 
I (ementary I diication 

72 Seniors 


Sahara !Nem6ang 
International (Business 

(Brendon Jfoft 
'Biofogy - ^Premedicine 

(Beth Nichje 
'Efementary 'Education 

Victoria Ofcfe 
(Business Administration 


(Dustin Nihfes 
Computer Science 

'Donna Ondik^ 

'Matthew Ostrefich 

Christopher Owsiany 

Matthew (PaCmer 
'English Education 

Seniors * 73 

"Lived in a dorm my senior 
year. " 

Susan Tomchak^ 

"gnawed on a dead kitty. .. 
pCayed tug-o-kitty... and then 
actuaCCy passed the practical. " 

~Stephanie Swan 

"(Paid $100,000 for a piece of 
paper. " 

-Jim %flurudar 

"'Went on stage with the 
magician my sophomore year 
fig IS Kichgjf) to get spikes put 
through me as I (ayedon the 
table. " 

-JessaCynn (Rjgterink^ 

"That my roommate had her (ah 
(Ebony up here for 4 days and no 
one found out about it. " 

-(Rpbyn Sett 

"Have the rest of my fife to pay 
backjhe government for putting 
me through 4 years of college. " 

~ Elisabeth %immel 

"got on stage at a Jars of Clay 
concert and sang the (Dukes of 
"Kazzard theme song. " 

-Christina Tub 

"Achieved the leadership 
positions I did here at E-town. I 
ready grew up andtook^on a lot 
of responsibilities while here. " 

~%atie Sikorski 

Swati (Parikh 

Molly (Pavlik^ 
Occupational Therapy 

Jonathan (Parise 
Communications - 
•^Public 'Relations 

Lynn Peifer 
(Business administration 


Josalyn •I'crchincc 
I Cementary 'Education 

Breda Vttrovic 
International Business 

74 Seniors 

Lorraine <Pfant 
International ^Business 

Jinn (Posegate 
(Environmental Science 

QfyBert (Poram.60 


Michael <Poysden 
Social Studies 'Education 

Jamie (Porter 
Efementary Education 

Cjuy <Prudhomme 

Communications - 

'Mass Communications 

Sandra (Pugliese 

Elizabeth (Purcell 

Lauren 'Puskar 
Occupational Therapy 

Seniors * 75 

jAffredo Rgbanai' 

Jingefa Rhoads 

^Business ^Administration 

Ac count it, 

Jessica Robinson 
Occupational Jherapy 

Christopher (Reed 
Computer 'Engineering 

Jessafynn Rigterin^ 
•■BioCogy - jAdied 'HeaMx 

■IJizabcth Komaine 

Communications - 


Laura Reimer 

A m \ m 

9deCissa Ritter 
Occupational Therapy 

Mat then RuJJ 


76 * Seniors 

Stephanie Scinto 

(Brian Servetnic^ 

Stephen Shayter 

Communications - 

'Marketing Communications 

(Rffhyn Sett 

Sociology - ^Anthropology 

(Rebecca Setzkorn 
Occupational 'Therapy 

%atie Sikorskj. 
Communications - 
(puhlic 'Relations 

Mary Sellecf^ 
Political Science 

Xurtis Shanks 
Computer Science 

Kate Simmons 
'Elementary 'Education 

Seniors * 77 

Justin Smith 

<B usiness fl dm in ist ra t ion 


'Eric Snavefy 
'Efetnentary Education 

Surah Spies? 
( 'ommunications 

'Mass Com m u meat u vis 

Shunnon Smith 
Computer Science 

Stephunie Snyder 

■Elizabeth Spina 
Social (I oil; 

Eisa Smoot 
Occupational 'Therupy 

••Brienne Spangfer 
I nt?rnationa( Business 

TsjUherine Stanton 
Music Therapy 

78 * Seniors 

'Eric Star^ 
(political Science 

Cjretchen Strung 
Social Wor^ 

Christopher Steltz 

Communications - 

"orvorate Media 

'Kjmberly Stry 

WB """ ar^ ■ 

y > ^ 





Jason Supecf^ 
^Political Science 

Stephani Swan 
Occupational 'Therapy 

My dream job 

"(Representing <¥JA as a senator 
for Congress. Then maybe 
someday I'll run for (President. " 
~!Mary Sellec^ 

"(Professional procrastinating or 
professional student; what is 
that real world thing again?" 

-Kjisten Wells 

"(Editor of a major magazine. " 

~%atie Sikorskj. 

"A cruise director on a ship that 
sailed around the world. " 

-(Danielle %linger 

"Working as a radio personality/ 
(DJ at a commercial station in a 
major city. " 

-Irish Edelman 

"Sitting on the beach with my 
laptop and making tons of$$$. " 
~(Rp6yn Sell 

"Owner of the Yankees. " 

-Steph Snyder 

"Anchoring for morning news in 
Virginia or North Carolina. " 

-Corey Cjrissinger 

"Opening up an Oft clinic with 
Jennifer'. " 

-Stephani Swan 

"Available to me when I am 
ready for it. " 

-Sandy (Pugliese 

Seniors * 79 

Jennifer Swauger 

Communications - 

'Mass Communications 

Nicofe 'Thomas 

Susan Jomchaf{ 
(Biology Education 

l Rpnafd Tagfairino 
'Music 'Education 

Lauren Thomson 
I ntemationaf ^Business 

Qary Trefsger 

Communications - 
Mass ( 'oinmiinicatioiis 

NicoCe Tarconish 
'ECementary 'Education 

Janet 'ThornfulT 
SociaC \\'orf{ 

Imanda Vryon 

Music Jhctapx 

80 * Seniors 

Christopher Turteff 

Tara VanEtten 
Occupational Therapy 

'Megan Tyson 
'Efementary 'Education 

'Xfltherine 'VanVafkenburgh 
1 nternational (Business 

John Vfrich 

Timothy "VanMeter 
Socio fogy -Anthropology 

Stephanie VarnoCd 
Occupational Therapy 

Andrea 'Viteri 

Christine Voigt 
■Mathematics 'Education 

Seniors * 81 


/ want peopCe to 
remember as... 

"Someone -who (ikes to have fun 
and is always witling to be 
therefor another through thinks 
and thin. " 

-Jessatynn 'Rigterink, 

"KJRISTO... the funny little 
short girt who makes you taugh. 
'You NOSE it makes sense. " 

~%ristin Lezinski 

"Tun, futt of Cife and the person 
who knew everyone. " 

-Jen Heisler 

"Someone who teamed through 
the years to be myself and not 
allow other people 's opinions to 
shape my life. " 

-Michelle Johnson 

"J% friend they met at <E-town 
who had the nickname, Lizard. 
-Elisabeth Kjmmel 

y? friendly, intelligent and 
caring person. " 

-Josalyn <?erehinec 

"The nice girl from 'New Jersey. 
Yeah that 's right, I said New 

-Tara Van'Etten 

"That funny, quiet girl that you 
never know what is going to 
come out of her mouth. " 

-Melanie Kofskje 

Allan Voltz 
'Mathematics 'Education 

'Kjisten 'Wells 
'Elementary Education 

Laura 'Wellmann 

'Mindy Wells 
-Business Administration 

Jamie (I 'hit in w i 
(Business Administration 


laic J 1 1 it hams 
( 'omputei L ngineering 

82 * Seniors 

Leejlnn Williams 
'Mathematics 'Education 

<Deric Wilson 

Tarn "Wolfe 
'■Business Administration 

Elizabeth 'Willis 
International "-Business 

(Barbara 'Wirtz 
elementary 'Education 

Joeffe 'Worfey 
'Elementary Education 


'<9. ^■"';' , . V V 

1 ^B ^B 

* 7 A 

f / 

Andrea 'Wilson 
Social 'Work^ 

Sheldon Witmer 

Alyson 'Wright 

Seniors * 83 

Sarah Wynfipop 
'Music Therapy 

Michael Young 
^Business Administration 

( urtis Zeager 

I ngGsh - 

^Professional i I hit inq 

(Bradley Wyse 
Computer Science 

Christina Yulo 

Occupational 'Therapy 

Jennifer Zemba 
International Business 

Yetty Yennawati 

%ris ZaSrishje 
Computer Science 

\iegan Zerbe 
Music Therapy 

84 * Seniors 

Melissa Zimmerman 
'English - Literature 

Andrew Zirkgt 
Computer Science 

'Julie Zu6ris 
'Music Therapy 

In Loving Memory 

JuCia % Smith 

May 4, 1980 - November 16, 2000 

1 1 

■ 1 


V 3 

"JL butterfly fights beside 

us (ike a sunbeam, 

and for a brief moment, 

its g Cory and beauty 

belong to our world. 'Then 

it flies on again, 

and though we wish it 

could have stayed, 

we feel so blessed to have 

seen it. " 

—Jluthor Vnfyiown 

Seniors * 85 

Kevin Bonner and Amy 
Kanz were crowned 
Elizabethtown's Home- 
coming king and queen 
during the half-time pre- 
sentation at the soccer 

Senior y take/ center stage/ 

'Homecoming 2001 gave many current seniors the opportunity to participate 
in what they enjoy most. Tor many Student Senate seniors, this was a time to show 
their class spirit through dedicating count fess hours to creating an award-winning 
float complete with a covered wagon and many "pioneers". The reason Behind the 
pioneer theme was that the pioneers were ready to embark^on a new world as they 
traveled west. Like the pioneers, the senior class is about to embarkjon a whole new 
experience as they enter the real world. 

Seniors also celebrated homecoming by browsing the 'Midway with friends 
and hopefully running into recent grads that they may not have seen since last year. 
The Homecoming athletic events are also a highlight of the day. Senior, 'Kate 
Van'Valkenburgh, had 7 saves and stopped 4 penalty strokes in the winning effort, 
during the field hockey's 2-1 overtime win against 'Wilkes. In men 's soccer, senior 
Adam (Dively scored the single goal of the game against 'Wilkes with only 8:18 
minutes left in the regulation time. (During half-time of the men 's soccer game, 
senior royalty took^mid- field as "Kevin (Bonner andfimy Kanz were crowned 
<Elizabethtown College 's King and Queen of Homecoming 2001. 

Decause of the unusu- 
ally warm October, 
many students were able 
to enjoy their afternoon 
Homecoming activities 
outside, which even con- 
sisted of watching 
televsion outside of the 

Lt. Dale Boyer (right) 
was the lucky winner of 
the "Kiss the Pig" con- 
test. The fund-raiser was 
conducted by the senior 
class student senate and 
raised nearly over S2 1 5. 
Liz Kirkwood, holding 
the pig. was an active 
participant of this event 
while Lt. Boyer kissed 
the pig numerous times 
in front of the entire 
crowd during the Home- 
coming soccer game. 

86 * Seniors 

'■(graduate or Bust" was 
the theme of the Senior 
Class float during the 
annual Homecoming 
Parade through the town 

of Elizabethtown. This 
year's senior float won 
first place and was 
awarded a cash bonus for 
their incredible efforts. 

Homecoming Coukt 

Amy Kanz 

Kevin Bonner 


Jaclyn Casey 

Leanne Market 

John Bilich 

Justin Smith 

instead of the traditional 
t-shirt sale, the senior class 
sold ralley-towels as a 
Homecoming fund-raiser. 

Michelle Johnson, shows 
her class spirit during the 
midway festivities by 
purchasing a towel. 

Seniors * 87 


2002 Hours 


ftemispheres Night 
Club, below the 
Elizabethtown Inn, was 
the setting for the senior 
class to celebrate 2002 
Hours until graduation. 
The event took place on 
Sunday, February 24th 
and despite the day of 
the week, upcoming 

graduates were in high 
attendance. The night 
was a complete success 
that was filled with drink 
specials, free food, 
billards, dancing and a 
class toast conducted by 
seniors Kyle Gebhart and 
Katie Bieak (right). 

88 Seniors 


for the inevidabk 

/As seniors begin their 

final year at E-town, new 
activities seem to fill 
their schedules. Less 
freetime is availible and 
more time is spent 
looking for jobs, driving 
to internships or student 
teaching, going to impor- 
tant conferences or 

driving to far away job 
fairs. All of this prepara- 
tion and learning is just 
the final step before 
heading into the working 
world or moving on to 
graduate school. As 
scary as it seems, all 
seniors know it is right 
around the corner. 

Seniors * 89 


Seniors celebrate 

their Cast T.g.LS- 

Festivities for seniors was full of fun activities 

started Thursday night during the afternoon on 

by watching hypnotized 
Liz Kimmcl think she's 
watching the saddest 
movie she's ever seen. 
Because of semi-warm 
conditions, many en- 
joyed the weather by 
throwing frizbees in the 
Dell or picnicing by the 
cafeteria. The Midway 

Saturday with necklace 
making and blow-up 
boxing matches 
(Charlene Klassen). On 
Saturday evening, many 
students congregated in 
the Quad Commons to 
celebrate together and 
enjoy one of their final 
weekends in E-tOWn. 

90 * Seniors 

:\ ''■>,',,■.. 

Wv ^^^|R 

^H *> 

1 1 i 

i ' ^^ El 


■ ■- , - 

•■'■:, ■ 

• ' ■ ■ | j 

fl .-.....■ • 

- \ 







(Bette Notte 

The Junior/Senior 

formal, held at the 
Radisson Penn Harris 
Hotel, was a beautiful 
setting for an evening of 
dinner, dancing and 
being with friends. John 
Bilich caught up with 
President and Mrs. Long 
during cocktail hour. 
Kevin Bonner and Jaclyn 
Casey enjoy a free 

moment before dinner 
begins. Jackie Light, 
Nikki Bouch, Allison 
Ainley, Annalisa Ellis, 
Nicki Barber, and Jen 
Swauger were able to 
enjoy dinner together. 
Dancing and photo 
taking followed dinner 
for an overall "Belle 

Seniors * 91 


Obcr RAs Dana Pyne and Bryan Brander poke 
their heads out of the R.\ office to check out the 

chaos ot freshmen move-in day. 

'reshman Mark Muen/en settles into his new 
home for nine months in Rover Hall. 

92 * Residence Lite 

This Brinser hall program was a great way for the 
residents to get to know each other. 

This year the Elizabethtown College Campus saw many changes. In addition to construction we 
gained a large freshmen class that our current housing options could not handle. To solve this problem 
Residence Life came up with some creative housing options for more than 90 students that were placed in 
transitional housing. Lounges as in previous years were converted into rooms and housed approximately 
five students per lounge. The Royer apartment was opened to students and housed four freshmen girls. 
Even Resident Assistants felt the effects of this housing cram. Brinser RAs moved into the kitchens on 

their floors in order to create another open 
room. Other RAs were placed with room- 
mates for the first few weeks of the fall 
semester until more permanent housing 
could be found. Many RAs found this to be 
a challenge for they had to act as a room- 
mate to the student whom they were placed 
with as well as their RA. 

New students weren't the only people 
unfamiliar to returning students. A fresh 
batch of Residence Directors joined Resi- 
dence Director and Staff Supervisor 
Victoria Nixon. Drew Lesicko, Kerri 
Barker, and Julie Blaszak took charge of 
Brinser and Royer, Founders, and Ober and 
Myer respectively. The rookie staff stepped 
in to fill the shoes of three previous RDs 
who had left to pursue other career opportu- 

Although Residence Halls were filled 
to capacity several new housing options did 
arise through the development of new 
Theme Learning Communities, which allow 
the student to take part in a hall community 
that is focused on a specific topic. This 
years Theme Learning Communities in- 
cluded: Academic Honors, Quiet Study, 
Diversity, Environmental Awareness, 
Freshman Interest Group, Future Educators, 
Wellness, and Women's Issues. 

In between classes is when most of 
our time is spent in our rooms. It is here 
that we work, live, sleep, and create friend- 
ships, some which will last a lifetime. This 
'Rest Area' and our times here will become 
some of our most important memories as 
we move ahead on the road of life. 

—Melissa Johnson 

Diane LaMonica, Dawn Johns, and Kristen 
Warker stir up some trouble in the halls of Myer. 

Residence Life * 93 

W^-fAV.-..*','.^.- - 



^Brinser '■Residence 'Haff has gone through some drastic changes in the past two 
years. Last year (Brinser was completely renovated, mailing it one of the nicest residence 
haCCs here at 'Elizabethtown. This year 'Brinser went through yet another drastic change. 
(Brinser is no Conger an affmafe residence haft, this year the third floor is home to females 
instead of the usuafmafes. That's right <Brinser has gone co-ed! When asked what he 
thought about ^Brinser going co-ed, 'Mike Stuhftrager repfied, " it spices up the pface. " 

Along with the third floor being home tofemaCes, 3Nis aCso known as a quiet 
study floor. One might askj, what exactly is a quiet study floor. So for atf of you inquiring 
minds out there, a quiet study floor has quiet hours 24 hours a day, everyday. 'When 
asked what she thought about the quiet study floor Jessica Hoover replied, "I fove the 
quiet study floor. " 

Normally, (Brinser is anything but quiet. firinser has a fun loxing atmosphere 
where residents enjoy each other's company. One can find residents hanging out on the 
north side porch or wandering the hallways. 'Wherever you find a 'Brinser resident, you 
are sure to find a good time. —Sadie ( Bair 

1N&S Right to Left: Row 1: 

Greg Stry, Dan Sweigart, Andrew 
Miller, Patrick Gombloa, David 
Thomas; Row 2: Ed MacMillan, 
Brad Heilman, Steve Snavely, 
Matt Berthinet; Row 3: Cory 
Moskowitz, Damian Humenink, 
Frank Murphy; Row 4: Jason 
Myers, Bryan Brilhart, Dan 

2N Right to Left: Row 1 : 

Akihiro Kaneda, Vinny Pepe, 
Jason Miller; Row 2: Andrew 
Lee, Phil Fedako, Chirs Bowen- 
Ashwin, Greg Nolan, Luis Nunes, 
Michael Witmcr; Row 3: Mat- 
thew Phillips, Andrew Geiselman, 
Matthew McC'lerdon, Stephane 
Pesch; Row 4: Nick Rowe, John 
Wagner, Chris Price, Carlos 
Israes. Sheldon Winner. 

94 * Residence lite 

2S Right to Left Row 1: Alfredo 

Rabanal, David Maio; Row 2: 
Gregor Erhard, Thys Cohen 
Tervaert, Garrent Morton, Brad 
Duppstadt, Bryant Wong, Brandon 
McLaughlin, Mike Stuhltrager; 
Row 3: Dax Kepshire, Chadd 
Whipple, Mike Kernisky, Casey 

3N Row 1: Carrie Mondorff, 
Christina DiLiello; Row 2: 
Yadana Hlaing, Jill Gutekunst, 
Jessica Hoover, Angie Castriota; 
Row 3: Sarah Carter, Blair 
Sofield, Julie Achenbach, 
Meredith Barnhart, Danan 
Antoine, Jenny Brockett. 

3S Row 1: Amy Rowe, Kelly 
Quinton, Brianna Lynch, Liz 
Martin, Jackie Brenton, Molly 
Walker, Maggie Honeyford; Row 
2: Megan Balmer, Ginger Friend, 
Jen Martin, Erin Duffy, Ana 
Velasquez; Row 3: Cheryl 
Sechriest, Alana DeLuca. 

Residence Life * 95 

^mh a 




There is only one residence hall here at 'Elizabethtown where you can: walk^down your own had and find 
rooms fivedin by the opposite se^, find at [east one door propped open, and have your own fie Id day. just what 
(iving facility is that? SimpCe — founders Residence Ufall 

(Founded in 1971 Founders, a coed residence, currently houses 318 students. This four winged budding is 
joined by a large communaf lounge on the ground floor. Not onfy is Founders the fargest residence hall on 
campus but, it is also home to several special interest groups. Several floors are dedicated to: academic honors, 
diversity, freshmen interest groups, and wellness/ substance free environments. 

(But just what do the residents thin f^of Founders? (Residents of(D-2 describe life in Founders as, "...a 
giant family. We can't do anything without one another. " (B-3 laughingly describes the Founders experience 
as, ". . . one giant party. " 

It is safe to say that every year old and new students alike, will fill the rooms and halls of Founders 
allowing memories, friends, and good times to be had by all. It is guaranteed to give the student an experience 
of a lifetime! 

—JZndrea 'Karns 

Al Row 1: Jacqueline Sabourin, 
Erica L. Schultz; Row 2: Jennifer 
Reiger, Michelle Wood, Kelly 
Bailey, Jennifer Szescula, Kelly 
Miller, Jamie Mann, Megan 
Bartcls, Maria Leifland; Row 3: 
Renec Cittadino, Rachel Vogt, 
Julie Johnson, Maureen Van 

Wi :i: Residence Life 


A2 Row 1: Matt Wood, Craig 
Chassem, Mary Rumig, Amanda 
Fisher, Heather Stellmach, Aimge 
Butcher; Row 2: Jordan Bizher, 
Matt Gcandi, Joshua Lyman, 
Molly Zellers, Lauren Seippel, 
Jess Fegles, Shaun Rinehimed; 
Row 3: Derek Sweigart, Christo- 
pher Hoagland, Richard 
Bongiovanni, Brett Lojacono, 
Jonathan Weitz, Philip Heyning, 
Amy Milligan. 

A3 Row 1: Erin Moody, Beth 
Legner, Heather Haese, Tama 
George; Row 2: Jeremy Ebersole, 
Josh Horner, Tom Feister, Greg 
Rohde; Row 3: Josh Smith, Paul 
Mazzei, Ben Osterhout, Tom 
O'Brien, Claire DeVere, Stephen 

B1&B2 RowlrAdriana Aguilar, 
Sam Smigel, Krystyn Wukeitsch, 
Kristen Basehore, Michelle 
Babineau; Row2:Sam Stever, Jen 
Baughea, Steph Loose, Theresa 
Hilinski, Amanda Leimbach, Beth 
Uencho, Erin Biddle, Jenn O.; 
Row3:Adam Shephard, Bobby 
Carr, Brian Katarski, Josh 
Vanghire, Brian L., Jonas Groff, 
Mark Keich, Brian G.; Row4:Vitor 
Moraes, Justin Gregory, Andy 
Kuchera, Sean Steckert, Pete 
Sokol, Jared Seibert, Dana M. 

Residence Life * 97 

B3 Row 1: Carleen Pallante, 
Kristen Nearhood, Lindsey 
Wagner, Becky Nori, Erin Sayuer, 
Sami Benton, Suz Funiholmen, 
Vicki Andrei, Sarah Maloney; 
Row 2: Allen Churchman, Mike 
Dunn; Row 3: Matt Griffe, Nate 
Hihnan, Wade Tippin, Chad P., 
Mike DiDeuce, Wes Kinner, Sean 

CI &C2Row 1: Danielle 
DiFilippo, Lisa Rossi, Sarah 
Ganser; Row 2: Mike Karp, Larry 
Hodges, Chris Brockman, Erica 
Coony, Pam Clark, Doug Rice; 
Row 3: Rob Johnson, Kim Fegley, 
Philip Williams, Betsy Schmid, 
Stef Stock, Evan VanOrden, 
Coabe Frazian, Howie 
Feltorsnach, Laurie Reid, Allicia 
Mayer, Blake Salvesen. 

C3 Row 1 : Woody Weedon, 
Brandi Benzel, Jamie Burgis, 
Rebecca Shaffer, Courtney 
Knauss, Jodie Bachman; Row 2: 
Marcus Hoffman, Austin Tepsic, 
Kristen Regan. Matt Junchak, Jill 
Cobb, Allison Doran, Vicki Rwan. 
Alicia Cofale, Kerry Baker; Row 
3: John Csordas, Bchzad 
Varamini, Ben Delaney, Flynt 
Garzel, Scot Pitzer, Eric Guise. 

98* Residence Lite 

Dl Row 1: Jose Curz, Lauren 
Pepper, Giselle Gamero, Jennie 
Lawton, Lindsay Morrison, 
Lindsey Yohn; Row 2: Jessica 
Eshback, Robert Cochman, Jeff 
Fry, Tim Fogelsander, Brett 
Bitsko, Andy Marzen, Kevin 

D2 Rowl: Josh Miller, Amanda 
Santore, Fran mcKeever, Lindsay 
Mazzoello, Nicole Blonne, Andrea 
Barlow, Steph Boyle; Row2: 
Matt Eder, Derek B., Katie Ehret, 
Joe Jacob, John Treese, Brandon 
Fisher; Row3: Pete Simon, Jason 
Jones, Brandi Healey, Steph Long, 
Heather Clark, Amber Day, 
Ashley Dawson, Ed Baker; Row4: 
Jeremy Gatens, Emily E. Berg, 
Mark W., Chris Lima, Tatiana 
Bonilla, Jen Schooley, Anderw 
Kelley, J. C, Jan Tammen, 
Courtney Peeples. 

D3 Row 1 : Steve Sanko, Lari 
Heckler, Lauren Bird, Lisa Abel, 
Ashley McDonald, Chad 
Kardell, J.T. Weges; Row 2: Ben 
Tannous, Kyle Courad, Tom 
Yeager, Adam Fuller, Chris 
Dressel, Rob Hettel. 

Residence Life * 99 



The girls that live in 'Myercan 't explain how nice it is to be able to walk^down to 
Breakfast, funch, or dinner in their pajamas or flip ffops at anytime of the year. The Caf and 
(BackjDoor (Bakery are also located in Myer (Residence "Hall, which makes alternate dining 
plans easy and accessible. jAt the present time, 'Myer holds 132 female students, and has 
specialty floors such as a woman 's wellness floor. The Myer girls don 't thinkjMyer will lose 
its popularity once the dining hall leaves. "'Even though the caf won't be in this building next 
year, it is still a great place to live. I currently live on the women 's issues floor, which is very 
friendly and always kept clean. Our floor only has five rooms on it audit allows us to 
interact more with each other, " explained sophomore Jessica Clarke. "I thinkjMyer will still 
be a popular choice in the future when it comes to room selection. " 

The rooms in 'Myer are very clean and spacious which creates a great atmosphere for 
the friendships on the hall. 'You can always see decorations and encouraging notes written on 
the marker boards. 'The rooms can be seen with bunk^beds, carpets, tapestries, or just posters 
everywhere. It is truly like a home away from home. 'With large lounge areas, soda and 
vending machines, no one would ever have an excuse to leave- except for class that is. 

-Jackie Tell 

1 East Row 1: Amanda Rose- 
Parks, Jessica Clarke, Patty 
Zindel, Valerie Stork; Row 2: 
Michelle Little, Amy Dessoye, 
Kelly Hennessey, Crystal 

2 East Row 1: Jessica Smith, 
Lauren Gibson, Kim Dinger, 
Krista Unger, Sarah Fellon; Row 
2: Erin Madigan, Jcnn Clifford, 
Nicole Semet, Valerie Klinjamin, 
Erin Knerr, Jcannette Cassalia, 
Jess Cousins, Christine Maudlin, 
Nancy Mehta; Row 3: Amanda 
Rose-Parks, Erin Post, Kelly 
Brooke, Beth Anne Stucbc. 
Marianna Hagbloom, Afton 
Kuykcndall, Kate Heeter. 

KM)* Residence Lite 

2 West Row 1: Brooke Little, 
Lynda Reed, Amy Frederick, Jana 
Skalska, Katie Needham, Ashley 
Havrah, Danielle Underkoffler; 
Row 2: Sarah Miller, Amanda 
Vera, Lorraine Bonifanti, Dana 
White, Amie Shaffer, Erin 
Gundersen, Jill Robinholt, Maeve 
Marks; Row 3: Shannon, Tara 
Sadak, Rachel Singer, Stacey 
Benton, Stacey Warker, Dawn 
Johns, Cristen Cumor. 

3 East Row 1: Andrea Karns, 
Jessica Vanderhoff, Joy Eriksen, 
Blair Ritchey, Melissa Altemose; 
Row 2: Carly Miller, Ashley 
Owen, Ashton Kantner, Angie 
Stramara, Jamie Hudzik; Row 3: 
Megan O'Brien, Kelly Gilbert, 
Kate McFadien, Lisa Marquette, 
Jessica Russell, Jen Jacoby, Anne 

3 West Row 1 : Ashlee Bergstrom, 
Rania Jubran, Kim Harrison, Missy 
Enright, Jennifer Smith, Lynsey 
Chog; Row 2: Jennifer Barndt, 
Carol Powell, Sara Groff, Amber 
Curry, Stephanie Grossnickle, Erin 
Zimmerman, Maria Terrazas; Row 
3: Joanna Hyde, Becky Wise, Leah 
Margulies, Kristen Tyson, Anna 
Riccardo, Elisa Willard; Row 4: 
Amanda Wilmoth. Kelly 
Zimmerman, Danielle Alexander, 
Kara Terhune, Kim Fleager, 
Samantha Renninger, Jess Popp, 
Molly Metcalf. 

Residence Life * 101 




Currently considered one of the most optimal residence halls on campus, 06er is quicffy 
chosen by those students who want to he in the center of things. 'There is always a hu6-Su6 of 
activity in the building as students fill the halls at all hours of the day. 'Freshman Sean graves 
said, "I like living in Ober because there is always someone to tali^to — there are the girls down- 
stairs and the guys down the hall. " In addition, there is always an adventure to chase down. 
Spontaneous sporting events or practical jo^es are not uncommon among the rowdy hunch of 
students. Living in Oher is not all fun and games, however. Two of the floors are designated 
'Themed Learning Communities — the male and female Leadership Communities. 'The %J4s on 
those floors are charged with the task^of incorporating things about leadership into their programs 
and community building. ^ -Bryan Grander said, "It was difficult to get my residents excited 
about the Leadership Community at first, but after awhile I was able to find ways to integrate 
the theme into some of programs. " jAllin all, Ober is a diverse environment with experiences to fit 
the tastes oj nearly every hind of personality and despite complaints about the heat (orlack^ofi 
and the noise from the gentlemen upstairs, most students thoroughly enjoy the time spent in Ober. 

— Katie Qerhart 

B2 Row 1: Phil Brynildsen, Tim 
Filewicz, Chase Franklin, Brian 
McCan-Bernard. Blair Tolbard, 
Andy Borzok, Matt Priest, Chad 
Farley; Row 2: Zack Tyminski, 
Matt Freeborn; Row 3: Vinnie 
Mercudanto, Matt Simon, Dan 
Keane, Sean Thomson, Chris 
Swierczek, Steffen Sundelius, 
Bryan Brander. 

B3 Row 1 : Leigh Barton, Heather 
Edwards, Erika Mathis; Row 2: 
Briana Derry, Kate Norton, Ashley 
Sprenxie, Jenelle Ostrewski. 
Becky Shaffer, Erin Gallagher, 
Christine D'Eramo, Felicia Polla; 
Row 3: Heather Decembino, 
Jessica Cullum. 

102 Resilience Lite 

These Ober residents show 
that school is more than 
just studying. It's about 

spending time with friends, 

having fun and enjoying 

their time at E-town. 

Residence Life * 103 



Just three years ago (Royerwas one of three afffemafe dorms on campus, But due to 
the overwhetming inf[u.\of make students, (Rpyer has become co-ed. In the faff of 1999, 
(Rpyer IN became known as the "(Royer (Boys' '. 'Now in the 2001/2002 schoofyear, haffof 
l Rpyer Residence is male. 

Rpyer aCso boasts the largest rooms on campus, which affow the residents to stretch 
out their kegs and rehvc. %en Schiavo said, "I kike the size of my room because it fets me 
have a big TV and stereo system that other peopfe can't have!" 

Another reason peopfe [ike 'Rpyer are the size of the bathrooms. 'Yes, the bathrooms. 
(Resident, Charkie 'Waugh, said he's "been in every dorm and (Rpyer has the best bathrooms by 

'Rpyer residents five it up. 'With the biggest rooms on campus you afways see every 
room arranged different (y with everything from a big screen TV to stereo equipment that 
would make "WWEC jeakous. 'When you just wakkjnto Rpyeryou see the big Counge, or go 
down to the l Rpyer basement where you can study with no distractions, it's no wonder 
everyone wants to five in 'Rpyer! 

— 'Ma rk^ Ckemson 

IS Row 1: Julie Moyer, Insiya 
Jiwanji, Tiffany Candy, Carla Stull, 
Gwen Thomas, Katie Fairman; 
Row 2: Brittany Maul, Kristina 
Lott, Shannon Horn, Susan 
Tomchak, Erica Erb. 

2S Row 1: Herman Ramsel, Karl 
Kern, Joe Eveland, Ben Mabrey, 
AJ Cobian; Row 2: C.J. Bowles, 
Amit Prasad, Mark Muenzen, Phil 
Ayoub; Row 3: Adam Sharer, 
Adam Brandt, Jeff Ludwis. 

104 i: Residence Life 

2N Row 1: Jeff Sears, Nathan 
Yaple, Chris Sweirczek; Row 2: 
Mark Boyer, Bruce Cunning, Tim 
Rissen, Owen Heller; Row 3: 
Felipe Olfus, Ruben Terrazas, 
Mark Laird, Ian Dunbar, Ted 
Mucellin, Scott Bumbernick. 

3N Row 1 : Heather Holwitt, 
Crystal Nealiz, Kim Adams; Row 
2: Megan Robinson, Robin Felix, 
Carolyn Campbell, Shannon Don, 
Lisa Kerton; Row 3: Allison 
Hickman, Jenn Nonnemacher, 
Tessa Troop, Min Shephard, Jenn 
Carey, Beth Fortin. 

3S Row 1 : Christina Grant, 
Brandy Shires; Row 2: Stephanie 
Brouse, Jennifer Reeve, Kathryn 
Bell, Michelle Staulos, Liz 
Bahista; Row 3: Amy Riddle, 
Christine Ebner, Erin Thompson, 
Nicole Bills, Rebekah Bailey, 
Sarah Scholl, Lisa Cawley, Kate 
Travelpiece, Ann Jasnoski; Row 4: 
Amy Collins, Cami Wade, Amy 
Ashton, Julie Miller. Patricia 
Costa, Jennifer Carey. 

Residence Life * 105 

■ I I 





Lauren (DeTont (freshman) was sitting in the Counge watching TV with a 
group of friends, when she was asked 'what she was greatfuffor about SchCosser. She 
repfied, "it is a Cittfe community and everyone gets aCong. " 'WaChing through 
SchCosser, onefeeCs a sense of overwhe fining unity within the dorm. 'The girCs that 
Cive there seem to share so much, as if they were their own community within 
'Efizabethtown. The girCs there have their own inside jokes, that onfy the other 
residents are famifiar with. 'The doors to each of the rooms are usuaffy open, welcom- 
ing aff. 'Friends and companions enter the rooms to discuss the fong day's events, 
upcoming activities, and other important issues. There is afways someone in the 
dorm to tafhjivith that you can refy on, whether that person Cives in the room, ne.\t 
door, or the room down the had. 'Memories have a way ofpding up, and being 
stored into the consciousness of the SchCosser residents. 'These memories wifCbe the 
hinds of memories that iviff remain in their minds a fifetime. 

— "Kristin tenders 

IE Row 1: Courtney McDonald, 
Lisa Durcanin, Alexis Yoo, Laurie 
Smickle, Jen Fahnestock, Stacy 
Crandell, Beth Mulherin, Christa 
Deibler; Row 2: Patricia Dougherty, 
Rachael Halton, Elizabeth Shelly, 
Marcia Worley; Row 3: Vicki 
Thomas, Heather Hough, Jess Fegles, 
Jenni Nickel, Sara Blessing, Amy 
Monfiletto, Elizabeth Donohue, 
Andrea Shearer; Row 4: Janell 
Shelly, Catherine Schadler, Megan 
Ross, Raechel Szoke, Janet Spangler, 
Amy Westewelt, Jessica Hollinsheard, 
Kristy Lee Booma. 

2E Row I: Amy Rawcliffe, Jen 
Simmons, Amy Gundrun, Ashley 
Klees, Diana Toy, Elissa Bobinis, 
Tarren Zickefoose, Joye Snell, Kristin 
Pazulski; Row 2: Melissa Noll. 
Michelle Noll, Bethany Weogel, 
Candida Wcller, Yetty Yennawati; 
Row 3: Jen Drenning, Lenette 
Williams. Evelina Levotsskaja, Caitlin 
Kalda, Stcph Smith, Leighann Tate, 
Jess Marsala, Lauren Ferrarelli; Row 
4: Junko Kadoyama, Anne Pearcc. 
Chelsea Splegelholder, Melissa Mohr. 
Alyssa Macey, Tiffany Inch, Michelle 
Morris, Courtney Green, Jessica Daly, 

Tracey Hinc. 

106 :; Residence Life 


2W Row 1: Leanne Bean, Alicia 
McGuigan, Jen Showman, Jen Goudi, 
Crystal Mieles, Jen Meyers, Jenn 
Robinson; Row 2: Alaina Farrell, Jen 
Crosier, Michelle Harkness, Kari 
Underkoffler, Liz Philips, Sarah 
Donahue, Caraline Grove, Cara Sabia; 
Row 3: Melissa Anderson, Kelly 
Barnstead, Christina Myers, Katie 
Hershberger, Colleen Allen, Stephanie 
Ludwick, Susan Bender, Kristin 
Lander; Row 4: Sarah Helmick, Jen 

3E Row 1: Kristen Kuc, Jess 
Masterson, Kendra Eggert, Mary 
Wismer, Shana Linde, Shelly Sandom. 
Crystal Tracy; Row 2: Jessica Engro, 
Courtney Appleman, Kristen Pettibon, 
Sara Nardone, Taralynn Lumi, Carley 
Elmer, Michelle Sloan; Row 3: Beth 
Tatara, Kelly Harris, Natania Walker, 
Rebecca Benling, Laura Cluggish. 

3W Rowl: Ashley Wade, Sarah 
Lengel, Becca Young, Brea 
McMauley, Jenniffer Russell, Lucy 
Crane; Row 2: Becky Sheaffer, Kerr 
Caskey, Roxy Gougher, Kristen 
Delaney, Kristin Ewald, Kari 
Gretzula, Meghan Cullen, Gretchen 
Bomberger; Row 3: Nikki Fetter, 
Courtney Phillips, Aileen Musser, 
Kellie Hoopes, Christina Blaha. Erin 
Hartmann, Susan Ryan; Row 4: 
Katie Derr, Cori A. Walter, Lauren 
DeFont, Michelle Jasper, Jackie Hill. 
Mansi Desai. 

Residence Life * 1 07 

/;'" ".,. 

Student (Directed m ±M 
Learning Communities jT H 

Elizabethtown College has many living centers, including the uniqueness ofS^LCs which are 
Student (Directed Learning Centers. These residents give to the community through service projects 
that increase awareness aff around Elizabethtown. 

Each house has a different focus on the community from increasing hunger awareness to 
helping with physical fitness, and even using music as a type of recreation for the community. 'Each 
house is unique and brings light and laughter to the residents of Eliza bethtown, from the youngest to 
the oldest. 

Junior Jen Eeiser, a resident of the (BL1)E S<DLC ((Building Leaders in Eliza bet htown) stated 
"the (BL1)E S^LC focuses on working with high school students and helping them develop skills for 
life. I thinf^that alt of the students involved in the S<DLC program worf^very hard in their programs 
and really enjoy what they do and how they can impact other people's lives. " 

fis stated above, the S ( DLC objective is to impact other people's lives for the betterment of the 
community. <By touching the lives of so many people, the S^LC families have lefi their imprints on 
the community and the people in the community forever. 

-Jessica <3atzer 

ACE Row 1 : Nathan 

Wentling, Matt 

Decembrino, Brett 

Koser, Bob Evans; 

Row 2: Patrick Brady, 

Troy Whitsel, Matt 

Frailey, Nick Myles. 

BLUE: Jen Feiser, Rebecca Ressler. Kristin Weaver, 
Christina Murlatt. 

Harmoney House Row 1: Lisa Mohr. Jen Gerhard] 
Row 2: Cathy Hall, Megan Zerbe. 

ION Residence Lite 

Helping Hands: Stephanie Skoniecki, Megan 
Hilperts, Kristin Booth, Jennifer Dotson. 

KIC: Rebecca Hasselhan, Rebecca Doyle, 
Megan Tyson, Lynn Peifer. 

LIGHT HOUSE Row 1: Elyse Shenkman, Mary 
Selleck; Row 2: Megan Leister, Katie Anderson. 

LOVE: Jessica Hoffman, Trais Petrocelli, 
Jen Zeller, Stefanie Hopkins. 

PHaT Row 1: Brad Wyse, Jason Gramling; 
Row 2: John English, Brian Marquette. 

Saturday's Special: Sarah Polite, Emlyn Farinola, 
Kaitlyn Viola, Jen Scheuck. 

TEAM: Andrea DuBois,Nicole Brocious, Joy 
Salvatore, Jen Billig. 

TIE Row 1: Adam Datsko, Chris Reed Tony Sadowski; Row 2 
Woody Adams, .Tared Williams, Mike Enslen, Jason Konopinski. 

Residence Life * 109 





V. Lester Schreiber Quadrangles, also know as the Quads opened in 1992 on 
'Elizabethtown College 's campus and provide neady independent housing for upper- 
classmen. The Quads house 128 men and women and these townhouses contain fully 
furnished living and dining areas. They also contain a courtyard and commons building 
for socializing and studying. 'Heather gillespie describes the Quads as, "like living off- 
campus, but having free laundry and no rent! It 's like a little community. " To the 
people that live there, the Qiiads are a taste of independence. There is no resident 
assistant and the students can organize the two-floored houses however they wish. 

Advantages to living in the Quads include the fact that one shares the bath- 
room with only their 3 other roommates unlike the dorms in which one could be sharing 
with 10-15 people. These townhouses also contain their own kitchen, so one is not 
dependent on cafeteria food. Tara 'Wolfe says that some disadvantages are that the 
Qiiads, "sometimes seem a bit isolated from the campus and walks get a little cold in the 
winter. " She also notes that this is just a small disadvantage and that she'd, "never go 
back^to living in the dorms again. " Jill in all, the Quads create a unique living experi- 
ence of independence on the 'Elizabethtown campus. 

-Noelle Via 


Al: Nikki Barber, Michelle Lauer, Elena 

A3 Row 1 : 

Cheryl Lauer, 
Victoria Olde; 
Row 2: 

Rachel Jordan, 
Jessica Berry. 

A2: Annalisa Ellis, Allison Ainley, Jaclyn Light. 
Jen Swauger. 

A4 Row 1: Molly Pavlik, Tiffany Danenhower; 

Row 2: Jennifer Craig. Stephani Swan 

10 Residence Lite 


AS Row 1: Sarah Bradley, Emily Hahn; 
Row 2: Emily Antonic, Lauren Thomson. 

A6 Row 1: Ron Taglairino, John Mahoney; 
Row 2: John Brackbill, Michael Hyde. 

J2: Elizabeth Spina, Ann Posegate, Becca Setzkorn, 
Leila Barkman. 

B3: Adam Gilson, Jamie Ahern, Frank Marciante, 
Kevin Cawley. 



mk Jm 


K an 

i gsSL 

« >0X 

^m ' *o*- ^^| 


1 *\ 



B5 Row 1: Briget Albin, Sasha Fureman; 
Row 2: Sandy Pugliese, Heather Gillespie. 

B6 Row 1: Mentha Benek, Leanne Markel; 
Row 2: Annette Gates, Jaclyn Casey. 

Residence Life * 1 1 1 

ir i 

CI: Casey Kehm, Julie Haines, Kimberly 
Hartney, Katie Barton. 

C3 Row 1 : Kim Stry, Deidra Crone; 
Row 2: Lindsey Hess, Kate Simmons. 

C2 Row 1: Kristen Wells, Melissa Allen; 
Row 2: Stephanie Varnold, Beth Nickle. 

C5: Michelle Johnson, Kate VanValkenburgh. 
Stephanie Snyder, Jessalyn Rigterink 

Dl: Lori DiPippa, Sahara Nembang, Jen 
lleisler, Danielle Klinger. 

D4 Row 1: Amy Shearer. Christina Yulo; 
Row 2: Megan Anderson. Tara Yanltten. 

112 * Residence Life 


D5: Elisabeth Kimmel, Tara Wolfe, Lauren 
Puskar, Heidi Leuthner. 

D6: Heather Gingrich, Barb Wirtz, Beth 
Purcell, Gretchen Strunk. 

El Row 1: Nikki Tarconish, Katie Sikorski; 
Row 2: Sarah D'Emilio, Becky Bowers. 

E5: Mindy Wells, Liz Hayden, Lauren Walker, 
Laura Wellman. 

E6 Row 1: Katie Moser, Kristy Hauer; Row 2: 
Kelly Darrah, Melanie Kofskie. 

E8: Jarrett Benson, Eric Mucha, Kevin Leary, 
Andy Rawding. 

Residence Life * 113 



'Where on campus do you five if you 're Cooking for a step up from the 
dorms, but you aren't quite ready for — or your Cottery number was too Cow to get 
into — the quads? The Vera Tf. Tfackjnan Apartment Compfe.\ is the fikefy 
choice. 'This three-story budding houses ninety-txvo uppercfassmen within its 
twenty-three apartments. 'Each apartment hofdsfour students and consists of a 
fuff kitchen, furnished diving and dining rooms, afuffbath, and two bedrooms. 
The 'Kackman Apartment Compfe.^opened in the 'Tad of 2000, making it the 
newest residence budding on campus. According to the residents, the new 
condition of their [king environment is one of the benefits of filing there. 
"'Everything is stiff cfean andfooks [ike new, "stated one junior. 'Residents afso 
enjoy the apartments because the filing room gives them a pface to "hang out. " 
"'You can work^afone in your room, and then join your friends in the filing room 
whenever you need a breaks " stated one senior resident. According to students, 
the onfy disadvantages of filing at the apartments is that the hike to cfass is a bit 
longer than it is from the other dorms, and that apartment residents stiff have to 
pay for their faundry. The general consensus is, however, that fife at the Apart- 
ments is exceptional, 

-'Erin 'Hitchcock^ 

Apt 101 Row 1: Ali Pursley, Sarah Martin; 
Row 2: April Rowzer, Jill Klingaman. 

Apt 103: Jen Feiser. Kristin Weaver. Beekie 
Ressler, Christie Murlatt. 

Apt 108: Chrissy Jones. Andrea Csordas. 
Lauren Crane. Lynann llagerman. 

Apt 202: Chris Weir. Kurtis Shank. And) /erkel. 
Rvan Stillman. 

4 Residence I .ile 

Apt 203: Brian Loftus, Robert Porambo. 

Apt 204 Row 1: Jen Zemba; Row 2: Kathy 
Stanton, Tara Budinetz, Shannon Murphy. 

Apt 205: William Schnaue, Don Klein, Robert 
Knappman, Taruan Matthews. 

Apt 207: Renee Sell, Robyn Sell, Kristin Raniere. 

Apt 301 Row 1: Erin O'Connor, Corrine Larsen, Apt 304: Brian Bender, Mike Young, Dustin Nikles. 
Jessie Katzbeck; Row 2: Laurie Cassel, Caroline Denk. 


ly^t- ■, 1 ' ■ "- 'j£L~ m i 



* '^^A 




Apt 306 : Stephanie Scinto, Claire Fooks, Ashley 
Britcher, Shelby Koons. 

Residence Life * 1 15 


Passing Zone 










"O 1- 

._ T3 *j 

5 C 

& *3 
Z 5 

a eg 

2 "5 

t« 3 

,1) o 

o 5 

£ g 

r- C3 
C & 




Ipfp * 


^^S 1 ■ 



c_T _■ Wftt if 

( ii ir^w ! 


^^r^^^^^^L. * * ^^^^B 

I [ s___fi& 

V^_^^^^^K^ fVI__! 1 

V- 1 

HE ^ 

^l. ■ 

K_ ^1 fell 

Ryan Valentine, a member of campus security. 

practices martial arts in the basement of 
Rover Hall. 


Professor Lou Schellenbcrg of the Art Department 
shows her enthusiam for art and design. 

1 16 ■■■ Faculty and Administration 

Dr. London, Communications Department, shows that 
professors get stressed during the semester too! 

Faculty and staff don't want to stop anyone from passing on by. Professors 
have certain office hours where they are available to talk about papers, projects, 
or presentations. Some professors even allow students to call their homes in the 
evenings. Whatever they can do to help. Students build bonds with their profes- 
sors and advisors. Advisors help students develop the schedule that is best for 

them. Professors and advisors are 
willing to talk about presonal 
problems that are important to the 

All groups have a faculty 
advisor who oversees the group. 
They don't run the meetings, and 
make the decisions, but just aide 
in the growing of the group. 

Different groups arrange field 
trips and excursions that all can 
enjoy. Work shops are put to- 
gether by the education depart- 
ment to help students when deal- 
ing with the community. The 
Learning Center and Counseling 
Center offer resume and paper 
revisions to make the best- even 
better! Job Fairs bring forth 
oppurtunities for students to make 
a successful transition from aca- 
demic life to the "real world." 

Students can find out about 
these events, and general campus 
news through a campus wide 
email distributed daily by College 
Relations. Any group can use this 
information distributor to get their 
news out to the students. 
—Katie Gerhart and Jackie Fell 

Dr. Hugh Evans, Business Department, holds a group 
meeting with some of his students. 

Faculty and Administration * 1 17 

■ ^H I 

administration and Offices 

Office of the (President 

(President Theodore Long, Sheryl Cyphert, Larry <3e^e(ja and (Dave (DentCer 

Office of the ^Provost 

(Rffwl: fMartfiaJZ.'Eppfeyjihftlizjbith I. ■Hider <Rpw 2: R,andy hostfe. 

Nancy Kaufftold, atuf&WOSl Kon \U lllhtcr 

1 18 * Faculty and Administration 

till 1 

I i- " ' 

Q^fce of College Life 

'Dean Lisa Xpogk and 
<Pat Hoffman 

Vice (President of 
Administration antCTreasurer 

%aren ZeigCer and John 


<Rgrw 1: <PauCa Orenstein, (Bert 

9dc<Brayer and 9/largie (Pape <Rpw 

2: Cfordon (Bateman, Jimy 

(Benowitz, Terri Hoffman, (Diane 

Long, Lesfie (Pierce, <De6 Murray, 

%ent (Barnds and tMar^C Capper 

Faculty and Administration 



(Business Office 

9di^e Coyne, (Diana Herren, 
(Brenda Landvater, (Diana 
Lynn Horn, Tana (Parrett, 

Nancy %auffman andCMaria 

flfumni Relations 

(Barry TreidCy, Jennie (Barnds 
and Christine Horting 

College Relations 

(RflndoCpd VaiC Ian 

ShowaCter, < Ed < Nova^ Cam 

O '(Donned and '(Brandi 


120 Faculty and Administration 

Continuing (Education and 
IHstance Learning 

(Bianca Jdemsch, (Deborah Sagar, 

John XpkgCus, (Dawn Spaar, 

(Barbara Randazzo 


<Rpw 1: Satfy Shaneor, (pameRa 

'Madonna and Carol Lindsey <Rgw 2: 

(Becky %enderdine andStacey (Panco 

<Rpw3: JeraCdL. garland, Joe 

Martetfaro, John %uhn, Mary 

QentzCer, Ross Weidmen and 

(partrickJ{aCC<Rffw 4: J MichaeC 

(pressimone and (Daniel JLehvig 

Absent' Lesley Tinney 


<Rpw 1: Satfy Lindsey, Sue 

SterCing and Elizabeth 

McCCoud <Rgw 2: %en (Brown 

andM. CfarkJPaine 

Faculty and Administration * 121 

*■' ' 



Marketing and (Pu6Gc Affairs 

(Doris MctBeth, Lois Heir 

(Registration and (Records 

Laureen Lee, <De6ra 

WeacHerter, Marcie <Bahn, 

(De66ie Ahhoff, gloria "Hess 

and Martha 'EppCey 

(Residence Life 

(Row 1: 'Kerry (Barker, <Dreu> 

Lesicko and Julie <blaszaf^ 

<Rpw 2: Bo6 Mifyis, Victoria 

< Kv(pn, Nancy Val^enSerg, 

Melissa MdBmyer amdjim 


122 : Faculty and Administration 

Student (Resources 

Academic Advising Stephanie (Rankin, (David Naphy andCaroCe Isaak^ 

Campus Security 
<Rgrw 1: Jeff'WiCCiams, Jacf^Longeneckgr, QCoria (Burke, ( Edmund ( Emery 

Faculty and Administration * 123 

Jm.-i^irf:is'''l- : 



<Rpwl: Judith <McMRster, 

Tracy WengerSadd, Micfieie 


Health Center 

<Rpw 1: Sandy Spayd and 

(Doris MCCer <Rpw2: Kflthy 

Zu6i^and ( EiCeen JfaCter 

Counseling Services 

<Rpw 1: Cindy (Ernhartfi, 

(BeverCy (PiscteCCi, <Brenda 

(Brandt, (Donna Cjerhart and 

Jindy Sagar 

124 * Faculty and Administration 

v. >y 


<Rffwl: Matt (Pitkin, Jitf 

(Petronio, (Denise Shaiebty 

<%pw2: John Marisic, 

CorneCius 'Keeren, <Rpn JieisCey, 

Scott 'Major, %aren ( EatHerton, 

%athy 'Tyler, %atky %eCCie 

Jfigh Library 

<Rpw 1: Sharon Patrick Louise 

Jfyder-<Darfington, and Carol 

WarfeC <Rsrw2: Naomi 

"Kershey, Syfvia Morra, Sandi 

OdiCsher and Peter (DePuydt 

<Rpw3: NeCson <Bard and 

Linda gentino Missing from 

photo: Joan Quinn 

V 1 

/ If V 


i ....-, 

MM W^^ 

Learning Center 

ShirCey <Deichert and 
(Diane (DeJLrment 

Faculty and Administration * 125 


(jenerat Services 

(Plant Operations Managment Team 
<RffW 1: Mike >ttier6ou>er, (Baron Wanner, Lynn Christine Zerpfoy, //. ffjdijBedifr, 

JudiA. Kittcr, Scott Xissfey and Star Sender 

126 Faculty and Administration 

i- «W 

(Plant Operations 

(Plant Operations 
Environmental Services 



r ft 

IH ft- H 


'8 | 

... ^ Nil 





*■ t ; ' 



'Purchasing and general Services 
(Row 1: <Bo6 (RjiSis, 'Ron CorCC, 

(Ric^Sweigart, gene (Booth (Row 

2: %athCene Wongert, CaroC 

Humphrey, Qeorgina Condran, 

Cheri (Boflendorf, Tiffany Wetts. 

Faculty and Administration * 127 


JLcademic (Departments 

<Rgiw 1: <3o6 Schtosser, Nancy Latimore, 'Yonnie 'Kauffman, Linda O'Cjrady 
c Rffw2: Skip (Rgdericki ChuckjMaloy, Chris StrauS, Mike Sweger 


<Rpw 1: jane ( 'acender. Helen Hartl'ett, Frank I'olanoa ski, Diane 'Bridge, Nancy SabuCsky 
<Rffw2: \1if{c Leonardo, Hob jfeckman. Tom Murray, AJ(>/; Lauahtin, Jim Onefy 

128 Faculty and Administration 


<Rpw 1: (Dr. 'Deborah % London, 

(Dr. Tamara £ QiCCis 

<Rpw2: (Dr. Randy CC%,<Yoder, 

(Dr. (Robert Moore, (Dr. ^WiCCiam 


<Rgw 1: C (PoweCCjldams, Jay 
(Buffenmeyer, (Eunice Cjinder, 
(Elaine Scott <Rpw 2:: Hugh 
Evans, Randy (TrostCe, Sean (p 

MeCvin, Joseph T. !MoCony, 
WiCCiam J (Burmeister, ^{ossein 


Computer Science 

<Rpw 1: (Barbara TufCey, Joseph 

'Wundertich <Rpw 2: Tom Leap, 

Tani ZCatarova 

Faculty and Administration * 129 

r ■ i . 


(Row 1: (Dr. CarrofC 

'Tymins^i, %im Ofnicf^ and 

Mary Napofi 

Qfrw 2: (Dr. Terry (Btue, 

Jingie %ohhveikr, <Dr. Juan 

'Tow, (Dr. (Elizabeth NeiveCC 

<Rpw 1: gaSrieCa Sanchis, 

Joseph 'Waf^er, Ernest 

(BCaisdeCC, (Bo6ette Thorsen, 

James 'Hughes, (RonaCd 

Shubert, <Bo6 Morse 

Occupational Therapy 

Gtgw 1: Marian CjiCtard 

and Virginia Might <Rgw 2: 

(De6orah 'WaCtermire, %aren 

(BentzeC (Donna (Berry, 

Nancy Catson, JacqueCmc 

Jones and Chris J%c hen 6ach 

I JO Facultj and Administration 


Qabe (Ricci, MichaeC 

SiC6erstein, Jtnthony 9Aatteo 

andjeffery <D. Long 

(Physics and Engineering 
<Rpw 1: Marf^Stuckey, 
Tom Satem and Joseph 

WunderCich <Rpw2: 'Kurt 

(DeQoede, (David Terruzza 
and [Wat Jiagar 

Political Science 

(Dr. JipriC'Woessner, (Dr. PauC 

gottfried, (Dr. Wayne SeCcher, 

(Dr. <F(etcher McCCeCCan 

Faculty and Administration * 131 

ir l . 


(Rpxv 1: Catherine LemCey, 

John Teske and<3etty (Rider 

<Kpw2: John (Ruscio, <DeC6ert 

(Effsworth and (Paul (Dennis 


Jiff Sunday (BartoR, (Peggy 

< Mc c Farfand, Vivian (Bergef, Sara 

Sanders andTom (Bowerso^ 

(Religious Studies 

Tracy WengerSadd, (Effen 

'Marshaff, (David 'Eder, Jeffery 

(D. Long and Christina (Bucher 

132 :: Faculty and Administration 

<Rpw 1: (Dr. Stone ancC<Dr. Mefvin ((Business), (Professor 

(Benowitz (History), (Dr. (Barnada (Modern Languages). 

%pw 2: (Dr. Wennberg (Communications), 

(Dr. Tetteh (Sociofogy) 

<Rpw 3: Mrs. Ofnick^( c Education), (professor ZCatarova 

(Computer Science), (Professor Hess (Eng[ish) 
<R&w4: (professor JAchenbach (Occupational Therapy), 

(Prof essor Smith (Music) 

<Rgw 5: (Dr. Qottfried ' (Poiicai 'Science), (Dr. Laughfin 

((Biotogy), Matt 'Weidman (Media Operations) 

To teach is to touch a 
[if e forever. . . 

Tfian^you to aCCofthe HRzabethtown 
CoCCegefacufty for your dedication to aff 
of your students and to your prof ession. 

Faculty and Administration * 133 

Merging with the Community 



-*— ' 

-4-t & 

« -a 

s. Tl 



w o> 


<L) -2 


■* E 


en >— 



co <U 


+* o 

g s 


jS c3 


co "O 


<D s_ 



C <L> 


O J3 

u *■• 


£J *o 


o u 


rvi c 

£ o 


2 -a 


w F 





On air news personality Sarah Donahue yets 
ready before the broadcasl begins. 

Mary Selleck and Katie Mosergel the Neuman 
Club table ready for prospective students to \ isit 

134 * Clubs and Organizations 

Joe Anzuena, feeling cramped on stage, lifted the audience 
"Higher and Higher" during the Phalanx TGIS concert. 

With over fifty available clubs and organizations, created for virtually every aca- 
demic domain and form of community service, it is no wonder that Elizabethtown Col- 
lege students truly bring the "Educate for Service" motto to life. 

Student Senate brings opportunities for governmental involvement, while planning skills 
may be put to use through affiliation with the Activities Planning Board. Community 

outreach unions, such as Habitat for 
Humanity and S.M.I.L.E., help to 
connect the campus and the sur- 
rounding society. Students with 
aesthetic interests may find expres- 
sive outlets in Phalanx or Melica, E- 
Motion, or the Art or Photography 
Club. Spiritual and social unity and 
fulfillment are fostered by the 
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, the 
Interfaith Dialogue Group, and the 
Fellowship for Christian Athletes. 
Individuals desiring in-depth aca- 
demic experiences may opt for mem- 
bership in specific departmental 
clubs, such as those offered in the 
fields of biology, English, account- 
ing, and education. Circle K Interna- 
tional, Students in Free Enterprise, 
and the International Association of 
Business Communicators allow for 
participation in divisions of nation- 
ally recognized organizations. 
Thanks to the countless possibilities 
for activism, the College is able to 
actualize the visions of service upon 
which it was founded, as we apply 
the skills and training acquired in the 
classroom in the world around us, 
striving to benefit the greater chain 
of which we are all vital links. 

— Erin Hitchcock 

Jill Klingaman, Diane LaMonica, and Beth Fortin cut projects 
with the Ed Club at Mill Road Elementary School. 

Clubs and Organizations * 135 

Accounting and Finance Club 

Row 1: Lenette Williams, Brian Bender, Mike Yang; 

Row 2: Michelle Frye, Georgean Knapp, Brandi Norris, Steph Snyder, Scott 

Marderness; Row 3: Dr. David Baglia, Michael Witmer, Matthew Berthinet, Sheldon 

Witmer, Bryan Brander, T.J. Andrisano. 

Activities Planning Board 

Row 1: Betsy Schmid, Caroline Denk, Amy Roy, Heidi Leuthner, Terry Greiner; 
Row 2: Jeremy Ebersole, Chris Kemmerer, John Bilich, Jessie Katzbeck, 

Laurie Cassell. 




136 * Clubs and Organizations 

1-J **> 

Vfe^r* ^W-W~ 

, nr, 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Row 1: Elizabeth Land, Sarah Nardone, Joy Salvatore; Row 2: Matthew Wirt, Jen 

McGlaughlin, Christopher Richman. 

Alpha Mu 

Row 1: Becky Riley, Jen Zeller, Crystal DeTemple, Amber Curry, Lyndsay Smith, 

Jessica Masterson, Kelly Hiser; Row 2: Maria Mackey, Joanna Kirby, Kathleen 

Nicosia, Nick Rowe, Sarah Wynkoop, Jami Smith;Row 3: Jonathan Schneider, Alissa 

Terry, Vicki Thomes, Megan Zerbe, Kimmie Borovicka, Lisa Mohr, Amanda Tryon, 

Jessica Hoffman, Matthew Philips, Kathy Stanton. 





Clubs and Organizations * 137 


•fc^ V 

L5 J s 

rrv . -»^ 




Amnesty International 

Row 1: Barbara Sohl, Swati Parikh, Kevin Row; 
Row 2: Beth Tatara, Anne Posegate, Rachel Gasperetti. 

Art Club 

Row 1: Erin Knerr, Jessie Katzbeck, Stephanie Anderson; 
Row 2: Laurie Cassel, Ryan Stroup, Chris Kemmerer. 



1 3<S * Clubs and Organizations 



ij' ' — 

□ . - 

Best Buddies 

Row 1: Stephanie Skoniecki, Kristin Booth, Jenn Dotson, Megan Hilperts; 

Row 2: Jacqui Straub, Lisa Rossi, Joanna Hyde, Ken Seeger; Row 3: Megan Hoko, 

Erin Harker, Brea McCauley, Laura Sardone, Kellie Hoopes. 

Biology Club 

Row 1: Joe Szulewski, Amit Prasad, Josh Mundorff, Marcus Hoffman, Stephen 

Burkholder; Row 2: Danielle Undekoffler, Susan Bender, Amie Shaffer, Kate Howell, 

Jacqueline Sabourin, Lindsay McCormick, Jess Fegley, Tom O'Brien; Row 3: 

Brendan Nolt, Chris Malozzi, Claire Fooks, Jessica Hopper, Missy Eaton, Tara 

Budinetz, Brianna Lantzy, Anne Gordon, Evan VanOrden. 





Clubs and Organizations * 139 


A k 

w^" ' ' IB— i 

( ; ft m 7 a\ 
11! u 

(01 £ 

Brethren and Mennonite Student Fellowship 

Row 1: Kella Barkman, Jen Mills, Amy Milligan; 
Row 2: Jeremy Ebersole, Tim Eller. 

Canterbury Club 

Row 1: Hilary Smits, Thais Petrocelli, Josh Reeder; 
Row 2: Amy Benowitz, Bryant Wong, Jean-Paul Benowitz. 



140 ;: Clubs and Organizations 

«I I 

G&Atcr ' 


J 4>«<* 






3 4>*c~ 


' 6*IU< 



Row 1: Jamie Mann, Kim Adams, Brandy Shires, Kim Harrison, Angie Castriota; 

Row 2: Jen Swauger, Leighann Tate, Crystal Nealis, Christine Buckley, Dana 

Maliniak, Kelly Fox; Row 3: Andrea Steele, Jill Gutekunst, Lindsay Warner, Alicia 

Moyer, Allison Hickman, Maeve Marks, Nikki Tarconish. 

Chemistry Club 

Row 1: Mike Santillo, Shaun Rinehimer, Crystal Matthews, Ashley Petrylak, 
Maegen Ackermann; Row 2: Matt Levengood, Doug Schaffer, Sharon Hatalla, 

Michael Haaf. 

-' . 





■ '£■**►«»** _m 



l iw 





■ sZV:'; 


Clubs and Organizations * 141 


Chess Club 

Row 1: Aalok Malankar, Jennifer Barndt; Row 2: Elizabeth Dillon, Benjamin Halsted, 

Timothy Eller, Louisa Walker. 

Circle K 

Row 1: Janet Spangler, Shana Linde, Carley Elmer, Eric Stark, Ben Osterhout; 

Row 2: Sarah Carter, Rebecca Reese, Michelle Frye, Kristy Hauer, Megan Naugle, 

Shelly Sandom; Row 3: Michelle Morris, Ashley Davenport, Bethany Shambach, 

Brittany Maul, Insiya Jiwanji, Leighann Mazoki, Dorish McBeth, 

Joe Brown. 

— -T^-- 



142 ; Clubs and Organizations 




Row 1: Melissa Woodruff, Kristy Hauer, Leigh Barton; 
Row 2: Deidra Crone, Holly Edwards, Kate Simmons, Tara Wolfe. 

Department Chair Advisory Committee 

Row 1 : Elizabeth Romaine, Mandi Hollenbaugh. 
Row 2: Julia Trufanova, Jennifer Schooley, Sarah Polite, Erin Hitchcock, 
Amanda Rose-Parks, Sarah Clive. Row 3: Lindsey Fowlston, Melissa Ander- 
son, Michael Enslen, Charissa Jelliff, Beth Legner, Chris Ashworth, Kevin 

Cawley, Frank Marciante. 


1 - •• 

■ H 


Clubs and Organizations * 143 







Delta Mu Delta 

Row 1: Stephanie Snyder, Lynn Peifer, Jody Karacz, Tiffany Maue, Kristin Lezinski, 

Michelle Fry; Row 2: John Urlich, Tamara Leech, Jennifer Zemba, Mike Chambers, 

Michael Wimter, James Kaurudar, Rodrigo Grijalva; Row 3: Dan Harris, Jed Kratzer, 

Bryan Brander, Matthew Berthinet, Jason Myers, Daniel Pirbudagou, Prof. David 

Baglia, Prof. C. Powell Adams. 

Disc Golf 

Row 1: Matt Lister, Ben Hoover, Elliot Thomas 




144 * Clubs and Organizations 

; f:-y 1 



ECTV 40 

Row 1: Tony Sadowski, Sarah Spiese, Ed Moorhouse, Miken Enslen 
Row 2: Melissa Johnson, Christina Wilson, Matt Burdette, Sarah Clive, Krystyn 


Education Club: Freshmen/Sophomores 

Row 1: Josh Reeder, Nate Moore, Matt Miller; Row 2: Christina Blaha, Tanya 

McCall, Catherine Schadler, Kari Underkoffler, Becky Sheaffer, Jessica Popp, Janell 

Shelby; Row 3: Kristen Delaney, Jennifer Rieger, Beth Yencho, Michelle Pepo, Kerri 

Caskey, Michelle Jasper, Barbara Sohl, Bethany Shambach, Bethany Weigel. 





Clubs and Organizations * 145 




u ffl as a 

W 'ii ia> 


■ - ' 


Education Club-Junior/Seniors 

Row 1: Chrissy Jones, Kristen Wells, Amanda Fisher, Krista Unger, Susan Tomchak, 

Beth Nickel, Melissa Allen, Michelle Gallagher; Row 2: Rebecca Hasselhan, Kristy 

Hauer, Jill Klingaman, Jen Heisler, Elyssa Hevner, Liz Kiernan, Stacy Hagaman, Sarah 

Martin, Crystal Chirdon; Row 3: Jen Schrack, Claire DeVere, Jessica Berry, Nikki Fetter, 

Erin Duffy, Catie Paxton, Amanda Myers, Gina Navarro, Rebecca Reese. 


Row 1 : Diana Toy, Amy Leigh Manfiletto, Jennifer Riefer, Elizabeth Battista, Jessica 

Engro, Terry Greiner, Kim Dinger; Row 2: Katie Derr, Lauren Ferrarelli, Rebekah 

Bailey, Nikki Barber, Becca Setzkorn, Heather Clark, Ashton Kanther, Liza Martinelli, 

Sada Price. 



I4(> Clubs and Organizations 

*■ **» 


i m 


Row 1: Becky Bowers, Carleen Pallante, Min Shepherd, Kristin Pazulski; Row 2: 

Liz Romaine, Danielle Klinger, Jackie Casey, Katie Anderson, Brandi Norris, 

Melissa Anderson, Mentha Benek; Row 3: Jamie Ahearn, Adam Gilson, Eric Stark, 

Marc Hershey, Kevin Bonner, Chris Price. 

FAPA Concert Band 





Clubs and Organizations * 147 






FAPA Concert Choir 

FA PA Jazz 

Row 1: Evan VanOrden, Bruce Cunning, Joe Eveland, Nathan Yaple, Thomas 

Feister, John Mahony; Row 2: Elie Schmidt, Kristina Lott, Nicholas Rowe, Kathy 

Hall, Vicki Thomes, Andrew Zirkel, Jen Schrack, Josh Hall, Ron Taglairino, 

Scott Murray. 







148 Clubs and Organizations 

f -, 


Clubs and Organizations * 149 

t* v 73* 


Hershey Foods Honors Program 

Row 1: Kathleen Nicosia, Josh Horner, Kristy Deller, Carly Miller, Amy Gundrum; Row 2: Katelyn Hamm, 
Casey King, Jeremy Ebersole, Lenette Williams, Tom O'Brien, Amy Lewis, Greg Rohde. Beth Shambach. 

Amy Milligan, Daphne Shutt; Row 3: Craig Wenger, Amy Mowrey, Derek Szynal, Heather House, Josh Hall. 

Kelly Brooke, Kim Fegley, Lori Wescott, Tama George, Patti Dougherty, Jessica DeRemigio, Katie Anderson, 

Scott Murray; Row 4: Paul Mazzei, Ben Osterhout, Steve Knecht, Michelle Wood, Dr. Conrad Kanagy, Jen 

Manns, Melissa St. Clair, Jamie Hudzik, Sarah Fellon, Tim Matlack. 

History Club 

Row 1: Michelle Noll, John Mahoney; 
Row 2: Jessica Vanderhoff, Jeffrey Ludwig, Amy Gundrm. 

150 * Clubs and Organizations 


Fmut I 



International Association of Business Communicators 

Row 1: Melissa Anderson, Christina Ebner, Nicole Bills, Katie Gerhart, Mandi 
Hollenbaugh; Row 2: Danielle Klinger, Heather Gillespie, Kelly Barnstead, Lindsay 

Fowlston, Dr. Tamara Gillis. 

Interfaith Dialogue 

Row 1: Letitia Jeavons, Prof. Jeffery D. Long, Bryant Wong. 


i lui 


Clubs and Organizations * 151 


v - 

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (Underclassmen) 

Row 1: Erik Eberz; Row 2: Stephanie Grossnickle, Kathryn Grace Heeter, Leanne 
Bean, Lindsay McCormick; Row 3: Kate Howell, Jessie Bomberger, Tama George, 

A.J. Cobian. 

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (Upperclassmen) 

Row 1: Nakisha Jackson, Jen Meyers, Rebecca Hasselhan, Ashley Petrylak, Krista 

Unger, Sara Groff; Row 2: Becky Wise, Jen Eisenberg, Christina Albanese, Bob 

Brookens, Jennifer Reeve, Ceridwen McGeary, Geoff Kurtz, Bozho Todorich. 


: * 

1 52 Clubs and Organizations 




N. *■ 



*> ; t. 



- \ : 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Row 1 : Stacy Hagaman, April Bannister, Elisabeth Kimmel, Beth Nickle, Jen Heisler; 

Row 2: Prof. Mary Napoli, Dr. Jill Bartoli, Kristy Hauer, Kristen Wells, Jessica Berry, 

Nikki Fetter, Nicole Hundley, Dina Jingoli, Heather Coyle; Row 3: Kelly Montgomery, 

Briana Deny, Tess Romiti, Jenn Dotson, Liz Kiernan, Nikki Tarconish, Lauren Crane, 

Chrissy Jones, Susan Tomchak, Jessica Calhoun, Kimberly Hartney. 

Marketing Club 

Row 1: Leighann Mazoki, Mindy Wells, Jen Crosier; Row 2: Denise Gannon, Erin 
Slabonik, Miranda Dagle, Mary Holman; Row 3: Marissa Drace, Heather McDonald, 
Kim Shellhamer, Melissa Moore, Tim Risser, Kristin Reinke, Bryant Wong. 



Clubs and Organizations * 153 

§ f 

' I 

Martial Arts Club 

Row 1: Jennifer Binter, Hilary Short, Shizuka Tanabe, Laura Reimer, Ceridwen 
McGeary, Louisa Walker; Row 2: Daphne Shutt, Brian Betteridge, Doug Wisner, 
Taruan Matthews, Will Schnaue, AJ Cobian, Amy Roy; Row 3: Jules Popchock, 
Aalok Malankar, Andy Kudeer, Aaron Jenkins, Matthew Simon, Ryan Valentine. 

National Broadcasting Society 

Row 1: Mike Enslen, Jeremy Ebersole, Tony Sadowski, Sarah Donahue; 

Row 2: Matt Weidman, Sarah Spiese, Sarah Clive, Melissa Johnson, Christina 

Wilson, Stacey Toy, Kellie German. 

154 * Clubs and Organizations 



V ~T 

M "* 





Neuman Club 

Row 1: Katie Moser, Judith McCallister, Mattthew Berthinet, Pam Harkins; Row 2: 
Mary Selleck, Fr. Dave Danneker, Katie Anderson, Chad Kardell, Allison Whalen, 

Katie Kuhner. 

Peer Mentors 

Row 1: Chris May, Dave Maio, Cory Moskowitz, Josalyn Perehinec, Shannon Gallagher, Brian Marquette, 

Janelle Shelly, Katie Howell, Emlyn Farinola; Row 2: Amanda Myers, Joy Salvatore, Andrea DuBois, 

Dave Nophy, Sarah Donahue, Lindsay Fowlston, Jenn Clifford; Row 3: Steph Snyder, Jason Konopinski, 

Liz Kimmel, Melissa Allen, Michelle Johnson, Sofia Galaz, Matt Wirt, Mark Bentz, Keri Walkowiak, Sarah 

Polite, Laura Schumacher; Row 4: Bozho Todorich, Ted Mucellin, Erin Moody, Sarah English, Lauren 

Puskar, Jose RioFrio; Row 5: Amanda Querry, Kathy Stanton, Maggie Farber, Sarah Krupka, Leanne 

Markel, Adam Brophy; Row 6: Tarah Balkovic, Jodie McComsey, Tim Hagen, Andrea Karns. 





Clubs and Organizations * 155 

~/t> M 




Row 1: Jeremy Lehn, Jordan Bicher, John Bilich, Jeff Swope, Matt DeLucca; 
Row 2: Adam Halpin, Kevin Shaw, Brian Leatherman, Adam Brophy; 
Row 3: Troy Trayer, Garth DeAngelis, Deric Wilson, Mark Muenzen. 

Pi Theta Epsilon 

Row 1: Jen Meyers, Steph Varnold, Sarah Bradley; 
Row 2: Melissa Ritter, Christine Seiler, Meena Gray. 






156 Clubs and Organizations 


Clubs and Organizations * 157 



Row 1: Sarah Carter, Michelle Lauer, Elena Gorlenkova, Jen Swauger, Nikki Barber, 

Cheryl Lauer, Ashlee Bergstrom; Row 2: Christopher Hoagland, Patrick Brady, Sue 

Trate, Allison Ainley, Kendra Eggert, Jen Goudie, Matt Fischer. 

Sock and Buskin 

Row 1 : Lindsey Wagner, Elyse Shenkman, Stacy Hagaman, Tabitha Burke, Candace 

LaRicci; Row 2: Mark Fleming, Chris Ashworth, Sarah D'Emilio, Jake Landis, Alaina 

Farrell, Kirsten Malkowski, Lindsey Morrison; Row 3: Karl Kern, Laura Reimer, 

Amanda Kun, Brian Geesaman, Andrea DuBois, Jessica Forte, Meredith Barnhart; 

Row 4: Judi Cavanaugh, Andy Kuder, Ben Delaney, Sarah Owens. 


I J 

I >n ( Hubs and ( )rganizations 

Ih *)■ iW 







%JK%- ; 

SOTA (Upperclassmen) 

Row 1: Christina Yulo, Melanie Kofskie, Liz Hayden, Sasha Fureman; Row 2: 

Tara VanEtten, Leanne Markel, Brianne Mayhue, Stephani Swan, Tiffany 

Dannenhower, Jennifer Craig, Keri Walkowiak; Row 3: Julie Haines, Erin Asay, 

Lauren Puskar; Row 4: Becca Setzkorn, Sarah Bradley, Melissa Ritter, Meena 

Gray, Cami Wade, Amy Riddle, Kate Howell, Sara English, Beckie Ressler. 

SOTA (Underclassmen) 

Row 1 : Sarah Stepp, Brea McCauley, Laura Sardone, Kristin Booth, Kim Fleager, 
Taralynn Lumi; Row 2: Rebekah Bailey, Rachel Halton, Christina DiLiello, Lauren 
Bird, Erin Biddle, Rebecca Bowling, Jen Schneck, Katie Lake; Row 3: Julie Miller, 

Angie Stramara, Stephanie Stock. 

if J I 

1 - ■ ■ 


y < 


»k M 


<m m 

Clubs and Organizations * 159 



Society of Collegiate Journalists 

Row 1: Jenn Croiser, Melissa Anderson, Elizabeth Romaine, Trish Edelman, Min 

Sheppherd, Corey Grissinger, Danielle Klinger, Mandi Hollenbaugh; Row 2: Adam 

Gilson, Kevin Cawley, Chris Klaiber, Lindsay Fowlston, Jamie Ahearn, Katie 

Sikorski, Melissa Woodruff, Mike Enslen. 

Student Alumni Association 

Row 1: Corey Grissinger, Melissa Eaton, John Treese, Jennie Barnds; Row 2: Melissa 

Allen, Susan Tomchak, Kara Wydra, Tonya Bintrim, Janet Spangler, Stefanie Stock, 

Aaron Jenkins; Row 3: Sue Trate, Steph Varnold, Danielle Klinger. 




e ,i 


r *fT*' . 


160 * Clubs and Organizations 

- - 


:— | 


■ If* 






IBB' KmS* 

Student Senate 

Row 1: Jed Williams, Crystal Nealis, Jason Konopinski, John Bilich, Jackie Shoustal, Pauline Berg, Tarah 

Balkovic, Sadie Bair, Tiffany Maue; Row 2: Kristen Tyson, Leah Margulies, Leanne Markel, Mike 

Gifford Jr., Adrienne Kennedy, Rebecca Woll, Kristen Bonini, Jason Supeck, Michelle Johnson, Amy 

Dessoye; Row 3: Amy Collins, Kristin Pazulski, Heather House, Kaitlyn Viola, Crystal Chirdon, Maria 

Plakoudas, Jess Bailey, Heather Edwards; Row 4: Mentha Benek, Steve Knecht, Matt Strulson, Behzad 

Varamini, Matt Aiesi, Mark Bentz, Crystal Dalangin, Mark Boyer, Nicole Semet. 


Row 1: Laura Schumacher, Jessica Prud'homme, Jodie McComsey, Taylor Gauvin, 

Erin Auth; Row 2: Alicia McDowell, Patt Wand, Julie Kochansz, Sarah Miller, Liz 

Novak; Row 3: Angela Jackson, Heather Stellmach, Susie Lynch, Amy Shearer, 

Karissa Hinchey, Shea Newman. 


1 ■■ ■ • 

»»' \' 

finibcrianrf - L 


Clubs and Organizations * 161 

A V 


SWSA Advocates for (Peace 

162 Clubs and Organizations 


r- •-.. 






iT— "' I I V'"**' If I ^'"* / 

Soc^and (Buskin 

v#^v SSf'i-, 




Marketing Ctub 



CoCors VnitecC 










S* C-W" 







H £''1/ ^^ 


,<: ^1 

1 *T^ 

■ ■' 

^ ' 

, • i L 

'-"^ ' 



Clubs and Organizations * 163 

Road Trios 



W <L> 

O T= 



r- <L> 

■H ^ 

3 J5 


^ £ 



a-* is 


-o <u 


T3 >> 


3 co 


— *a 




3. T 

~ u 


1) r- 


tfl c 


to rt 


O 5JJ 




C3 g 




<L) £; 


fi CD 


CD ** 



■ mn 

*»!*' "*** 




Cherrissa McCoy drives past her Susquehanna 
defender during a home game. 

. !T * # 






- ■ 

ft@ * 

ill VI* 

.V- 5 < 





.BLUE m 


As relay team members head to the wall, the next 
leg takes oil" from the starting block. 

IM Spurts 

Taking the road less traveled usually leads to success. Right? Over the past nine months our sports teams 
have driven thousands of miles on the open road; some seasons ended in success while some just ended. The 
season started off slow for tennis, with the teams' first 6-0 defeat to Villa Julie, which lead to other victories. 
Women's Soccer had a 15-5 season and the honor of the first ever Academic All-American Award given to Nicole 
Hundley. The Men's Soccer team had plenty of bragging rights with two star players Brad Confer and Charlie 
Haines named to the NCSSAA Mid Atlantic Regional Team in the Fall. Field Hockey proved a tough try against 
the Etown women, going into double overtime with Messiah in the Championship game, but ended with a loss of 

2- 1 to Messiah; the Etown Volleyball team had 
its best record in five years and Casey Moore 
proved an asset to the Swim team setting a new 
200 yard IM record, breaking Ursinus' pool 
record, and finally three gold medals at the 
MAC championships. The road less traveled 
took the Cross Country team to 14 th ranked 
finish in NCAA Division III Championships, 

Track and field team members stretch before 
one of their practices. 

Senior Kristin Lezinski shows perfect stance at the 
homeplate as she awaits her pitch. 

The past nine months have been a time 
of firsts especially for the Etown Men crowning 
their first season with a 5-9 record; the Women's 
Lacrosse team named Liz Fretz as Etown 's first 
MAC all-star Player. The Men's Baseball Team 
did not fare so well losing a spot in the Champi- 
onships to long-time rival Messiah, but had an 
excellent season with two of the team members, 
Chris Turtell and Steve Luongo, breaking 
records in hitting and doubles. The Etown Men 
took to the green for a swing at golf finishing 
fifth place in the MAC Championships. The 
Spring Semester marked the "Season of Blue" 
for Etown Men's Basketball, with their 2 nd place 
title in the Division III, reaching the team's first 
ever Final Four, finally falling to Otterbein in 
the semifinal playoff. 

Athletics do not end there — after spend- 
ing hundreds, even thousands of miles together on 
the road a group of individuals become a team and 
so much more — they are friends and confidants 
that can offer good advice or a good laugh while 
on the road to success. This is the real success, 
to come out of a season of games and strategies 
with a group of life-long friends, for instance 
the Basketball team had the bond of friendship 
and the drive to make it to the battle and come 
away triumphant. It is impossible to up the sum 
up an entire year of sports activities in one 
yearbook, but these pictures can capture the 
memories and records that the men and women 
of Etown have made for years to come. 

— Brian VanScoy and Deidra Crone 

Sports * 165 


Solid and Steady. If asked to describe the 2001 version of the Blue Jay men's cross 
country team in two words or less, solid and steady would do it. Though expectations 
were high for a team that graduated just one senior, the Jays did not disappoint. One of the 
early-season highlights for the team was undoubtedly the Battle for the Buggy race, where 
juniors Dave Berdan, Dustin Scott and Mike Zwatty swept the second through fourth place 
spots, helping the Blue Jays finish first at the meet, ahead of Division II nationally-ranked 
Millersville. Head Coach Chris Straub's 'Will Power' run near the mid-point of the sea- 
son, while grueling in itself, also served to prepare the squad for a strong finish to the 
season. And a strong finish is exactly what the Blue Jays had, winning their third consecu- 
tive MAC championship. In the championship meet, Scott and Berdan finished 1-2, while 
the Jays placed five runners in the top 10 overall. Next up for the team was the Mideast 
Regionals, where the team again turned in a stellar performance, finishing in second place 
overall, and in the process clinching themselves a berth in the NCAA championship meet 
for the second time in three years. The team finished 14 th in that race, a great achievement 
in its own. Add the MAC runner of the year title to Berdan s resume, All-American honon 
to Scott's, and MAC Coach of the Year to Straub's and there is much to be proud of for the 
cross country team in 2001. Many of Elizabethtown's key components will return next 
season, which should make for another Championship Autumn for the harriers. 

The Blue Jay women's cross country squad came into 2001 with slightly less lofty 
expectations than their male teammates. Returning only one veteran from last year's team, 
but adding many quality recruits made season predictions difficult to come by. In the 
early-going, the team showed all that they were ready to surprise any doubters. In the 
Lebanon Valley Invitational, the team finished in sixth place out of 17 teams, an 1 1 -posi- 
tion improvement over last year's performance. With a young team, in sports the key wort 
is improvement, which is something the Jays set and met as a goal throughout the season. 
The team placed emphasis on the annual Paul Short Invitational, the grand gala of college 
cross country, and finished in a solid 10 th place out of 19 teams at the event. Junior 
Maggie Martin led the way, finishing in 1 1 1 th place out of 340 runners overall. The Blue 
Jays improvement-laden season reached a crescendo with their 6 lh place out of 12 teams at 
the MAC championships, earning themselves a spot at Regionals two weeks later. The 
team surprised again at the meet, finishing 14 lh out of 34 teams, matching their highest 
finish as a team since 1995. The future looks bright for the women's cross country team as 
well, as they too will have all of their key cogs returning next season. 

—Eric Stark 

166 * Sports 


First Row: Jose Miranda, 
Dave Berdan, Dustin Scott, 
Matt Miller, Matt 
Rockwell, And Steve 
Sanko. Second Row: 
Coach Mike Dager, Sean 
Graves, Keith Greenwalt, 
Sean Mulcany, Mike 
Zwatty, Josh Lyman, Chris 
Williams, Nate Moore, 
Kevin Rose and Coach 
Chris Straub. 

First Row: Jill Brobst and 
Maggie Martin. Second 
Row: Heather Wolf, 
Brianon Shade, Ashley 
Klees, and Betsy Burroughs. 
Third Row: Melissa St. 
Clair, Carol Powell, Jess 
Popp, Kristin Landers. 
Fourth Row: Kelly Harris. 

One of the advantages 
to running cross 
country is being able 
to experience the great 
outdoors and beautiful 

Sports * 167 




The past few years have been roller coaster rides for the women's field hockey 
team here at Etown. The squad's record fluctuated from 8-11 in 1999 to its best 
record yet of 15-5 in 2000. 2001 would be a season of rebuilding as Stacy Rucci 
was named the new head coach, replacing legendary leader Yvonne Kauffman. 
Rucci had tough shoes to fill, and she wasted no time stepping up to the challenge as 
the team started off with a 3-1 standing. The next 13 games cast the ladies into a 
battle to stay above the .500 mark, but throughout this trying period, they never lost 
site of their goal of making it back to the Commonwealth Conference championship 

To achieve this aspiration, the crew had to surpass Lebanon Valley, a team that 
had remained unbeaten by the E-town gals since 1991, and whose national rank prior 
to the contest fell in the lofty 16 th slot. Armed with fierce determination, the Lady 
Jays started off on the right track as Brandy Esbenshade scored the lone goal of the 
first half, boosting the squad's confidence for the remaining minutes of play. Lauren 
Potosky's offensive contribution chalked up another point, strengthening the pros- 
pect of victory, and goalie Kate VanValkenburgh's seven saves cemented the 2-0 

The girls wrapped up their 2001 season with an 11-9 overall record and the 
distinction of Commonwealth Conference runners-up, a title that was achieved 
through a 2- 1 double overtime loss to host and Etown rival Messiah in the confer- 
ence championship game. This marks the second consecutive season that Etown has 
advanced through the playoffs to the final round; not since 1989 have the Blue Jays 
reached this destination in back-to-back fashion. 

Despite the hard-fought loss to Messiah that brought the season to a com- 
mendable close, four Blue Jays were named Commonwealth Conference Field 
Hockey All-Stars. Seniors Beth Purcell and Kate VanValkenburgh earned first team 
honors, and sophomore Kate Gwilliam and freshman Kelly Miller secured positions 
on the second team. 

Graduating seniors Purcell and VanValkenburgh will be sorely missed, as will 
Coach Rucci, whose first year at Elizabethtown ended with the decision to step 
down from her post. The cupboard is far from bare, however, and the Blue Jays 
should be return with a vengeance to contend for that elusive MAC championship in 

—Mark Clcmson and Melissa Johnson 


I6X Sports 


First Row: Katie Nebiker, Beth Purcell (Captain), Kate VanValkenburgh 

(Captain) and Laura Williams. 

Second Row: Ashley Owen, Jessica Cousins, Christina DiLello, Brandy 

Shires, Jama Weigher, Jennie Walker, Erin Duffy, Traci Brenner and Lisa 


Third Row: Kristin Warker, Megan Hoko, Kelly Miller, Denise Gannon, 

Brandy Esbenshade, Kate Gwilliam, Lauren Potosky, and Lisa Marquette. 

Forth Row: Jamie Tressler (Assistant Coach), Amanda Leimbach, Pam Pike, 

Sam Steven, Emily Shaak, Minday Nace, Heather Morgan, Kim Fleager, and 

Stacy Rucci (Head Coach). 

Senior Captain Beth Purcell battles for the ball against a Wilkes opponent. 

Sports* 169 


Bji Ei ^B s B ( B 1 B 

There are two schools of thought that one can dwell on with regard to recapping the 
2001 season for the Blue Jay men's soccer team. One: For the third straight season, the 
Jays had their NCAA tournament hopes dashed by seemingly permanent nemesis Messiah in! 
the MAC championship game. Two: After a shaky start, a young Blue Jay team pulled 
itself together, and a trip to the MAC championship game was an accomplishment of which 
the team should be proud. School Two is where this writer has chosen to put his emphasis. 
After an 0-3 start, the team finally dented the win column with a 3-0 shut-out victory over 
Skidmore in the Blue Jay Classic. Wins over Widener and nationally-ranked Greensboro 
evened the teams record at 3-3, preparing them to turn the corner on the season. After an 
early season slip-up against Drew, another nationally-ranked foe, the team's next loss did 
not come until exactly four weeks later. In between, the Jays reeled off a four-game win 
streak and a triple victory string, sandwiched around a tie. The difference between the early 
season version of the Jays and the team that stacked up seven wins in eight games was the 
ability to put the ball in the net. Early in the season, the Jays consistently outshot their 
opponents, but often had difficulty getting on the scoreboard. But by midseason, after wins 
over PSU-Behrend and Juniata, the team was both outshooting its opponents and outscoring 
them, not to mention the fact that the win over Juniata put the Jays over the .500 mark, a 
position in which they had ended each of the last 49 seasons. After wins over Lebanon 
Valley and Albright, the team raised its overall record to 7-4 to go along with its 4-0 MAC 
Commonwealth mark, and that familiar nemesis was again on the minds of many, as Mes- 
siah had the only other spotless Commonwealth slate. A 2-0 victory over Moravian assured 
the Jays of their 50 th consecutive winning season, an amazing feat in any sport at any level. 
The victory also meant that the Jays were unbeaten at 6-0 through their first six conference 
games, and with only two non-conference regular season games left, Messiah and Etown 
were set to duke it out in the Marshmallow Game, with the regular season conference cham- 
pionship on the line. The Jays struck first in the game, but the experience and swagger that 
go along with a defending national champion were too much for Elizabethtown, as Messiah 
pulled away from Ira Herr Field with a 2-1 win. Next up was Moravian, in the conference 
playoffs, of whom the Jays disposed with a 2-0 victory, setting up the aforementioned three- 
peat MAC championship clash between the Jays and the Falcons. In that game, the Falcons 
again ended the Jays' season, this time by a 1-0 count, despite the superb play of Etown 's 
freshman goalie Edwin Tichenor. When it was all said and done, the nemesis had again 
taught the student a thing or two about winning a MAC championship. However, the stu- 
dent had also taught itself a thing or two about winning throughout the course of the season. 
And with only four graduating seniors from this edition of the Blue Jays, there is a good 
chance that the nemesis will have its hands full to overflowing next season. 

Eric Stark 

170 ; Sports 

• ■ 

H^,'" A"'Wh nft«''*l * -I 

Row 1: Bryan Noll, Dan Harris, J.T. Liss, Charlie Haines, T.J. Andrisano, 
Adam Dively, Dave Monsour, Matt Zimmerman, James DiPino, Brady Barnes. 
Row 2: John Aronowicz, Philip Brynildsen, Ryan Wattenschadt, Alex 
Marshall, Steve Custer, Dominic Marano, Drew Leisenring, Drew Wiley, Brian 
Albrecht, Kevin Weiler, Andrew Watto, Brad Confer. Row 3: Tim Filewilz, 
Antonie Knigge, Chris Boushell, Mike Ciattei, Edwin Tichenor, Brad Kleinert, 
Kyle Cooper, David O'Herlihy, Casey Moore, Dan Latham. 

Blue Jay Senior T.J. Andrisano protects the ball from his opponent to 
maintain control of the possession. 





Delaware Valley 







Sports * 171 


E 'E3' 13 B Bl ( B 1 B 

It all turned out well in the end, but it was certainly a crazy road getting there. The 2001 
Elizabethtown College women's soccer team had a season full of surprises, but success had the final 
word. Ending with an NCAA Division III Mid Atlantic Region tournament showing, naming three 
players to the All-Region team, four players to the All-Conference team, and capturing an All-Ameri- 
can title for senior Dina Jingoli, the Blue Jays couldn't have asked for much more. 

Entering the season, the Blue Jays, led by senior captains Jingoli, Nicole Hundley, and Rachel 
Chieppa, looked strong. Although the squad was young, it would soon prove that youth does not 
mean lack of talent. 

The Jays started off their season with the annual Blue Jay Classic held on their home turf. 
They came off the weekend with a 1-1 showing after defeating Georgian Court, 4-0, while taking a 2- 
loss from 2000 Division III NCAA champions The College of New Jersey. In mid-October the Jays 
traveled to North Carolina to compete in the North Carolina Wesleyan Tournament. The Jays headed 
into that weekend expecting tough competition and success — and they got both. Returning home 
with two wins under their belt, the Jays were ready to take on the rest of their season. 

The Jays finished off their regular action with records of 14-3 overall and 6-1 in the confer- 
ence, highlighted by victories against such mighty competition as Gettysburg and Franklin and 
Marshall. With a noteworthy conference standing, the lady strikers were determined to gain the 
conference title and secure a spot in the NCAA tournament. 

This fierce determination did not guarantee protection against the unexpected. The first sur- 
prise came in the form of a loss to Lebanon Valley in the Commonwealth Conference semi-finals. 
Suddenly the successful season filled with so much talent, hard work, and determination was put to a 
halt. But the best surprise was yet to come. 

About a week after the loss, E-town head coach Barry Dohner received a phone call alerting 
him that the Jays were given the at-large bid into the NCAA tournament, offering the crew a renewed 
chance for victory. The Jays went on to defeat Notre Dame College 7-0, and finally retired the balls 
for another year with a loss to Muhlenberg. These final rounds of play provided the team with clo- 
sure, and allowed Dina Jingoli to add her names to the Elizabethown record books. Jingoli finished as 
top scorer, with three goals and 15 assists, breaking the previous single-season assist record of 13, and 
elevating her career total to 37, an Etown record. 

After such stellar displays, it is not a surprise that several Blue Jays were given individual 
awards. Senior Hundley and sophomore Megan Halladay were named to the MAC All-Conference 
first team and the Regional third team, while freshman Courtney Phillips received second team hon- 
ors for the conference. Jingoli added a few more notches to a belt full of distinctions with positions on 
the MAC All-Conference first team, the Regional first team, and the Ail-American second team, the 
first Lady Jay in soccer history to do so. 

Big things can be anticipated for the future of the Elizabethtown women's soccer team, 
who will be led into the 2002 season by senior captains Eileen Fretz and Taylor Gam in and junior 
leaders Halladay and Katierose Reiggcr. After these four veterans were given a taste of the NCAA 
tournament, they will surely settle for nothing short of another spot in the tournament next season — a 
goal that is clearly within reach. 

Erin Hitchcock and Andrea Karns 

172 * Spoils 

First Row: Robin Felix, Shannon Don, Katie Rose Rigger, Rebecca Wise, 
Kierstin Rowe, Melissa Enright, Courtney Phillips, Aileen Musser, 
Rebecca Young, Nicole Hundley, Dina Jingoli, and Kelly Drumel. 
Second row: Coach Henrik Madsen, Jaclyn Shoustal, Jessie Cromley, 
Tara Budinetz, Rachel Chieppa, Amy Fredrick, Taylor Gauvin, Megan 
alladay, Eileen Fretz, Jennifer Russell, Jenny Hosie, Brienne Spangler, 
Amy Weid, and Coach Barry Dohner. 

Georgian Court 


College of New Jersey 


Franklin & Marshall 







North Carolina Wesleyan 


Christopher Newport 






Lebanon Valley 












Lebanon Valley 


Notre Dame 




Junior Jen Hosie stays a step ahead of the competition. 

Sports * 173 

E5<>[Sji Els 

The Blue Jays of the court are a force to be reckoned with. The women's tennis 
team has made impressive strides since the 1998 season, and it looks as though they will 
continue to do so. The girls ended this year with a 6-4 overall record, a vast improvement 
from their 1-11 showing two years ago. 

The Blue Jays started off their season with a bang, bringing home an unexpected 5-4 
win against Scranton, the first victory over the Royals in many years, and one of the fall's 
major highlights for the Etown racqueteers. The winning continued with a roaring 9-0 
tromp of Lebanon Valley in the home opener, which saw outstanding performances from 
singles players Melanie Parenteau and Lisa Abel. 

Next the Jays traveled as the underdogs to Moravian, where they experienced an 
upsetting loss to the Greyhound powerhouse; this was followed by an 8-1 defeat at the 
hands of Susquehanna, with Parenteau stealing the only win. 

The Blue Jays again took the show on the road, this time to Albright. Lisa Abel shut 
out her opponent, 6-0, 6-0, and helped the Jays capture a 6-3 win, boosting their record to 
3-2 overall and 2-2 in the MAC Commonwealth League. 

It was then time for a battle of the birds as the Blue Jays battled the Juniata Eagles 
and seized another 6-3 home victory, capped by the first doubles win since their home 
opener. The freshman-senior duo of Parenteau and Melissa Muller stomped their oppo- 
nents, 8-5. In singles play, captain Sasha Fureman and Parenteau shut out their opponents, 
6-0, 6-0. 

Battle of the birds, round two, took the Jays to Messiah to combat the Falcons. 
However, this time the Jays would not be triumphant, as Messiah plucked the Blue Jays, 9- 
0, a terrible upset against the long-time rivals. 

Undiscouraged by the defeat, the Jays bounced back with a 7-2 win against DeSalle. 
In doubles matches, Erin Thompson and Loni Heckler pulled out a close 8-8 (9-7) victory 
against their opponents. 

The winning streak continued with an outstanding team effort in an 8-1 victory over 
Widener. The regular season came to a close with a 3-6 loss against Lycoming, leaving the 
Blue Jays with an overall standing of 6-4 and a 4-3 tally in the MAC Conference League. 

With the regular season behind them, the Blue Jays moved on to the first round of 
the MAC individual championships, where singles players Sasha Fureman and Erin Th- 
ompson fell short in their match-ups. In doubles competition, the partnerships of 
Parenteau/Mueller and Ashley McDonald/Lisa Abel experienced similar defeat. 

A team dominated by freshman carries much promise for the future. At the current 
rate of improvement, the courts are poised for a bright 2002 for the Jays. 

-Amv Dessove 

174* Sports 

Front Row: Melanie Pareneau, Melissa Muller, Lori Heckler, Erin 
Thompson, Lisa Abel, and Vicki Olde. Second Row: Coach Lauren 
Zink, Sasha Fueman, Lee Ann Williams, Ashley McDonld, Katie Derr, 
Courtney Knauss, Kerri Caskey, and Melissa Altermose. 


Team spirit and friendship make the hard work all worth while 



Lebanon Valley 










MAC Individual 

Sports * 175 

B <Hi By B \Hi 

The 2001 Women's Volleyball team encountered several new experiences and 
challenges. They found a new coach in Kristin Morrison, and competed under re- 
vised NCAA rules for play. Despite the team's youth and inexperience, the Blue Jays 
battled hard throughout the season. Kelly Montgomery and Sarah Klunk, the lone 
pair of seniors, provided leadership to a squad on which underclassmen constituted 
the majority. 

Although the team opened with four losses in the first six matches, the Blue 
Jays stressed improvement throughout the season. The Jays started their resurgence 
with a 3-0 domination over rival Messiah, which moved their overall record to 3-5. 
After a 3-1 loss on the road to a tough Susquehanna team, the Jays returned to Th- 
ompson Gym to host the annual Blue Jay Classic. The Classic kicked off in grand 
style for Etown, as they defeated Neumann and Kean on their way to advancing to 
the Classic's championship, where they fell, 3-1, in a hard-fought affair with 
Scranton. Upon completion of the Classic, the Jays' record stood at 5-7 overall and 
1 - 1 in the MAC. But with wins in five of the next six contests, the team worked its 
way back into playoff contention, and in the process had their best season starter. 10- 
8, since 1996. However, a grueling stretch of nine matches in 1 1 days dashed the 
Jays' playoff aspirations, as they proceeded to lose five of their next six, including 
two of three in conference play. After a 3-0 shutout victory over Albright to close 
out the MAC season, the team hosted its second tournament, the Halloween Classic. 

Prior to this year's action, the team had set a goal of reaching the .500 mark; 
an 11-12 record entering the tournament put them in need of three wins in four 
games to reach this milestone. The Jays split their first two matches, falling to 
Franklin and Marshall and besting Buffalo State, leaving them at 12-13 with two 
games left to play. Although they came up short against Allegheny in an extremely 
close four-game match, the Jays mounted a strong finish with a 3-1 win over 
Haverford for an overall mark of 13-14 and a 3-4 conference standing. Although 
.500 remained elusive, the team brought home the program's best record since 1996 
a praise-worthy accomplishment for a squad of such inexperience. The youth that 
characterized 2001 should translate into increased skill, endurance, determination, 
and victories in 2002. -Eric Stark and Julia Trufanova 

176 * Sports 

Front Row: Emily Morris, Cassandra Miller, Jamie Hudzik, Beth 
Dodson, and Teresa Romiti. Back Row: Coach Randall Kreider, Ashley 
Wade, Kelly Montgomery, Erin Malone, Sarah Kluck, Dawn Johns, and 
Coach Kristin Mossison. 

The Lady Jays gather with their coach for last minute instructions and 
motivation before the start of the match. 



Richard Stockton 




Frostburg State 


Franklin & Marshall 




Western Maryland 











Delaware Valley 








Lebanon Valley 


Goldey Beacom 






Franklin & Marshall 


Suny-Buffalo State 


Sports* 177 


ffiji Ej gi Hs[gi Hi>0i E| 

Even though expectations for the 2001-02 Blue Jay mens basketball team were high, no one realistically 
believed before the season that they would come just one win short of the program s first ever national champion 
ship. No one except the players themselves, that is. That undying belief, along with the players' unity and chem- 
istry, were the key factors in the Blue Jays' eventual march to Salem, Virginia and the national title tilt. Despite 
falling in that game 102-83 to Otterbein, the Jays had plenty of fun along the way, dismantling teams right and lefl 
on their way to setting a single season record for most wins for the second year in a row. 

The Jays' season got off with a bang as they won their own Blue Jay Classic by thrashing Arcadia and 
Delaware Valley. Up next for the team was a visit to cross-county rival Franklin and Marshall, where they suf- 
fered their first of only three losses all year, 83-80. The Blue Jays regrouped in a big way though. Inspired by 
their somewhat lackluster performance against the Diplomats, the Jays rattled off wins in each of their next 16 
games, eclipsing another old school record. The streak included impressive road wins over Widener (95-83), 
Gettysburg (96-57) and Kings (85-65), as well as an important home victory over Lebanon Valley (83-67). The 
return of former Blue Jay Casey Stitzel and his new Widener Pioneer teammates brought a large and raucous 
crowd of 1200 to Thompson Gym in late January. An inspired Stitzel scored 17, while teammate Mike Siuchta 
made crucial shots down the stretch as the Pioneers handed the Jays just their second loss of the season, while at 
the same time knotting the Conference leader board as both teams stood at 10-1 in the Commonwealth. The Jays 
responded again to this setback though, winning their last five regular season games and entering the Common- 
wealth playoffs on a roll. First up was Susquehanna, a team the Jays had beaten earlier in the season by 28 and 2^ 
points. Round three was a different story though, as the Jays needed a late three-pointer by senior point guard 
Rocky Parise to close out an 80-77 victory. The Conference championship game was a rematch of a year ago. 
when Widener ended the Jays NCAA tournament hopes with a close home win. This time, though, the Blue Jay 
were determined to lock up an NCAA berth and beat the Pioneers in the season's rubber match 85-73, while in thq 
process registering their first conference championship since 1979. 

The Jays received a bye in the first round of the NCAA tournament, then hosted Alvernia in the second 
round. The Jays trailed in this one for nearly 30 minutes, but rallied to eventually win going away, 95-84 in front 
of 2300 strong. The team then traveled south to Washington, D.C. for the sectional round, where they would face i 
resurgent Cabrini in the Sweet Sixteen. Senior Bob Porambo's clutch three-pointer with four seconds remaining 
was the difference this time as the Jays held on for a wild 87-85 win. At stake in the next game was the program* 
first ever trip to the Final Four. Clark University was the roadblock. The Jays led by 19 points in the opening half 
only to see Clark rally and eventually cut the lead to one 91-90. Parise stepped up again, making a layup and a 
free throw in the final minute to seal a 94-90 win and a trip to Salem. In the national semifinal, the story was 
similar to the previous week against Clark. The Jays opened up a double digit first half lead only to see Rochester! 
rally and send the game into overtime on Seth Haubens field goal with less than a second remaining in regulation.! 
Porambo again was a hero in overtime, hitting an improbable three-point shot and drawing a foul. The four-point | 
play gave the Jays a one-point lead and the momentum they needed to hold off the Yellow Jackets 93-83 and 
advance to the national championship game. In that game, the Jays again held a double digit lead in both hah es, 
only to see Otterbein storm back on the strength of the inside play of Jeff Gibbs and the sharp-shooting of Ke\ in 
Shay and Tony Borghese. The team could not recover from a devastating 37-12 game-ending Cardinal run. this 
time though, and Otterbein emerged as a deserving national champion. Though the loss in the championship 
game stung the Jays and their fans, in the long run, the accomplishments of the team will far outweigh that disap- 
pointment. Only the passage of time will allow us to put into perspective just what this edition of the Blue Jays 
achieved throughout a stellar 2 c >-\\ in season. What's more is that the future ahead looks just as bright. as starters 
Jon English, Brian I oftus and Chad Heller return next year for their senior seasons. They will be joined by 
experienced back-ups Jim Barron and Ian Daecher. all of which should make the 20(12-03 \ersion of the Blue Jay> 
another high-flying bunch. —Eric Stark 

I7S Sports 

Delaware Valley 102-75 





Shenandoah Univ. 99-83 
King's 85-65 

Maine-Farmington 85-53 

Row 1: Coach Bob Schlosser, Brian Loftus, Rockey Parise, Jim Barron, 
Brian Marquette, Justin Edwards, Coach Barry Acker. Row 2: Darryl 
Brown, Jr., Chad Heller, Jon English, Ian Daecher, Bob Porambo, Dan 
Keane, Andrew Flynn, Kyle Conrad. 

Sophomore Ian Decker scans the basketball floor to find an open man. 




Lebanon Valley 







Lebanon Valley 














Sports * 179 


Even before the 2001-02 season began for the Blue Jay women's basketball team, 
Head Coach Yvonne Kauffman knew that the graduation of two 1,000-point career scorers 
would hit the program hard. However, Kauffman also undoubtedly counted on the return of 
several key performers to help ease the growing pains for a young team that would struggle 
at times without Abbie Fabian and Carmen Chiles, the aforementioned milestone achievers. 
Junior-to-be Whitney Bull and senior-to-be Jamie Porter were two players upon whom 
Kauffman was pinning these hopes, but Bull transferred to Wilkes, and Porter decided not to 
come out for the team. In addition, Amber Houck, Michelle Sowers, Erin Moody, and Au- 
tumn Sereno, key components of a 20-6 team a year ago, were not a part of the 2001 Blue 
Jays. This unanticipated chain of events, coupled with a difficult schedule, spelled rebuild- 
ing year for the Jays, which is exactly what they got. The team did welcome back four 
letter-winners: senior Steph Scinto and sophomores Tameka Jackson, Cherrissa McCoy and 
Jessica Smith. Also returning was Jessica Hollinshead, who sat out most of 2000 with an 

The team started the season predictably, with one win in its first six games — a 73-48 
thrashing of North Carolina- Wesleyan in the season-opening Mary mount Tip-off Tourna- 
ment. Following were falls to Muhlenberg (80-63) and Scranton (68-43), two teams that 
went on to have fine seasons. The team found redemption with two victories in the next 
three games, including a Commonwealth win over Susquehanna. Smith led the team in 
scoring in this game with 22, while Jackson pulled down a game-high 14 boards. Following 
a 76-68 victory over Washington and Jefferson in the consolation game of the Coaches vs. 
Cancer Blue Jay Classic, the team faced another brutal stretch, which included five games 
(two on the road) in ten days. Quality opponents dealt the Jays five losses, but the squad 
quickly bounced back with a second Commonwealth victory, this one over Albright. The 
team fought mightily in losses to York and Susquehanna, and was pounded by conference 
front-runner Messiah, posting for the crew an overall record of 4-14 and a conference mark 
of 2-6. By this point in the season, it was clear that Kauffman and company should looking 
building for 2002. The team did finish on a bright note, with two wins in its last seven 
games, including victories that gave the team season sweeps over both Widener and 

Although the Jays 1 inexperience and poor shooting did them in throughout the season, 
there is a basketball adage that goes like this: the best thing about freshmen is that they 
become sophomores. Thus, the fact that several freshmen were forced to play significant 
minutes this year certainly bodes well for the future. And with only one graduating senior. 
Commonwealth All-Star Scinto, much of the team should remain intact for next year. 
Kauffmans Kids can also take solace in the fact that the Jays matched up against solid com- 
petition throughout the season, making a repeat of this year's 6-19 record unlikely anytime 
soon. -Eric Stark 

180* Spoils 


i B Bi fliBi H 

Row 1: Mary Wismer, Cherrisa McCoy, Stephanie Scinto, Jessica Smith, 
Shanon Ensminger. Row 2: Assistant Coach William Russell, Coach 
Yonnie Kauffman, Kara Terhune, Lyndsey Raquet, Jennifer Roberts, 
Tameka Jackson, Jessica Hollinshead, Amanda Farner, Manager Valarie 
Klingman, Assistant Coach Ross Patrick. 

Jessica Smith maintains control of the ball, even though she is being 
closely defended by a Susquehanna player. 

SUNY- Geneseo 


North Carolina Wesleyan 












Grove City 


Washington & Jefferson 


Franklin & Marshall 






Lebanon Valley 


Johns Hopkins 
















Lebanon Valley 


Sports* 181 

bwumej j h g 

Women's Team 

MAC Relays 

162 pts. (4th of 7) 



Washington & Jefferson 




Penn State-Altoona 




F&M Invitational 

233.5 pts. (12th of 13) 

Western Maryland 


Lebanon Valley 




Washington College 













MAC Championships 

205 pts. (5th of 11) 

The men's and women's swim team's positive attitude pulled them 
through to a successful 2001-2002 season. Coach Mike Guinivan en- 
tered the season with a positive outlook towards his new recruits and 
strong upperclassmen. Even though the team was smaller, with the men 
numbering seven and the women eighteen, the Blue Jays made their 
mark on the Middle Atlantic Conference. Under the direction of senior 
captains, Mike Hyde, Matthew Osterlich, Sara Bradley, and Emily 
Hahn, all members of the team bonded together with the common goal 
of success at championships in February. Kaitlyn Ellis, a junior occupa- 
tional therapy major, quotes "all the intense training during the pre- 
season and season is to prepare us for MAC's." The men's dual meet 
record was 3-10. Although the men's team was smaller than other 
seasons, the men were competitive in all meets down to the last relay. 
Sophomore All-American, Casey Moore once again dominated the 
water. His teammates, Scott English, Michael Hyde, and Garth Semple, 
along with Moore received a third place podium finish in the 400 
freestyle relay. The men's team finished fifth overall at championships. 

With the girl's team lacking in numbers also, they were able to 
have a successful season. The Lady Jays were able to fill the shoes of 
graduated seniors, Lindsay Texter and Brooke Knepper, with a strong 
freshman class that came in and helped the team recover from this loss. 
The upperclassmen stepped up to the competition provided by the fresh- 
men class and proved to the conference that Etown was a contender in 
the competition. Sarah Bradley (02), Stacey Benton (03). Christina 
Blaha (04), and Kristen Kuc (05) led the team at MAC Championships 
by receiving a third place podium finish in the 200 freestyle relay. 
Overall the team finished fifth at championships, which was an im- 
provement from last season's sixth place finish. The girls finished the 
dual meet season with a record of 6:8: 1 . 

Coach Guinivan instills in the team that winning is not all that 
matters in a meet. Throughout the season, there were numerous best 
times posted in sprint, stroke, and distance events. Both teams work 
hard all season. The numerous miles swam, yards kicked, and strokes 
pulled, were all worth the hard work and positive attitude that each 
member displayed throughout the season. With only four seniors gradu- 
ated the outlook for next year looks hopeful and promising. 

Tara Sadak 

1X2 -Spoils 

Row 1: Jodie Bachman, Christina Blaha, Stacey Benton, Cristin Cumor, 
Catherine Schadler, Elizabeth Martin, Cindy Ippolito. Row 2: Joanna 
Hyde, Tara Sadak, Emily Hahn, Kaitlyn Ellis, Keri Walkowiak, Kristen 
Kuc, Holly Gish. Row 3: Coach Alison Kreider, Coach Mike Buinivan, 
Matt Ostrelich, Scott English, Casey Moore, Sean Donovan, Garth 
Semple, Jason Pino, Tim Matlack. 

MAC Relays 

162 pts. (4th of 7) 



Washington & Jefferson 



Penn State-Altoona 


F&M Invitational 

239 pts. (11th of 12) 

Western Maryland 


Lebanon Valley 




Washington College 











MAC Championships 

178 pts. (5th of 8) 

With team captains in the middle, the Etown swim team does their 
pre-meet warm up routine. 

Sports* 183 

W0E0T|jl E|G 

It was not a lack of talent that led to the 0-8 dual match record of the Elizabethtown wrestling 
team in the 2001-2002 season. It was simply a lack of numbers. After losing Bill Van Winkle and Art 
Mattes, both of whom went to the NCAA Championships in previous seasons, the Jays were just 
never able to replace them. The lack of upperweight wrestlers made it extremely tough for the team 
to hold on to a lead or come back from a deficit. After all, the Blue Jays started almost every match 
down 18 points as they normally had nobody to fill the 174, 184, and 197 pound weight classes. 
However with all the number problems aside, Tony Griffins team did accomplish some individual 
success during the season. 

Sophomore Eric Boyle wrestled at 125 pounds throughout most of the year and started out 
the year gaining two pins at the Messiah Invitational before taking fourth place at the MAC Champi- 
onships to end a great season. Boyle went 10-6 on the season with a team high 6 pins. He bolstered 
his career record to 16-19 and was one of the bright spots on this Blue Jay team. With two years 
remaining for Boyle, his future looks very bright. 

Senior Sam Lannigan took part in 14 matches at the 133 pound weight class and posted a 
winning record at 9-5. He gained 1 pin, 1 technical fall, and 1 major decision this season before 
ending his career with a successful 38-24 record. The other 4 matches at 133 were wrestled by Tom 
Elicker who went 1-3 in his freshman season. That 1 win for Elicker was by pintail. 

Two wrestlers also split the duties at 144 pounds, but freshman Josh Miller saw most of the 
action going 8-7 on the year. In his first year as a Blue Jay grappler, Miller collected 1 pin and 1 
major decision. He split time with fellow freshman Brian Issac, who lost each of his three matches at 
that weight class along with the one match he wrestled at the 149 pound weight class. 

Junior Mike Fierro wrestled 9 matches at 149 and got two pins on his way to a 3-6 record. He 
will enter his senior year with a 21-44 career record. Elsewhere at 149 pounds, freshman Paul King 
lost two matches but he did go 1-4 in the 1 57 pound weight class and gained valuable experience 
going into next season. 

Freshman Jeremy Gatens wrestled all of his matches at 157 pounds and could not come up 
with a victory in his 7 bouts. However, time is on his side as he is just a freshman and has three years 
left as a Blue Jay wrestler. Junior Nick Myles was not able to compete in any matches this season bu 
will take a career 10-14 record into his final season. 

Three matches all year were wrestled at the 197 pound weight class for the Jays, all by fresh- 
man Wade Clevenger. Clevenger went 0-3 but will be another young grappler returning next season 
for the Jays. Senior heavyweight Matt Frailey posted a 1-6 record in his final season 
and finished out his career with a 1-8 record. 

With only two seniors on this years team and three slots in the lineup left empty due to lack 
of numbers and injury, the future looks bright for the squad. Six freshmen gained experience that 
they can take into next season in an attempt to improve on this year's record. 

Jarred Hedes 

1S4 Sports 

, V 





^^r ■ i ■ 

I Team members include: Eric Boyle, Wade Clevenger,Tom Elicker, Jr., Matt 
Frailey, Jeremy Gatens, Brian Issac, Paul King, Sam Lannigan, Josh Miller, 
Nick Myles, Joe Sahd. 

Tension mounts as 
both wrestlers 
struggle to pin 
their opponent. 

Messiah Invitational 
1 9 pts. 


Scranton Invitational 
20.5 pts. 

College of New Jersey 







Delaware Valley 


Baptist Bible 

MAC Championships 
10 pts. 


Sports * 1 85 

e|3aH l 





Davis & Elkins 






Franklin & Marshall 






William Penn 




Lebanon Valley 


West Chester 


Lebanon Valley 

8-9; 5-6 


14-3; 5-8 

Johns Hopkins 


Delaware Valley 





4-5; 9-6 

For the Elizabethtown baseball team, slow starts are nothing new. Each of 
the last two years, both Commonwealth championship seasons, the team has 
struggled in the early going, which can mostly be attributed to a brutal early season 
schedule. This year's version of the Blue Jays started much the same way as their 
predecessors did; however they came up three wins short of their third consecutive 
Commonwealth championship. The Jays lost their first two games of the season to 
local Division II powerhouse Millersville, before heading south for their annual 
spring break trip to Florida. This years trip was not a pleasant one for the team, as 
they lost six of eight contests, including for by an agonizing three runs or less. 
They lugged a 2-8 overall mark back home and were welcomed back with a three 
game set against Commonwealth foe Lebanon Valley. The Jays lost all three 
games, each in one-run fashion, as the Dutchmen won two of the three games in 
their final at bat. The team then lost three of their next four, and fell to 4-14 overall 
and 1-4 in the conference. During this stretch the Jays pounded Albright 14-3 in 
the opener of a doubleheader, and then lost Game Two 8-5 after digging an early 
seven-run hole. Then, the Jays began to pick it up, as they won seven of their next 
1 1 games, in the process taking two of three from Juniata, Messiah and 
Susquehanna. The streak put the Jays back in contention for a conference playoff 
spot at 7-8 in the Commonwealth for the season. The best was yet to come for the 
team, though, as the Jays were victorious in each of there next five conference 
games, before falling to Widener in the regular season finale. They finished at 12-9 
in the conference, good for the fourth and final spot in the postseason. In the first 
game of the 

double-elimination postseason tournament, the Jays got their chance at revenge, as 
they faced Lebanon Valley for the fourth time this season. Game Four was more of 
the same for Elizabethtown though, as the Dutchmen banged out 16 hits en route to 
a 8-1 victory over the visitors. This loss put the team in the loser's bracket, and 
meant that it would take four straight Blue Jay wins to secure a third straight 
conference title and third straight NCAA tournament berth. First up for the team 
was Widener, who they dispatched of on the strength of Ryan Bowes pitching. 9- 
1. Messiah was up next, with both teams knowing that one loss meant that their 
season would end. The Jays were never really in this one as they fell behind S-0 
before they scored their first run and wound up losing 13-3 to conclude their 
season with an 18-23 overall record. Despite the postseason disappointment, 
though, the season was not devoid of highlights. Among them were senior catcher 
Chris Turtell breaking the all-time hits record, the emergence o\' freshman pitcher 
Drew Kelley, as well as the steady senior leadership of infielder Kevin Bonner and 
outfielder Brad Biehl. Sophomore centerfielder Brad Duppstadt and junior third 
baseman Mark Dixon also turned in solid seasons, as they joined Bowe, Bonner. 
Biehl and Turtell as conference all-stars. In addition, a Blue Ja\ won the 
conference's Rookie of the Year for the second straight year as Kelley followed up 
Duppstadt's 2001 performance. Many of this season's kej contributors will return 
in 2003 with a bitter taste in their mouths after coming up short in their champion- 
ship bid this year. Chances are they ma\ make good on that championship bid next 
year. — Eric Stark 

Sd Sports 

4c A» ^ 

¥ ; Aft. 


■ '^ 

ft j* 

if » 

17 # ",f 

0* K .* 


r £lty . tip 



r 3T ^ " 

w ' Wv ^ 



T 5 


Row 1 : Adam Shephard Brad Duppstadt, Brian Bonner, Mark Bentz, Seth 
Guida, Eric Guise, Erik Sawchuk, Justin Brandt. Row 2: Phil Fiore, Eric 
Wetzel, Adam Rebert, Steve Luongo, Jon Weitz, Mark Dixon, Ryan Bowe, 
Kevin Bonner. Row 3: Dave Goldberg, Matt Wirt, Drew Kelley, Derek 
Lobb, Chris Turtell, Eric Lau, Mike Nocar, Brad Biehl. 

Brad Duppstadt is ready to knock one out of the park to 
lead the Jay s to victory. 

Sports* 187 



Kalamazoo Valley 

University of Charleston 

Mary Washington 







West Chester 
4-3; 0-4 

5-0; 5-0 

Franklin & Marshall 
8-0; 9-2 


3-2; 7-1 

Richard Stockton 
2-0; 2-1 

6-3; 5-4 

Picked to be dead last this season, the Lady Jays softball team shocked the 
softball world with their 10-4 conference record and 30-10 overall record. The team is 
managed by first time coach Diane Lokey and assistant coach Kathy Staib. Lokey has 
been the calm in the eye of the storm this season and has lead the Jays to a 2nd place 
finish and their first bid to the Commonwealth Conference Playoffs since 1994. 

The Jays started out their season in spring training in the windy hurricane city 
of Myrtle Beach S.C. The Jays managed to win the first four games, lose a tough 5-4 
game to Alvernia in the 8th inning and drop another to nationally ranked Roanoke. The 
Jays quickly rebounded and finished up strong with a 6-0 win against Carlow. Overall, 
the Jays came back to Etown with a happy meal containing 6 wins and only 2 losses. 

During their season opener, the Jays faced NCAA Division II West Chester 
University, where the Jays pulled out a 4-3 win in 9 innings and dropped the 2nd game 
4-0. From that point forward, the Jays modeled the '93 Phillies, and took Lenny 
Dykstra's motto of "Whatever it Takes Dude" to heart. The Blue Jays flew into every 
game on broomsticks and swept 7 times to replace the 1994 program's 13 game streak, 
with the unbelievable 15 game winning streak. Most notable was the Jays last inning 
heroics to win games vs. Kean and Scranton. 

Against Kean, the Jays were behind 2-0 in the 7th inning. In the bottom of the 
seventh inning with one out and no one on base, Jill Hull reached first base on a Kean 
error. Tara VanEtten followed with a single, moving Hull to second base. Etown 's 
leadoff hitter, Jess Robinson followed with a double, sending Hull home and VanEtten 
to third base. The bases were loaded when Kristin Lezinski reached via a muffed ball 
by Kean's third baseman. Jenn Zemba followed with a two out single that drove home 
VanEtten to win the game. 

Against Scranton, Etown was down 4-1 with one out in the bottom of the 
seventh inning, yet still managed to load the bases for Jess Robinson who sent home all 
three runners on a triple to tie the game and send it into extra innings. The winning run 
was scored in the bottom of the eighth inning when a Tiffany Inch two out single drove 
home Emily Morris. Also against 

Scranton, the Blue Jays had back-to-back doubles and back-to-back home runs hit by 
Inch and Erin Malone. 

The 2002 Blue Jay Softball team did not stop with the winning streak, as they 
smashed many more program records. The 2002 team was the first team in history to 
reach the 30-win plateau. In addition, sophomore pitcher Michelle Morris, broke four 
previous Etown program records: number of shut-outs with 7. number of innings 
pitched with 159.3, number of wins with 19. and she shattered the single season 
strikeout record with 167. Sophomore Emily Morris surpassed the hits in a season with 
48 as well as the most at bats in a season with 122. Finally, senior catcher Jenn Zemba 
hurdled over the two-bagger record \\ itfa 14. 

The 2002 Blue Jays owe their success this season to "focusing on fun. taking 
one pitch at a time and letting no one. and I mean no one. come into our house and 
push us around." The Jays will say good-bye to their two senior captains Jess (Juice) 
Robinson and Kristin (Kristo) Lezinski and three senior players: Lira (tv.) Van I tten. 
Christina Yulo and Jenn (Yemba) Zemba. 

— Kristin I.e/inski 

1X8 * Sports 

Row 1: Ashley Davenport, Lindsey Bowe, Kristin Lezinski, Jess Robinson, 
Megan Balmer, Emily Morris, Christina Yulo, Tara VanEtten. Row 2: Coach 
Lokey, Pam Pike, Sarah Lengel, Jennifer Zemba, Ashley Sprenkle, Kristyn 
Race, Michelle Morris, Jul! Hull, Tiffany Inch, Coach Staib. 

A member of the softball team looks eager to steal another base. 


2-1; 7-2 

Lebanon Valley 
2-0; 9-1 

5-3; 0-5 


0-5; 1-3 

0-2; 3-2 

4-0; 4-3 


2-1; 2-1 

3-0; 4-2 

1-0; 6-9 




Sports* 189 

ES' El B i EI^El i B 

After finally selecting a coach in Matt Helsel, a graduate of Millersville, anc 
Mike Burcin as an assistant, the Blue Jay men's tennis team was ready to start 
practicing. The team experienced its first spring break trip in three years, and 
decided to go to Hilton Head, South Carolina. The team responded to the 
new coaches extremely well. 

While in Hilton Head, the team established its lineup and got a lot of match 
experience to prepare them for the season. With senior leaders, Bill Miller, Brian 
Holton and Michael Girghis plus returning players like: Andy Borzok, Sude 
Dhillon, and Matt Lawless along with freshman Greg Voshell, Chris Mardekian 
and Phillipe Olofus, there was a lot of talent and the team eventually figured out 
the best combination. 

The team had preseason hopes of winning the conference, but missed the 
playoffs by one match. After team playoffs were out of reach, the team strived to 
reach above .500 and did just that, finishing the season strong, winning 10 of their 
last 12 matches. The team then began preparation for the MAC individual tour- 
nament. Voshell and Holton and Borzok and Mardekian were the two doubles 
combos to enter. Unfortunately both lost in the first round. Sude Dhillon won his 
first round match before losing to an eventual final four player from Drew. Miller 
went on to the championship and came in runner-up after beating the number one 
seed from Lebanon Valley. With promising freshman and four returning starters, 
the team has aspirations for a possible MAC title next year. -Bill Miller 

[90 Sports 

1 4M M- 

f'.i .TV - ■" 


,-^y .' 

W * ,#.,»* 4 




» ■ • V 







Row 1: Mike Girgis, Chris Mardekian, Brian Holton, Andy Borzok. 
Row 2: Coach Matt Helsel, Bill Miller, Greg Voshell, Sude Dhillon, 
Assistant Coach Mike Burcin. 














Villa Julie 




Lebanon Valley 
















Freshman Felipe Olfos from Chile prepares to return 
the volley to his opponent. 

Sports * 191 


On the court, on the mound, or on the green the teams at Elizabethtown 
College find success During the 2001-2002 season the Golf team had high expec 
tations and put in days of hard work finding success quite easily. Ten men rang- 
ing from Freshman to Senior in rank put their minds down and clubs together for 
Elizabethtown College and aimed to shoot the best season possible. In the first 
event of the season, the Susquehanna Invitational, the team placed fourth out of 
eight teams with underclassmen Bobby Stiffler and Chris Bowen-Ashwin shoot- 
ing rounds of 79 to place the team in 1 1th place overall. With a high ranked win 
the Etown men set a high standard for the rest of the season. These high standard 
were reflected with the golfers receiving their lowest team score of the 2002 sea- 
son by shooting 318 and finishing 19 th at the LVC College Invitational. Senior 
Charlie Haines shot 75 to tie for third overall, but his star season was not over ye 
At the second Susquehanna Invitational Charlie took an individual fourth place 
finish with the teams' overall finish at fourth place out of 15. The team finished 
the season off right with a new Elizabethtown record, a First place finish and a 
score of 322 at the First Annual Alvernia Tournament. Medallist Charlie Haines 
took the honors with a round of 72. The final chance of the season, the MAC 
Championships were shortened by rain, but the Etown men stuck through for a 
Fifth place finish to end the season of successes, star players, and a brand new 
First place title. Elizabethtown's highest finisher was Kevin Bryner with a 14th 
place finish. 

Even though a few men stood out in the team, the successes would not ha 
happened without teamwork and friendship. The wins and losses are vital to any 
sport, but having fun and making memories also adds to the travel itinerary. To 
get to the road less traveled teams such as the Golf Team worked together for the 
same goal and in the end everyone comes out a winner. Overall the season was ; 
success and with many returning underclassmen golfers Elizabethtown should 
have an excellent 2002-2003 season. 

-Brian VanScoy and Deidra Crone 

192 : Sports 


Row 1: Chris Bowen-Ashwin, Bryan Brilhart, Kevin Bryner. 
Row 2: Luke Hallam, Mike Poysden, Wes Warehime. 

The proud Blue Jay golfers and coaches show their trophy 
from their win at Alvernia. 

324 pts. 4 th of 8 

328 pts. 8 th of 13 

334 pts. 9 th of 19 

Lebanon Valley 

318 pts. 3 rd of 19 

Blue Jay Classic 
332 pts. 8 th of 17 


319 pts. 4 th of 15 

322 pts. 1 st of 9 

Franklin & Marshall 
339 pts. 6 th of 13 

MAC Championships 
492 pts. 5 th of 14 

Sports* 193 

L. A 




In only its third year as an NCAA-recognized sport, Etown 's track team is already making an 
impact on the conference. With less than 20 athletes, the women's team was almost half the size of 
some other conference teams, but still managed impressive indoor and outdoor seasons with some 
outstanding individual performances. Records for both seasons were shattered every meet, leaving 
only five unbroken. 

At the indoor MAC championship Etown took third out often teams, proving that, despite its 
youth, it was still a solid team. The team scored two gold medals by freshman Katie Hershberger in 
the high jump and sophomore Carrie Kerna in the 55m hurdles. Freshmen Betsy Burroughs and Jill 
Brobst also took home medals in the 400m and 800m, respectively. Kerna qualified for the NCAA 
championship in the hurdles, making her the first Elizabethtown runner, male or female, to qualify 
for indoor nationals. 

This exciting indoor season was a launching pad into an even more successful outdoor season. 
The women's 1600m relay competed in the prestigious Penn Relays in April, making them the first 
Etown women to appear at this esteemed meet. The team, composed of Burroughs, Brobst, Kerna 
and Melissa St. Clair, competed in a heat consisting of Middle Atlantic and Centennial Conference 
schools. They finished sixth overall and first in the MAC. 

At the outdoor MAC championships the team's size was a hindrance and they placed sixth, 
which is still a significant improvement from last year's ninth-place showing. Kerna led the team 
with a gold medal in the 100m hurdles and another NCAA-qualifying time. She went on to compete 
in the national championship and was ranked 1 1 th in the country. Burroughs and Brobst repeated 
their medals from indoor. Sophomore Jessica Popp and junior Jessica Russell also earned medals in 
the Pole Vault and Discus, respectively, while the women's 400m relay, made up of Kerna, 
Burroughs, Kristen Pettibon and Annalisa Ellis, captured a bronze. 

The success of the women's team was mimicked by the men, who broke thirteen indoor and 
outdoor records. Plagued by injuries and illness, they placed a respectable fifth out often teams at 
the indoor MAC championship. Sophomore Josh Lyman prevailed in the 5000m with junior Dustin 
Scott catching the bronze. Freshman Steve Sanko took home gold in the 1500m with fellow class- 
mate Nate Moore right behind him for the silver. Sanko 's victory, coupled with a third-place finish 
in the 3200m relay along with teammates Keith Greenawalt, Matt Miller, and Chris Williams, led 
him to be named the MAC Indoor Rookie of the Year. This is the second year in a row an Etown 
athlete has received this honor. 

The outdoor season proved even more profitable for the men. Scott made his first appearance 
at Penn Relays in the Steeplechase, placing 14"' and missing the NCAA-qualifying time by one 

At the outdoor MAC championship, the team improved on their indoor performance and 
placed fourth. The men grasped six medals, including four golds. Scott captured a pair of golds in 
the 5000m, for which he provisionally qualified for nationals, and the Steeplechase. Senior captain, 
Mike Kistler, took home his first gold in the Shot Put. Joe Moses won the Pole Vault in his first year 
competing for Etown. Sanko and fellow freshman. Jose Miranda, took bronze in the 1500m and 
L0,000m, respectively. -Annalisa Ellis 

1 94 * Sports 

Row 1 : Coach Scott Myers, 
Dave Berdan, Sean Graves, Steve 
Sanko, Mike Zwatty, Nate Moore. 
Jose Miranda, Adam Weeden, 
Matt Miller, Chris Williams, 
Head Coach Chris Straub. 
Row 2: Coach Joel Hoffsmith, 
Keith Greenawalt, Aaron Lyle, 
Matt Rockwell, Mike Galli, Rob 
Hickox, Joe Moses, Eric Bennett. 
Andy Kuchera, Mike Kistler, 
Sean Mulcahy, Dustin Scott, Josh 
Lyman, John Bost, Dana Pyne, 
Coach Mike Daeer. 

Row 1: Coach Scott Myers, 
Maggie Martin, Heather Wolf, 
Kristen Pettibon, Betsy 
Burroughs, Jill Brobst, Katie 
Hershberger, Kristin Lander. 
Annalisa Ellis. Row 2: Coach 
Joel Hoffsmith, Bridget Sappey, 
Crystal Tracy, Melissa St. Clair, 
Ashley Klees, Carrie Kerna, 
Jessica Popp, Jessica Russell. 
Casey Moser, Joanna Hyde. John 
Bost, Dna Pyne, Coach Mike 
Dager, Head Coach Chris Straub. 

Freshman Betsy Burroughs gets 
a fast start off of the blocks. 

Sports* 195 

gSngSji El's 

From start to finish, Elizabethtown's first ever women's lacrosse team 
never gave up. The team was led throughout the season by team captains, 
junior Sarah Krupka and freshman Sarah Scholl and Molly Walker. No matter 
how many times the team was down, they kept on running and scoring until 
the last second of the game. Krupka said, "It was frustrating and would have 
been easy to give up, but our team never did and I feel that was our greatest 
accomplishment." The girls fought as a team throughout the season. The 
team was picked to place last in the conference, but instead they placed sev- 
enth. "Everyone expected us to be last and we proved them all wrong. It's a 
great feeling," said freshmen attacker, Liz Fretz. The team members faced 
many challenges throughout the year. Not only were they a newly formed 
team, but they also had a coach that was new to the school, Shelly Behrens. 
The girls worked together with the coach to overcome the challenge of being a 
first year team. "Coming together and becoming a unit despite the fact that we 
had no leadership from a previous year's team," stated freshman attacker Jenn 
Manns, "I think our team was closer then any other team we played." Etown's 
first women's lacrosse team faced other struggles as well, the team consisted 
of no seniors, two juniors, four sophomores and fifteen freshmen. None of the 
players have ever played lacrosse at the college level, which was another 
hurdle the team had to jump over throughout the year. The team ended the 
season with a 4-10 overall record and 2-6 in the conference. 

The team accomplished so much this year. Fretz was named the MAC 
player of the week in March. She stated that, "It's not just an award for me 
but for the whole team because I couldn't have done it without them." Fretz 
was ranked second in the MAC Conference in scoring with 60 goals. Walker 
was ranked first in the conference with 47 assists. Three players, Fretz, 
Manns and Walker, ranked among the top ten in points per game. It is a great 
achievement for Elizabethtown players to place so high in the conference 
stats, it says a lot about the team and its potential for next year. The team is 
expecting even more from themselves. 

— Kristin Fnders 

196 Sports 


Row 1: Lauren Ferrelli, Steph Boyle, Kristin Enders, Ali Edel, Molly 
Walker, Dana White, Melissa Olde, Jen Smith, Mary Romig, Ashley Owen, 
Liz Fretz. Row 2: Coach Shelly Behrens, Sarah Krupka, Sarah Scholl, 
Katie Bell, Tessa Troop, Sami Benton, Jackie Brenton, Kim Fegley, 
Amanda Simpson, Jen Manns, Katie Sapay, Andrea DuBois. 

Western Maryland 

College of Notre Dame 


Villa Julie 




Physical battles for possession of the ball is all part of lacrosse. 









Sports * 197 


2002 marked the inaugural season for men's lacrosse at Elizabethtown 
College. The Blue Jays finished the season with an overall record of 5-9, while 
finishing with a 4-5 record in the MAC. The men's lacrosse team consisted of 
many different players hailing from PA, MD, KY, and OH. The team consisted 
of 22 freshman, 2 sophomores and 1 junior. Elected to represent the team on and 
off the field were three captains, Jason Wolensky, Brian Miller, and Justin 

Expectations were high this season for the program, with a new coach in 
Chuck Maloy and a new turf field on which to play; the Elizabethtown Blue Jays 
were set for an outstanding first season. Before the Jays took the field for the 
first time Coach Maloy had instilled a sense of pride in the team. They were the 
first ever to play this exciting new sport at the college, and from then on they 
would not be looked at as mere students, but as lacrosse players as well. The 
Blue Jays faced tough competition in their preseason scrimmages against the 
Harrisburg Lacrosse Club, Amherst College, and Hartwick College. 

During the season the men entered a very competitive league, taking on 
powerhouse teams such as Widener, Lycoming, and school rivals Messiah. Non- 
conference games were played against such teams as Swarthmore, Goucher, and 
Denison, the 15th ranked team in the nation. Adam Whitaker, a freshman 
midfielder from Havertown, Pa. reflected on the season as being a learning expe- 
rience. "I came to school not knowing what to expect, but being part of this team 
helped me deal with the stresses known to incoming freshman. I don't know 
what I would have done without the support of my friends and fellow lacrosse 
players." Because of the close-knit nature of the team, there was never a lack of 
light heartedness and excitement of what was to come next. Jason Wolensky, a 
freshman captain hailing from Rosemont, PA. summed up the season best when 
he said "There was never an absence of effort. The record does not show the 
challenges we overcame and the lessons we all gained through the guidance of 
Coach Maloy. The season will be remembered for the guys who made up the 
team and the good times we all had." 

-Dave Eshleman 

I9N Spoils 

H3i B]Bi 

7 "' 5*i «" iff T '?f' '<u l 18' tt '22 



Row 1 : Chris Hoagland, Alan Churchman, Steve Philips, Justin McQuaid, 
Brian Burke, Ryan Smetana, Pat McCarthy, Mike Dunn, Adam Whitaker, Wes 
Kinney. Row 2: Assistant Coach Matt Reesor, Mike DiBartolomeo, Matt 
Newell, Bryan Miller, Wade Clevenger, Chris Mccrea, Chris Weir, Sean 
Thompson, Eric Kohan, Dave Eshleman, Frank McKeever, Head Coach Chuck 
Maloy. Row 3: Justin Griffey, Matt Cooper, Jason Wolensky, Steve Deavor, 
Ryan Leister. 

The Jays work hard to try and score against Drew. 

















Sports* 199 

(Bbie Jay <Bas^et6aCC 

(Division 3 



200 Spoils 

Photos taken from a December match-up againsl Susquehanna University 


\ \ m 

fl^S&K' 1 



^^m / d^H: 1 %j •? 

. A J ? 3 \l 

■ T^ Jil 

WL^m \-i 

Sports* 201 

The Continental Press, Inc. 

Educational Publishing 


Commercial Printing 

to the Class of 2002 

Serving the Needs of the Community for 

65 Years 

520 East Bainbridge Street 
Elizabethtown, PA 17022 


02 Business \ds 


y Supermarkets & 
Garden Centers 

In 1932 f we delighted 
our first shoppers! 

70 years later, we're still doing it I 

Our supermarkets now feature delis, ready-to-eat 
foods, complete grocery department, organic foods, 
the freshest seafood and more. Our garden centers 
now offer everything We Delight Shoe 

from water gardens ^l\^xft™nlii ■ 
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STAUFFERS of Kissel Hill 


1050 Lititz Pike 627-7654 1 850 Oregon Pike 569-2688 


370 W. Main St. 656-2336 301 Rohrerstown Rd. 397-4717 

Additional Garden Centers in East York, Dover & Linglestown 

Newcomer Oil Corporation 

101 E. Cherry Street 

Elizabethtown, PA 17022 


Creating warm relationships for 75 years 

In the early years it was winter comfort with 
heating oil, heating supplies, and heating equipment 

Today, it's year-round comfort with heating 
oil delivery, heating and air conditioning systems with 
installation and repair service. 

And into the future, our tradition of serving the 
community by constantly looking at ways to serve you 

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Serving Your Community with 

Integrity and Outstanding 
Customer Service for 70 Years. 

206 S. Market Street 
Elizabethtown • (717) 367-1382 

Monday, Thursday, Friday 9am-9pm 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 9am->pm 

Free Delivery 





Pete Hondru's 




"Nobody Beats Our Deal" 







OpeciaC thanks to... 

(Dr. (Pritchard, our advisor for the 2001-2002 school year; 

<Ed (Patrick^ Jr. and Taylor (publishing Company; 

9/lerin Studios, Inc.; 

The (Business Office, (Post Office, (Duplicating Services; 

Ian Showalter and Sports Information; 

Jill faculty, staff, administration, resident assistants, club 

feaders, and most of a ff the students of <Etown for helping 

us complete our journey to reach our final destination. 

Business Ads * 203 


Although the spring semester '02 was full of construction all over campus, students believe that it will be worth it 
in the end and make the campus even better. The new Student Center and the new Garden Apartments have been built 
with different purposes but with the same objective: bring more comfort and options for the students of this facility. 

The idea of the new Garden Apartments was to keep the students on campus, along with creating a more social 
environment among the residents of E-town College. These brand new facilities will be presented for the first time to the 
students in the coming fall semester of '02. 

Along with this idea of integration of the students, the Annenberg Center was rebuilt to better serve the students 
and faculty of the college. A new cafeteria will provide the students with 12 hours a day of service and excellent food and 
bakery products. Also, a new device will be provided, along with the old Jay's Nest next semester. The Blue Bean cafe 
will work as a third option for the students to come and have their coffee or expresso while waiting for classes or studying 
for exams. These places will be connected and situated in the same building, creating a convenient environment for the 
students and faculty to relax. The old post office will also come back to its original spot and the college store will be 
located right at the passage, thus attracting more consumers and generating more revenue. 

With all these improvements, we can only hope and expect a more fun, enjoyable and friendly atmosphere on 
campus with more options. In the end, this better structure will make the campus a better place not only for the students, 
but for everybody that works and enjoys this College. —Luis Nunes and Carlos Moraes 

204 :: Construction /.one 


' ,s W m 


J .: _iB * 

* n^^H- • Af^* 

— - 



i*fc-- :V - 

^r^*.:iJ : -' v "" 

;..- ■-,. '■■ 

■■■•■• - 


"iSffl&Ti 'k 


| ,.- 


1 wsWit™"- — I * S!ri ™~.~ff_ 





^^»-bJJ > 

ii i_ 

1 '1 - 1 L i J 1 

- T" ! 

'"T i 


Construction Zone Ahead! 

Construction Zone * 205 

206 Closing 


Closing * 207 


The Road Not Taken 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. 
And sorry I could not travel both 
And be one traveler, long I stood 

And looked down one as far as I could 
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair. 

And having perhaps the better claim. 

Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 

Though as for that the passing there 

Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 

In leaves no step had trodden black. 

Oh, I kept the first for another day! 

Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 

1 doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and 1 

I took the one less traveled by, 

\nd thai has made all the difference. 

-Robert Frosl 

208 Closing 


►"• •- 

/ /